More fights break out at Patriots camp


It’s a good thing Patriots coach Bill Belichick views training camp fights as no big deal, because he had more of them to deal with today.

Just as they did at Wednesday night’s practice, two more fights broke out today between the offense and the defense in 11-on-11 drills. According to, seemingly every player on the team was involved, either with pushing and shoving or with trying to step in as a peacemaker to stop teammates from pushing and shoving.

Offensive lineman Ryan Wendell and linebacker Bobby Carpenter were in the first battle, and undrafted rookies Darrion Weems and Marcus Forston were in the second.

Competition is good, fighting is not,” Carpenter said afterward. “[There’s a] fine line between taking it to the whistle and taking it a little bit beyond.”

After the fights, Belichick made the entire team run three laps around the field, and then Tom Brady called a players-only huddle. Brady may have told his teammates that on a 90-degree August day, they need to cool it — especially when their actions lead to everyone running extra laps.

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  1. Not sure how anyone can see this as a negative. This is a team that is both hungry and angry, and their defense will be much improved over last year. They have to be a Super Bowl favorite along with the Packers, 49ers and Giants this season.

  2. There is some serious competition going on at Patriots TC. A lot of jobs are on the line and a number of good players aren’t going to make this team. It shouldn’t be a shock to see a few fights break out on occasion. It happens all over the league, but since its the Pats its news.

    I doubt you’ll see it happen again this pre season. Or rather I doubt it will be reported on.

  3. Sounds like the new boys are causing all the troubles. too many new players that dont know the “patriot way” lol

  4. Hey Chazz, does it bother you that the Pats are so frigin dominant that you would rather see them lose than your own team win? Unless you are a Giants fan (I get it, they have the Pats #) you can keep on hating because they are better this year than last. You know why there are fights? It’s because the defense is starting to get nasty and develop an attitude. Watch out for that front seven this year.

  5. I’m a Giant season ticket holder and by reading the press you would think the Pats have won the last 10 Superbowls and Belichick is gonna have his name put on the Superbowl trophy to replace Lomabardi.
    So ya, I root for 2 teams, the Giants and whomever is playing the Pats.

  6. One of they many issues with the defense last year was that they were not nasty, sounds like that won’t be a problem this year and I love it front seven will include Wilfork, Love, Jones, Ninkovich at DL, Mayo, Spikes, Hightower at linebacker not bad just need to get our CBs going.

  7. I was at training camp today. The Patriot players are hungry!! Granted it was 92 degrees outside and humid, there are always fights, but for some reason they are now mentioning it.

  8. Don’t you like how everyone who makes anti-Pats posts in every topic regarding the Patriots claims to be a Giants fan?

    Jets and Giants fans are always seeking our approval.

  9. Why would BB be concerned about this? Isn’t this the same guy who payed players to start fights?

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