Weatherford jumps into the fray with Jerry Jones


The New York team that typically doesn’t do much talking has been doing a little more of it lately.  And a guy who plays a position that rarely generates many headlines for the things he says is saying some things, too.

Giants punter Steve Weatherford has responded to comments from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones regarding his team’s intention to “beat the . . . asses” of the defending Super Bowl champions.

“I don’t know, you can let him blow smoke all day,” Weatherford told Evan Roberts of WFAN.  “I guess that’s the only thing they have to cheer about down there right now.  I’ve got a ring on my finger.”

Of course, Jones has three.  But it’s been 17 years and counting since the Cowboys acquired their most recent piece of hardware.

Still, Weatherford doesn’t think other members of the team will be joining him in calling out the Cowboys for calling out the Giants.

“I think everybody on the team — with the exception of me — will keep their mouth shut,” Weatherford said.  “I always have a good time.  I try to fit the mold of the New York Giants and I do consider myself a classy guy, but it’s all in good fun.  I’m not going to attack anybody’s character or anything like that, but I think it’s good to talk a little trash every once in a while.  It makes Sundays a little more interesting.”

It definitely does, even if too much of it could make the game feel like pro wrestling.

7 responses to “Weatherford jumps into the fray with Jerry Jones

  1. As a Giants fan, I would wish they would stop talking to the press. They just need to send a few prostitutes to the Cowboys rooms the night before the game like the real LT did.

  2. It’s funny how one of the loudest teams in the league now have a “classy” reputation after they win the superbowl. I kind of remember the Chrs Canty and Brandon Jacobs trash talk last year, Eli tagging the wall in the visitors locker room, and Marty B talking trash this year. Even that Mara guy is getting in the act

  3. Punters may not have a flashy job, but their position is still important. Everybody also has their own opinion, just some of them should keep it to themselves.

  4. “I’m not going to attack anybody’s character or anything like that, but I think it’s good to talk a little trash every once in a while. ”

    All Jones did was talk a little trash. And if you put his quotes in context, with him praising NY’s accomplishment last season, it’s wasn’t even that trashy. Such is the life in the highest profile and valuable sporting team in the world.

  5. I’ll talk trash to the Cowboys on behalf of Giants nation!!!!! We sent Newman Packing, we sent Wade Phillips Packing, We are gonna send Rob Ryan Packing this YR. I Cant Wait to Beat the Cowboys A$$ on Opening Night. I cant Wait!!!! A salsa welcome is waiting for Carr and we should invite Dez Bryant mom on the Giants sideline so she can root against her son since he wants to smack her and throw money in her face!!!!!!!

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