More than 41,000 show up for Broncos scrimmage


The Broncos don’t need to worry about blackouts in 2012.  As long, that is, as quarterback Peyton Manning can play.

More than 41,000 fans showed up for Peyton’s first pro scrimmage for a team other than the Indianapolis Colts, according to the Associated Press.

It was the biggest crowd to ever watch the Broncos practice, and it came during Manning’s first appearance at Mile High Stadium as a member of the home team.

The crowd roared when Manning found receiver Eric Decker for a nine-yard touchdown on the final snap of the scrimmage.

“Well, it was a great crowd,” Manning said after the session.  “I know players were pumped; they were kind of feeding off the energy of the fans and everybody was into it.  It will be a good film to learn from on Monday once we study.  I thought there were some good things, and some things we need to work on, obviously, but overall, it was a productive day, in my opinion.”

The fans will next get a glimpse of Manning in a close-to-real game situation during the preseason.  Former Colts coach Tony Dungy said during a Monday appearance on The Dan Patrick Show that Manning could take more preseason snaps than he did during past years of his career, in order to ensure that Manning is ready to go when the Steelers come to town in only 36 days.

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  1. This is a complete non-story. Half of those people were Antonio Cromartie’s children, doing a little advance scouting. The other half wanted to see if Manning’s head would pop off.

  2. “The Broncos don’t need to worry about blackouts in 2012.”

    What a stupid statement – the Broncos have sold out every home game since 1971 – a streak of over 300 consecutive games. Their wait time for season tickets is over 10 years.

  3. I was at the Jags scrimmage on friday night and we had 15K. I thought that was a good crowd. Man the people in Denver are great fans. Good job Broncos fans. This friday night is the start of pre-season. The games are around the corner. It will be nice that this offseason is behind us and we move onto the real games. Some teams (like my Jags) are more thankful to move on than others.

  4. I’m curious as to why this is news. A lot of fans go to these scrimmages. The Bears had 30,000 fans, the Packers had 55,000 fans.

    Are we just reporting this because the Broncos are puffing their chest about it? After the issue with the fraudulent comeback victories statistics that the Broncos put forth, I’m not sure I trust their ability to count.

  5. Can’t wait for the collective boos from donk fans after starting 0-5 only to watch manning get hurt and forced to retire by November.

  6. Weren’t you lost bible belt fools supporting Tebow last year. You are totally clueless NRA members!

  7. pantherpro says:
    Aug 5, 2012 12:42 AM
    Weren’t you lost bible belt fools supporting Tebow last year. You are totally clueless NRA members!


    Um, I’m definitely not going to wade into Religion or Politics on an NFL blog, but seriously dude? You do know Peyton Manning is also a seriously Evangelical Christian too, right? Bringing the NRA into it is bizarre too, considering from what I’m aware of Tebow has never said anything one way or another about gun control, and on the contrary Peyton Manning has donated money to Republican Candidates whose stated platforms include towing the NRA line…

    Just because Peyton Manning tries to avoid the spotlight doesn’t make him any less of a Christian than Tebow, and I’d definitely argue he’s (so far) much more obviously conservative politically.

    And I started this comment saying I didn’t want to get drawn into Religion and Politics. lol…

  8. “GB routinely draws 55k for their scrimmage and they don’t even have a new QB.”

    They also live in…Green Bay. I mean, what else are you going to do?

  9. The Broncos have a better chance of taking the West this year. They finally have a star QB, the Chargers and Chiefs didn’t get much better during the off season and the Raiders are their only likely obstacle.

  10. After enduring a year of balls flying high, coming out wobbly and the ground catching more passes than receivers, fans forgot how a spiral looks like. Manning is by far the best QB the broncos have since Elway, too long have they been without a QB to get them back to the promise land. Plummer came close one year, now its manning turn to take us to the next level

  11. There are going to be an awful lot of let down Bronco fans when someone finally gets their hands on Peyton. He will not last the season, mark my words.

    I’m not saying I hope for it to happen, I’m just reminding everyone in Denver that we don’t play two hand touch, or flag football, this is the NFL, and there are people out there capable of really hurting a 35 year old with a bionic neck.

  12. “P.T. Barnum would be proud of the Broncos and the NFL”

    Yeah, except admission and parking were free and it was self seating. So there’s that.

  13. “He still can’t throw the deep ball and the season is right around the corner”

    That’s interesting. According to everything I’ve been reading, he’s been throwing it deep all camp. Threw 2 over 50 yds yesterday. See, you find out facts when you read.

  14. GB is owned by the people. they are checking out their investment.

    PM can def throw the long ball. he threw one deep first play from scrimmage at this event and over threw DT who has some wheels. by mid season when hes in true manning form hell have the long ball for sure. no point in airing it out all the time in training camp

    41k showed up in near 90degree heat. stood in lines for hours to watch their team scrimmage for 30mins.

    and shut up haters. “hell be out the first game” any player in the league could be out in the first game

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