Texans “dodged a bullet” on J.J. Watt injury


J.J. Watt became the latest Texans starter to leave practice with an injury yesterday, but coach Gary Kubiak said they “dodged a bullet.”

The defensive end’s left elbow was caught in a pile and dislocated, but trainers popped it back into place on the field, and they don’t think he’ll miss any regular season time, according to Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle.

“We’re very, very fortunate,” Kubiak said. “When it dislocates, there are some other things that can happen, but they didn’t. The great news is he’s going to be fine.”

The Texans likewise escaped scares with left tackle Duane Brown (lower leg bruise) and wide receiver Andre Johnson (groin), and cornerback Kareem Jackson (hamstring) has missed time as well.

Kubiak said Watt was “already in there rehabbing” by mid-afternoon, and that “all the test came back good.”

Watt even went so far as to tweet “Adversity makes you stronger. I will be on the field against the Dolphins. Better than ever. #BullsOnParade”

Maybe so, but the Texans cattle drive of injured players better slow down soon, or they might not have enough for a decent barbecue.

3 responses to “Texans “dodged a bullet” on J.J. Watt injury

  1. That sounds excruciatingly painful but I bet JJ didn’t even wince. That guy is a moose

  2. He and the team would definetely be wise to not rush him back. Amendola from the Rams tried to come back from the same thing after a few weeks and dislocated it again and was lost for the season

  3. All that means is that his body is likely to hold up through time. The athletes of today dont know this stuff and im not sure the trainers of today know this, but all bone breaks, ligament tears, etc are a product of mineral and vitamin deficiency. I cite a man named Dr Joel Wallach in saying this and if you are smart you will seek out his radio show and hear this for yourself. Hell, you could call him and ask him about this yourself.

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