Broncos sign Jim Leonhard


Jim Leonhard’s NFL career will continue in Denver.

Leonhard, a free agent safety who has played the last three seasons with the Jets, has agreed to a one-year contract with the Broncos, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS.

Although Leonhard attended practice at the Bills’ training camp on Thursday, he left without a contract and traveled today for a workout in Denver, where he quickly signed.

Leonhard, who suffered a season-ending tear to his patellar tendon in Week 14 of last season, signed in Buffalo as an undrafted free agent out of Wisconsin in 2005, and has played three years in Buffalo, one in Baltimore and three with the Jets.

24 responses to “Broncos sign Jim Leonhard

  1. There’s another serious leader added to the Broncos roster. I think one reason the Jets had such a lousy season last year was because Leonhard was no longer there to shape some whiners up.

  2. He’ll be a great addition Bronco fans. Very underrated player as well as a great team leader. Hopefully he stays healthy for you guys.

    Wish he was still a Raven, I’ll never forget how well he played when Dwan Landry went down for the year. I love Bernard Pollard, but Leonhard was a darn good player also. Reminds me of another former Raven Jarrett Johnson, very underrated blue collar players.

  3. Good signing. Too bad he has a shopping list of previous injuries. Had he been a little bigger he’d be one of the top safeties in the NFL. Brings the hard hat every week.

  4. Jets would have resigned this guy if he could still play. I remember last yr when all the chargers fans were pumped when they got Bob Sanders & look how that turned out.

  5. Leonhard was a play maker for us. He has a nose to sniff out the plays and was a hard hitter too. I wish he was still with the Ravens too. He will be a good leader on defense, hope that injury has healed up!

  6. The Bills really needed a guy like him, and said so, so after they worked him out and kept him 2 days, I gotta think he just doesn’t have it anymore, or they would have inked him.

  7. The Broncos are just throwing as much defensive back crap against the wall hoping someone will stick. What’s the average age of their secondary now – 36? Yeah, no way the young fast receivers will get by them. Hope Peyton can keep the offense on the field for a very long time…

  8. 41,000+ showed up at Sports Authority Field to watch Jim Leonard’s practice…or to see this new QB. The previous record was just over 20,000 in 2010 to watch the Jets upback complete passes to the turf.

  9. The Bills REALLY need a safety in a bad way and still took a pass on this guy. Terrance McGee sufferred the same exact injury a month prior to Leonhard’s and is clearly behind at Bills camp and may have a hard time making it through to the final roster. Leonhard may make an impact for the Broncos but most likely not until October or November.

  10. Great player with a lot of heart but he simply can’t stay healthy anymore

  11. That’s why the Bills have lost all their passion for winning football games. They had Leonhard in camp, working out and ready to give his usual 110%. And they let him go.

    Denver you got yourself a natural leader who is fearless and smart. Buffalo, well your team will be luck to not finish last behind Miami this year.

  12. “I think one reason the Jets had such a lousy season last year was because Leonhard was no longer there to shape some whiners up.”

    The Jets made the AFC Championship game after he was injured in 2010. Leonhard was a great leader and a good player but both the Jets and Bills passed on him so you have to think he’s at the end.

  13. I have watched every Jet game he played very overrated he may be smart but he can’t tackle and can’t cover a tree

  14. Jim Leonard is a great safety. He was the Jets defensive QB and since they can’t produce a pass rush his size was a flaw. Broncos can get to the QB and Jim will have every other player in perfect position. Great addition!

  15. Sorry, but the Bills didn’t “Take a pass” on him. He wouldn’t sign with them until he heard what Denver had to offer. Bills just didn’t make an offer that impressed like Denver did. When Denver wants somebody they don’t let them leave town to visit another team.

  16. I think he had his best season, so far, in Baltimore. He was a beast that year. Damn, I can’t wait for the season to start!!

  17. I’m willing to bet it’s somewhere in between all your comments.

    Jets let him go b/c they signed 2 FAs, while Leonhard is solid, he would have struggled to get on the field behind Landry and Bell.

    In Buffalo, sure they wanted him…as their 4th safety. George Wilson and Jairus Byrd are as good a tandem as any safeties in the NFL. And D’norris Searcy is the future and the #2 SS…and if Byrd were to get hurt, Wilson would slide to FA, and Searcy SS….Leonard would be right back where he started in Buffalo, 4th string special teamer.

    Without knowing the financials, Denver just seems like a better opportunity for him.

  18. Smart player. Defensive QB on Jets. Good pickup. We got your second string offensive QB, and you got our second string defensive QB. Good luck to him and you.

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