Dolphins, punter Brandon Fields agree to 4-year, $13.3 million deal


Showing once again that it’s better to be an A-level kicker than a B-level runner, the Dolphins have signed punter Brandon Fields to a four-year, $13.3 million contract extension.

The deal makes Fields the fifth-highest paid punter in the league, his agent told the Miami Herald, and it gives him $3.3 million guaranteed. Fields was set to make a base salary of $1.4 million this season on his previous contract.

Fields will make more per year than running backs like BenJarvus Green-Ellis ($3 million), Peyton Hillis ($2.6 million), and Mike Tolbert ($2.5 million), and several placekickers have signed contracts this offseason that average more money a year than those running backs as well.

Fields has spent his entire five-year career with the Dolphins. Last season he had career highs in punts (78), yards (3,810), average (48.8), net average (41.1) and punts inside the 20 (32). This year the Dolphins will hope he continues to punt so well, but that they don’t have to rely on him quite as often.

13 responses to “Dolphins, punter Brandon Fields agree to 4-year, $13.3 million deal

  1. I dont think I even wanted to know that…sure they’re all making a wad, but gross…I respect the kicking game and all, but jeez…shoulda been a punter.

  2. I don’t think it’s right that a kicker some one that rarely takes contact and doesn’t even play a quarter of the snaps in a season makes more money then a back one who takes a pounding and takes way more risk then the kicker just not right

  3. There is three areas in football. Offence, Defence and Special Teams and until someone from the first two wants to pull double duty punting, pay the guy what he’s worth.

  4. Very smart move by the Fins… Securing their best assets with long-term deals. To those haters, I bet that if we wouldn’t have signed him and he signs with another AFC East team during FA, they would be asking for Ireland’s head next year.

    The above comparison doesn’t make sense and its kind of unfair: you’re comparing a top player at his position versus 3 other players that are not top 10 at their position.

  5. It doesn’t matter exactly how far you kick it, it’s how high you kick it. How many times have you seen a 60-70 yd punt returned 25-30 yds? hang time, to me, is what counts most. If they can’t return it even 1 yd, you’re in good shape.

  6. Good move, playing against as many anemic offenses as the Phins will this year with their easy schedule constantly having the other team in less than great field position will be a big asset. Good signing

  7. @jupitersteel: “This is why the dolphins will never be in the playoffs. Wasting money. Hell I’d do it for half that.”

    You would do it, huh? More like you would try, the ball would dribble off of your foot and roll five yards, and then you would get annihilated by the opposing special teams players.

    Get realistic. A really solid punter can give a team anywhere from 40 to 100 extra yards per game, compared to weaker punters. That can make a huge difference, especially in a year like this, when I suspect the Dolphins will in more close games than blowouts.

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