Talk in Oakland that Plaxico Burress could fit with the Raiders

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Free agent receiver Plaxico Burress just wants some team to show some interest in him, and there’s talk in Oakland that the Raiders could be that team.

According to Paul Gutierrez of, Burress has hinted he’d like to play in Oakland, and Raiders coach Dennis Allen said he wouldn’t rule out bringing Burress in.

“We’re going to look at any options that are out there that we think can make us better. Whether or not we make any moves or not, that’s to be determined. But we’re not going to rule anything out,” Allen said.

That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of signing Burress, but not being ruled out is about as good as it’s gotten for Burress this offseason. And it’s possible that the Raiders, who have a young and relatively unproven receiving corps, could be interested in adding a veteran to the mix.

But if the Raiders had real interest, why wouldn’t they have signed Burress by now? At the moment, it appears that the talk of Burress in Oakland is just talk.

41 responses to “Talk in Oakland that Plaxico Burress could fit with the Raiders

  1. Burress deserves another shot in the league, but it will not be with the RAIDERS. Big Reg has a solid young core of WRs, a veteran is not needed to take snaps away from players who need them.

    DHB, Moore, and Ford will be the Top 3 with Criner and Steater filling out the roster nicely. They are a little green to be sure, but they are young, dynamic and of course, very fast.

    Thank you Al (RIP).

  2. I think the Raiders finally have a real GM in place, and there is no way he signs this guy.

    Al Davis might have took a gamble, but Reggie looks like he has an actual functioning brain. Notice how there were no sigings of guys who ran 4.2 40’s but can’t play?

  3. I think it’s so awesome that he turned down the Giants for the Jets and he ends up looking like an ass

  4. Sure, the Raiders have a promising group of young WRs, but they need a veteran in there to help out. Burress can fill that role nicely, way better than T.O.

  5. Adding a veteran is ok but, is HE the veteran you want to teach these young guys? I think not. Or sign him till you have to cut down to 53 players and say thank you very much, goodbye.

  6. The real question shouldn’t be about Oakland signing Burress by now. It should be more about Cedric Benson because McFadden is the most injury-prone elite player in the NFL.

  7. There’s no “talk in Oakland”…
    Burress said he’d like to play for the Raiders and a local writer mentioned it.

    I don’t think that really counts as talk…

  8. If Burress goes to Oakland, I think it’s not as a No. 1 No. 2 receiver. I, like most Raiders fans, really like the young guys on the roster. However, DHB and Ford aren’t really guys who excel inside the 20. Our TEs are unproven and Moore isn’t a big-bodied receiver to win battles in the red zone.

    Bottom line: If Burress gets signed it’ll be in a complementary role because of what he brings inside the red zone. Which would make sense. But I don’t see sitting DHB, Moore or Ford in favor of Plax as a true starting option.

  9. I wouldnt like this move I mean I guess I could see the interest if reg did sign him we do need a veteran and we did have a hard time in the red zone last year but Idk that’s my opinion

  10. Shame! I think TO & Burress would
    Be a solid pick-up for several teams. TO
    Especially, he has some age on him now, but he is “physical” beast! Would like him to have 1 more shot, may not happen but I
    Think he would have a solid year!

  11. Burress is a legitimate and experienced threat that the Raiders simply do not have right now at WR. Looking at it strictly from the standpoint of talent and skill, he would immediately upgrade our young and inexperienced WR corp. DHB is the “wiley veteran” of the group going into his fourth season. And while he brought his game up last year, I’m still not convinced he is a true #1 WR.

    Speaking from the character perspective… that’s all on McKenzie and Allen. Those two take character and work ethic seriously. If they feel Burress wont be a distraction, then more power to them. I’d welcome him aboard.

    Another point is contract and cap space. Will he sign a one year contract for something the Raiders can afford? The longer Burress sits on his couch, the lower his asking price SHOULD be. Reggie could be playing the “he who cares least, wins.” game. Wait him out and see how truly hungry he is.

    Finally… Reggie may be taking his time because he doesn’t yet know who would be the best addition… Burress or Cedric Benson. McKenzie may be holding off to see how DMac responds and how well Palmer hooks up with his receivers in Knapp’s new offense.

    Bottome line: Burress and Benson both are very viable options… and could be a key to the Raiders run for a playoff spot.

    Just my two pennies…

  12. No thanks Plax. I like our young WRs. Go get Ced Benson Reggie! (When the price is right)

  13. Plax should go back to the Jets, they only have one legit starter and D-Backs think they’re better than everyone outside of Holmes.

  14. It is mindboggling that a team like Jacksonville wont sign TO or Plaxico to a minimum contract with incentives, but is willing to pay big bucks for Laurent Robinson. Signing TO or Plaxico would sell tickets, give Gabbert some legit targets, and possibly take away some leverage from MJD and Blackmon. At the first sign of trouble from either TO or Plaxico, just cut them.

  15. I thought the Raiders were loaded with great receivers? I didn’t think they had any more room for another wideout on their roster. Also, can Burress beat out the receiver’s they do have? Plaxico needs to go to a team that has no #1 WR, otherwise he will never get the ball.

  16. No thanks to Plaxico, and by the way Velvetglove Al Davis’ brain malfunctioned to 3 Super Bowls!

    Al Davis Forever!!!
    Just Win Baby!!!

  17. People seem so sure one way or the other. I have no clue if he would be a good fit. A tryout couldn’t hurt.

  18. Plax aka “cheddar Bob” is still a weapon in the redzone and a good teammate, a real straight I hear, so they should give him a shot. Hopefully it doesn’t backfire on them.

  19. Heyward-Bey has a good work ethic and is entering his fourth season. He can provide some veteran influence. I’d rather see them bring in corners, linebackers, tight ends, and offensive linemen, in that order.

  20. Maybe for the veteran’s minimum but I’d rather see a more pressing position addressed such as RB (Benson or Grant) or LB (EJ Henderson). Don’t know how much Plaxico has left and the Raiders have a lot of good young talented WRs.

  21. ya im not a fan of this idea either. I heard pittsburgh was looking a reciever to replace wallace and burris was on a short list…

  22. Burress hinted that hed like to play for oakland? sure he would play with any team at this point.

  23. Burress also hinted he would like to play in Dallas, San Diego, New England, Seattle, San Francisco, Arizona, Cleveland, Kansas City, Miami, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Baltimore, Washington, Carolina, Tennessee, Houston, St Louis, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Denver, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota, Green Bay, Atlanta, New Orleans, Tampa Bay…. any other team?

  24. All you Raider haters should read the last paragraph. It’s just talk and the talk wasn’t even started by the Raiders. Reggie and DA are turning it around. This ain’t your grand pappy’s Raiders.

    But keep on hating. Wouldn’t be the same if you haters didn’t.

    Win, lose, or tie…Raiders til I die.

  25. For two years my favorite Raiders joke (I’m a Raiders fan) was that DHB stood Darrius Heyward Bust. I always called him Heyward Bust.

    Obviously, after last season I feasted on a lifetime supply of crow and he’s being pegged as the winner of the Crabtree/DHB Bay Area media rivalry, with Jerry McDonald even going so far as to pose the question of whether or not he now is legitimately the best first round WR of his draft class.

    DHB would have had over 1000 yards if Campbell didn’t go down last year. Regardless, he played his heart out in the games that mattered most (Houston, Detroit, 2nd Kansas City, 2nd San Diego) and suddenly vaulted from fan folly to fan favorite. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    We don’t need Burress. We already have our #1 WR. DHB!

  26. Al Davis Jr. looks dead too! What’s with the dumb and dumber doo?
    You dad was good football man but still a scumbag! Perfect leader for Raider nation!

  27. LOL a sorry@ss panther fan in here talking smack like his “now” team are all that! im sure you fair weathered @ss had been a fan of that team for as long as cam newton has been in the picture LMAO!
    what a douche!

  28. Pantherpro: What is it with you Carolina fans lately? You win a couple games with a rookie no one is ready for, now you’re on – for whatever reason – the Raiders’ pages, talking trash? Don’t you have division rivals you could be doing that with or… do you know who is actually in your division? I get it, this is new – maybe Fox coaching in Denver confused you a little bit.
    You know what? Don’t even worry about it. It’s all good. Keep talkin’. Maybe you’ll sign Plaxico. (He’s a free agent Wide Receiver. They run down the field and catch balls thrown to them by the only guy you know on your team, the QB. That means “Quarterback”) We still won’t have anything to talk about, but you’ll probably think you won a game so… that will be fun.

    Keep your eyes on Criner and Streater – Plaxico’s a decent player but at this point a rebuilding team needs to develop the young talent on the roster. Thanks but no thanks.

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