Leslie Frazier wants to put Jared Allen on a pitch count


Once the regular season starts, Jared Allen doesn’t necessarily want a break.

But the Vikings hope giving him one occasionally might help him stay healthier, longer.

Allen played a ridiculous amount of snaps (more than 90 percent of the total defensive plays) for the Vikings last year, part of the reason he managed a 22-sack season.

But coach Leslie Frazier knows he can’t do that forever, so he has a plan for the 30-year-old defensive end, according to Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

“We’re going to make a concerted effort to try to get him off the field at times,” Frazier said. “Without hurting the team. We don’t want to hurt the team. He’s our best pass rusher, one of the best in the NFL.”

Allen would prefer to take his time off during the practice week and play on Sundays. Frazier didn’t share the number he had in mind, but the Vikings have depth sufficient to move Everson Griffen to linebacker, so they obviously feel good about backups such as D’Aundrae Reed.

8 responses to “Leslie Frazier wants to put Jared Allen on a pitch count

  1. In Leslie Frazier fashion, I’m sure he will take Allen off the field when we really need him(ala Percy harvin in the red zone when we had a chance to beat the packers Christian ponders first start).

  2. If the Vikings have defensive plays that call for Jared Allen to be off the field at any point in time, then it’s no wonder that their defense is terrible.

  3. Leslie Frazier doesnt know how to play his superstars. Playing AP last year when he was injured for a win that didn’t matter. Percy never in on thrid down. Now your going to take Jared Allen off the field on 3rd down, WOW!

    Leslie Frazier is a nice guy, I like him. but a Rocky Balboa he’ll never be!…..

  4. At the end of the day, this is just another bad coaching decision.

    This is a defensive end, they don’t rotate plays.

    We are going to be bad again this year until we get quality coaching

  5. Leslie Frazier does not know how to play his SuperStars. Playing AP last year against the Skins while the dude was injured for a win that didn’t matter was ridiculous. Not playing Percy “NO MERCY” Harvin on key thrid down situations is comparable to shooting yourself in the foot or not using the queen on your chess board. Cris Carter would have been livid at the coaching staff back in his day if they pulled that and for good reason, because he was our best asset on that down like Percy. Now he’s going to take Jared Allen off the field on 3rd down too?…WOW!

    Leslie Frazier is the ultimate cliche machine and always talks about “watching the film and making the right situation on how to proceed and move forward in the right direction”…..Like Charlie Sheen in Money talks, I reply WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?

    Coach is a nice guy, but a Rocky Balboa he’ll never be…..

  6. Put him on a pitch count, don’t put him on a pitch count. Who cares? By the time the vikes are competitive, Allen, Winfield, and Peterson will all be long gone…

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