Nick Mangold leaves Jets camp to see his sister at the Olympics

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Jets coach Rex Ryan has succeeded in changing the mind of center Nick Mangold.

Mangold is leaving training camp to head to London to watch his sister, weightlifter Holley Mangold, compete in the Olympics, according to

A Pro Bowl player and a longtime team leader, Mangold previously said he wouldn’t feel right about leaving his teammates behind, and therefore he wouldn’t leave Cortland for London. But Ryan has been saying for months that he’d try to convince Nick to go, and on Wednesday Ryan said he thought he was getting Mangold to reconsider.

“I am laying the guilt trip on him and everything else,” Ryan said. “You know what? His teammates understand. I think they are pushing him as well. It is not just me.”

Apparently the guilt trip worked, and Mangold will be there to see his sister.

26 responses to “Nick Mangold leaves Jets camp to see his sister at the Olympics

  1. Note to Belichick– You made a Pro Bowl guard out of wrestler Neal. Sign up Mangold’s sister to back up Wilfork at NT.

  2. I don’t often say this…but good for Rex Ryan. Family comes first. Mangold will still be a pro bowl caliber center. Go USA!

  3. Not a huge Rex Ryan fan but he did the right thing. I wonder how many games his sister has sat through to see him play…HS
    College, Pro’s. It’s the least he could. What is it like couple of days?

  4. A once in a lifetime thing, Nick needs to be there. She looks like she could play for a few NFL teams, I mean that respectfully.

  5. Thought he was adamant about NOT going?

    I guess he finally decided he needed a break from that circus.

  6. I thought the “I’m not leaving my teamates” line was garbage. Nobody is impressed by turning down an opportunity to support you family member at a once in a lifetime event. I am glad he is going, it is the right thing to do, but it never should have been in question in the first place. I am sure his back-up can use the reps, and the Jets will survive for 72 hours without him.

  7. She’s the “second strongest” Mangold …and that might be enough to bring home the gold. Good for Rex who I recall saying Nick was crazy for skipping the Olympics in favor for training camp. Maybe he convinced Nick to change his mind. A class move for an organization that is in desperate need of more of ’em.

  8. Aaron Ross from the Jaguars has left camp to see his wife compete in the 400 (she’s favorite to win gold). Why didn’t he get a headline? Wait, that would be something positive written about the Jags and we all know how PFT fills about positive script towards that team.

  9. Because unlike Mangold, Ross asked and was granted permission from Jax to see his wife compete in London. Mangold didn’t want to go and not miss time from camp and Rex guilted him into going.

  10. Afetr Holley wins the gold, maybe Tanny can sign her to take over Wayne Hunter’s spot at RT which would be an instant upgrade.

  11. section112, it’s not about issues with the jags. it’s about Mangold being a leader on his team and one of the top 3 in the NFL at his position. Aaron Ross is … not.

  12. For those who say this is a once in a lifetime thing for Holley Mangold competing in the Olympics – let’s hope not. She is only 22 and has only been into weightlifting 3.5 years. She is not highly ranked internationally so a medal in these Olympics is a big longshot. If she stays with it, she should be a medal favorite in 4 years.

    Also, I have read about this young lady elsewhere and seen video of her being interviewed. She is one of the most inspiring and self-confident people I’ve seen.

  13. Good luck to Holly! Her and Nick both went to High School about 30 miles from where I live. A lot of local support here for both of them!

  14. Go Holley! Go USA. Kudos to Rex for letting and making Mangold see the Olympics. I will be in London on Sunday and will cheer for her and all the US athletes.

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