Titans add center Chris Morris

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The Titans tried during free agency to replace center Eugene Amano.  They couldn’t.  And now they have to.

With Amano out for the season due to a torn triceps injury, the team has agreed to terms with veteran center Chris Morris.

The Titans announced the move on Saturday afternoon.

Morris entered the league in 2006 as a seventh-round pick of the Raiders.  He appeared in 16 games with 10 starts in 2009.  The next season, in Carolina, he played in only four games.

Out of the league in 2011 after getting an injury settlement with the Patriots, Morris fit the Titans primary criteria:  He was available and, presumably, cheap.

5 responses to “Titans add center Chris Morris

  1. Wow. Good luck to you guys. First, it was Wimbley, now this guy. You’re picking up all our trash. Wimbley at least is an average situational pass rusher, nothing more. I don’t know where the idea came from that Wimbley is some kind of beast, but if you believe it hard enough maybe it will come true.

    This guy, though, is an outright fringe player in the league, meaning he’s lucky to even have a roster spot let alone be starter. He’s small and doesn’t do anyhing very well. Morris will simply be overpowered by even average DT’s. Chris Johnson may be looking like his old self, but his line is going to be terrible. I wouldn’t bet on it at this point that CJ is going to have a good season, and that’s not good for the Titans.

  2. Yeah … look for hutch to get back in the middle. He may not be an elite center anymore but i believe he can do the job better than any fa or anyone else on the roster. With all the hype over the coaches ability to turn out linemen, they can fill rg with Kevin Matthews when hes healthy …. all in all Steve hutchinson is the best option at center.

  3. In fairness to Morris, he plays hard and he’s a team player.

    He’s just too small and not very talented, all the best to him.

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