Brandon Marshall joins the Super Bowl chorus


It’s apparently going to be quite crowded in New Orleans next February, because everyone’s going to the Super Bowl.

Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall wasn’t the first, but he made his proclamation Friday night after the Bears’ Soldier Field practice, according to John Mullin of

He was finishing up an on-field interview after practice, when he leaned into commentator Tom Thayer’s microphone and told the crowd of 27,352: “This is just between us, so keep it here,” Marshall said. “Super Bowl.”

As you might imagine, that drew a positive reaction from the crowd, and his coach also supported him.

“It would be hard to tell guys, ‘Hey, let’s try to win eight games,’ ‘let’s try to win the division,’” Bears coach Lovie Smith said. “[Super Bowl] is the ultimate goal, what everybody in the locker room is trying to achieve. No problem with that at all.”

Since the Bears, by rule, can’t play Ryan Kalil’s Panthers in the title game, somebody has to be wrong.

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  1. Remember what happened to the Bears’ Road to Dallas two years ago Brandon, history is going to repeat itself.

  2. sportmentary says: Aug 4, 2012 11:20 AM

    At least one of these nutjobs will end up being right with their prediction.
    Not one of these two.

  3. Chicago and Carolina have as much of a chance as any other team to go to the Superbowl. A little mix up would be nice, I’m sick of seeing the same teams at the top, Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh, New York Giants, we need a change.

  4. who you’re sick of has no impact on what happens on the field…Chicago and Carolina do have as much chance as anyone, sadly what they have repeatedly done with those chances pretty much spells out a continued pattern of suck. Green Bay-San Fran-New Orleans are the cream of the NFC…and pretty much the entire league.

  5. It shouldn’t be news when a player says that.

    Shouldn’t every team have that goal?

    Nobody goes in with the mindset…hey, let’s be 500!!!!

  6. Unfortunately, the world don’t seem to understand just how good the Bears are.

    Before Cutler got injured, the Bears were playing at an extremely high level in all 3 areas of the game and if not for the injury, the Bears would have been a Super Bowl favorite if not the winner.

    Unfortunately it did not work out that way.

    What people fail to understand is that they were doing all of that with Martz who is terrible, no real wide recievers and a really bad offensive line.
    The Line is still bad, but the rest got fixed and the thought is the line could be fixed because of the other fixes.

    If the offense is better, the Bears have a top 7 defense and the best special teams in the NFL by far, there is no reason to think they can’t win the Super Bowl.

  7. Anyone see cutler and Marshall in Denver when they were younger? They were great and were just getting started. As far as cheap shots calling cutlet a quitter? That’s foolish and I’m not a bears fan. Jim Kelly didn’t finish super bowl 27. Troy aikman didn’t finish the 94 NFC championship game. Johnny Unitas didn’t finish super bowl 5. Tom Brady didn’t finish 01 afc championship. Know the facts.

  8. Old defense, stale offense and the same old “we are the greatest” banter. Cutler will never be Clutcher. There are 2 teams better than the Bears in the central and 4 in the NFC. I suppose the sun could shine on anyone but not da Bears and definately not this year.

  9. Packers fans STOP HATEN…Chicago has a better chance to go to the superbowl than Greenbay an its gone show up right away. Rodgers wont be playing catch this season. an the schedule is harder… First 2 games is 49ers .. Chicago

  10. Da bears still suck! I saw that on a shirt today & didn’t buy it b/c I don’t want to wear anything w/da bears on it. Packers are on they’re div so until a better team can knock off us top dogs get use to seeing these teams at the top. Sure other teams would like to go but they don’t have what it takes. In the last 20 yrs the bears have had about 20+ QBs start. The Packers have had 3-4

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