Reggie Wayne likes the younger, hungrier Colts


As one of the few players remaining in Indianapolis who played in two Super Bowls with the Colts, wide receiver Reggie Wayne says he doesn’t like the way the team has been described as depleted. Instead, Wayne says the Colts have gone from a veteran team to a youthful team, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Some people say depleted, I say younger, hungrier,” Wayne said today, in comments distributed by the team. “I mean, I love the teams of the past, but we know once we sign those contracts anything can happen. I wanted to be here. I wanted to help build this foundation, and keep it going. Bring Colts winning back to the old winning days, and just do some great things. We’ve got a nice young team, but we’ve got a hungry team.”

Wayne said he has enjoyed playing a mentoring role with younger players, who come to him with questions about his career.

“It starts off just by asking how I’ve stayed in the league so long, how I’m able to have so many consecutive games played without missing a game,” Wayne said. “Then it goes to on the field stuff. It’s a whole barometer of things that they ask. It’s kind of like I’m getting a Q&A for a job or something. Those guys, they want to know what it takes, and I love giving that information. The more information I can give them I feel like the better they can be. I just want to see these guys continue to grow, continue to get better, and continue to do great things.”

When Wayne signed a contract extension to stay in Indianapolis, he did so knowing that he was going to be part of a rebuilding team after spending most of his career with a perennial playoff team. And that’s just fine with him.

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  1. By far, one of the classiest individuals to don the ‘horeshoe’ in Indy. As a Colts fan, I’m glad he decided to be a part of this both as a player and a leader of young men.

  2. Reggie has been all class since Day 1. Wish more NFLers would “get it” the way Reggie does. He knew exactly what he was getting into by staying in Indy, and he’s determined to do his part to help turn things around.

  3. I’m not even a Colt fan, but I wish them the best this season because everyone has basically written them off already because Manning left town.

    With great attitudes like Reggies it makes it easier to root for these guys…Colts fan or not. He knew what he was getting himself into with his contract signing, and chose to hang around and help these kids get better as a whole rather than bail out on everyone.

  4. Who knows, rebuilding or not, this young Colts team could surprise everybody with a nice run to the playoffs, or more. Remember, Andrew Luck is not that wet behind the ears, and with the experienced Reggie Wayne and his tight end who he knows well, It might not be that rough his first NFL season. I’m not sure who there running back will be, but they will also be relied on to help Luck get going.
    So basically, the Colts D has to step up and give Luck and Wayne as many opportunities, while keeping the score relatively low. With the Defense playing strong you never know where this team might go. Nobody predicted Andy Dalton playing as good as they did, so why not Andy Luck?

  5. You have to think Reggie’s approach since this whole thing went down has got to go miles to helping Luck adjust.

    With all the pressure on Luck this year, Reggie’s remarks to Luck must feel like the Titanic is coming off his back.

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