Roethsliberger sprains his ankle, waits for Haley to blow his top


We’d hate to see how many injuries Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger would have if he weren’t wearing a red jersey in practice.

Already suffering (so he claims) from a partially torn rotator cuff in his shoulder, Roethlisberger sprained his left ankle at practice on Saturday after being stepped on by a defensive lineman, according to

It’s the same ankle he injured during the 2011 season against the Browns.

Roethlisberger limped off the field.  He later had it wrapped in an icepack.

The quarterback also addressed his relationship with offensive coordinator Todd Haley, which has yet to turn frosty.

“We’re just kind of waiting for it,” Roethlisberger said regarding a potential explosion from the former Chiefs head coach and Cardinals offensive coordinator.  “Todd’s the only guy to ever make Kurt Warner cuss.”

Roethlisberger and Haley seem to be working well together, so far.

“I think our relationship is growing and I can see where Todd’s vision of us is headed,” Roethlisberger said.  “It’s all about winning.  You have to put aside egos and put aside wanting to run the ball, wanting to throw the ball to just win and that’s what we both want to do.”

As long as the Steelers win, there won’t be any trouble between Roethlisberger and Haley.  If they don’t, that’s when things could get ugly.

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  1. Hope his ankle heals. That said, the self-reported “torn” rotator cuff continues to amuse me. Why on earth, if that’s true, would Big Ben publicly announce it? Doesn’t help his team one bit. I guess it might give him some cover, though, if/when things don’t go so well this season.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems to me that Haley has gotten a bad rap. When the Chiefs fired him I thought, “Um, what? They have a ton of injuries and JUST went to the playoffs (extra credit for doing it with Cassel).” Never heard anyone say he’s not a good coach, they just think he’s an a–hole, wah wah wah. Oh well, Steelers’ gain I guess…

  3. Totally blown out of proportion! Imagine the frustration Haley had to experience In dealing with the AZ or KC framchises’ I imagine it would have been the same with my beloved purple!
    Pittsburg, they are accustomed to winning, sounds like that’s all Haley wants to do!
    Warner was a stud as a QB, but it sounds like his “belief” system mirrors that of my wife & her family! I think I often hear them swear under their breathe because of my intense personality!
    Should work out well for the steelers!
    Worst mistake ever was letting go of Tomlin!!!

  4. the only guy who made Kurt Warner cuss ..i found that to be quite amusing . as a die hard Browns fan i cant wait for the implosion . maybe we can help that along when we meet .

  5. He’s not a diva, nor is he a drama queen. Ben Roethisberger is a flatout liar.
    I’ve been watching since 2004 Roethlisberger and his antics, which sent a disgusted Bill Cowher into an early retirement.
    A terse Mike Tomlin also was none too happy when he was questioned by the media about the alleged rotator cuff tear.
    I’d hate to see Roethlisberger’s persona, attitude and ego if he were, you know, actually an above average quarterback.

  6. Ben is going to fall apart as he progresses into his 30s. His sack numbers have been high, and there have been countless times he has taken a big hit and not been sacked. It’s gonna be ugly for him, and he’ll probably spend the rest of his life in quite a bit of pain. Such a buffoon.

  7. Not looking good for the steelers this year, ankle injurys seem to linger all year. Just when you though Ben couldn’t get more immobile from being a lard arse, now he has a jacked up ankle. Good luck , can’t wait to watch the Browns add to your misery.

  8. Rapeuinthebathroomsburger is always injured, or so he says. Gotta make himself look like a man somehow, try to that is. Big Ben & the Steelers are on the decline!

  9. Haley wants to win? That’s such a foreign concept for a football coach. Just when you think the human mind can’t get any lamer . . . now this.

  10. All I know is if I’m the center I would insist on Roethlisberger be in shotgun 100% of the time. I don’t want this perv around my arse at all.

  11. Sounds like a backhanded compliment by The Rapelisberger. As for the ankle, I’ve always said that with his size and style, he’d see his best days in his mid 20s.

  12. Enjoy your 4 wins this year Browns fans. Hope you like watching the burgh in the playoffs. By the way big Ben is a first ballot hall of famer.

  13. peace27: Sadly, you’re probably right about Roethlisberger’s Hall induction, but only because this is such a quarterback obsessed society.
    Roethlisberger has been in the league eight seasons. In his 2004 rookie season, he started 13 games and threw 17 touchdown passes. In 2011, his eighth season, Roehlisberger started 15 games and threw 21 TD passes.
    He’s really coming along, huh?

  14. If this bum didn’t play for the Steelers he would be no more than a middle of the pack QB. Are we sure he isn’t related to the Kardashians? He brings more attention to himself then Kim does.

  15. So, the point of the story was what – that Roethlisberger limped off the field or that Florio is anxiously waiting for Haley fireworks?

  16. I’m starting to think Roethlisberger motivates himself with the notion of overcoming injuries. If it works, who cares? Lots of people create artificial obstacles to motivate themselves. The only thing that matters is the outcome, and he’s a very good player.

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