Talks dragging on between Jaguars, Justin Blackmon


The last remaining unsigned draft pick doesn’t appear to be making progress on a contract. But the Jaguars and the agent for Justin Blackmon are talking.

Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith said he and Blackmon’s agent, Todd France, are having “healthy communication.” France also confirmed to the Florida Times-Union that he and the Jaguars have talked, but he declined to elaborate.

Everyone expects that Blackmon will eventually sign the four-year, $19.5 million contract, with a club option for a fifth year, that the Collective Bargaining Agreement outlines for the fifth overall pick in the draft. But it’s widely believed that the Jaguars and Blackmon are far apart on how much of that money would be fully guaranteed even in the event that off-field trouble derails Blackmon’s career. There were already some league observers who thought the Jaguars were taking a chance on a character risk when they drafted Blackmon, and when Blackmon was arrested for drunk driving, those concerns were amplified.

A breakthrough in negotiations could come at any time, but at the moment neither side seems interested in budging. Which means the Jaguars, who are also missing holdout running back Maurice Jones-Drew, will continue to go through training camp without the two playmakers around whom they want to build their offense.

17 responses to “Talks dragging on between Jaguars, Justin Blackmon

  1. If the Jags win more than 4 games this season, I’ll be amazed! It looks like Shad Khan is positioning this team for a move to L.A.
    There never should’ve been a team placed in Jacksonville to begin with!

  2. His agent had the final signing last year in Amukamara and had the next to last signing previous to that in Dan Williams. Coincidence?

  3. Obviously Blackmon doesn’t trust himself enough to stay out of trouble, or he would have signed the deal regardless of what the guaranteed money is.

  4. It’s pretty simple Blackmon. If you’re confident that you wont get into trouble you sign the contract. The fact that you don’t sign the contract with the offset language is troubling. If I were you I would sign it to keep my in line which it seems like you need.

  5. It’s easy for people when they get into trouble to “accept responsibility” for their misdeed, until there are actual consequences. If he signs, reports to camp, plays well, and stays out of trouble, that money will become guaranteed anyway. He and his agent have to face the fact that the Jags’ want a hedge against further off-field misbehavior is Blackmon’s own fault. It’s already making him look worse than he already did. He needs to quickly find a compromise, sign, and get to camp. This is on him and not the management.

  6. Is Khan in this mix, because I highly doubt Khan would drag his first #1 pick this long, despite an off-the-field incident. The NFL “finally” set up a rookie wage scale that SHOULD have reduced, if not eliminated any hold-outs. All I know is Blackmon is missing significant time & not to mention the offense is complex as it is. They need to find some common ground or else Blackmon needs to put an end to this dispute. Only he has the power to do so, so do the organization a favor whom you owe a significant amount & sign already. Case closed!!

  7. So Blackmon wants send the message that “it pays to be a trouble maker”? The jags would be idiots to budge on this. When you look at what guys like Dez Bryant are putting their teams through right now, you’ve got to protect yourself as an organization.

  8. I don’t know the kid, but he looks like a brat!!!!

    How many DUIs before his first NFL game? He’s holding out when other players with his kind of history or lesser of his extremes have a hard time being Top 10 picks?

    Ryan Mallett, Jimmy Clausen, and Aaron Rodgers had issues and fell to Round 2!!! Those were quarterbacks and he audacity to not swallow his medicine???

    Gene Smith is a bad GM, but this guy (on the outside and based on recorded factual transgressions) is making Smith look worse!!!

  9. Thank god for the rookie wage scale it is the best thing to happen to the NFL in a while. Now they need to revise it a bit to avoid problems like this. Rookies that have never worn an NFL jersey should not have any leverage to hold out of training camp.

  10. Holy Crabtree, Batman. Well, at least that was before the rookie salary cap. Blackmon has no excuse.

  11. Another diva WR…. Never fails. I blame it on the agent, but at the end of the day, it’s the players decision.

    Dumb Dumb Dumb……

  12. I wonder if his agent has given him an allowance to live on until this gets done…! Just keep spending someone else’s money, they’ll get sick of it soon enough then you’ll have to sign….

  13. MJD is not as important as people think, the Giants were 30th in rushing last year and how did their season turn out? Blackmon on the other hand is a Clown…he has easily become the most hated player on the Jaguars, in the fan’s eyes, and is rapidly approaching Hugh Douglas Jaguar status. Jags aren’t looking to pay him less, he got the DUI, and if he stays clean he will get all the money…OWN IT, sign the contract!

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