Bengals cut bait on former top-10 pick Derrick Harvey


If you were trying to wait a judicious amount of time before declaring Derrick Harvey a bust, well, the time is now.

The Bengals released the former top-10 pick, according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, in what could well be the last stop for the former Jaguars disappointment.

The Bengals actually gave Harvey a $60,000 signing bonus, but didn’t see enough in camp to convince them to let him hang around for $705,000 this year.

The Jags actually traded up to take Harvey eighth overall in 2008. The Ravens took the proceeds and turned them into trade chips which netted quarterback Joe Flacco.

That’s why the Ravens are a perennial contender, and helps illustrate why Jack Del Rio’s now the defensive coordinator in Denver rather than the Jags’ head coach.

16 responses to “Bengals cut bait on former top-10 pick Derrick Harvey

  1. Chew on that Jag fans when you complain about everyone slamming your team.

    Gene Smith and his predecessor, Hrris, are clueless on personnel. When the owner gets past his obligation that he retain Smith this first year, he fires hi;him, and then the new GM comes in to clean house, then we’ll all stop laughing at you.

  2. Many ex-Jags in recent years get their punctured tires kicked around by the Atlanta Falcons, and since a pass rusher is needed when John Abraham retires & Ray Edwards is cut for salary cap reasons here comes that one-time rookie holdout who probably wishes he & his agent weren’t so greedy that he missed so much valuable camp time all those years ago.

  3. It’s one thing if your 1st round pick busts, but when it’s a 1st round pick you traded up for, that’s just lemon juice in the wound.

  4. No player’s career is officially over until he is released by the Cardinals.
    Isn’t that how it works?

  5. Another SEC bust..not surprising..hope he recieved a good education under Urban Myer’s leadership!

    Not surprising at all. The SEC just churns out bust after bust. Yet, somehow, the NFL seems to get it. Year after year, teams keep picking guys like Cam Newton, Julio Jones, Matt Stafford, Cadillac Williams, Marcell Dareus, Chris Samuels, AJ Green, Joe Haden, the Mannings, Maurkice Pouncey, Ronnie Brown, Percy Harvin, Eric Berry, and Michael Oher… When will they learn?

  6. from the second he was selected, the gut feeling from everyone, those in Jax included, was that this was a huge reach with a “let’s get a big star that’s also a Gator and we’ll sell more tickets” feel.

    I hated it. Felt like desperation. He wasn’t that good at Florida. He was just what they had at the time. I hope he didn’t blow that $60k. Why on Earth would a cheapskate like Brown toss $60k his way?

  7. He is an example why defensive ends are the new bust position group!!!!

    Majority of them are not able to contribute early and the trade that Jacksonville made with Baltimore was the start of the Jaguar’s downfall!!!!

    They went to the playoffs with less talent than others, but they shrunk the opportunity to get more talent with that trade!!!

  8. Carnell Williams is a bust, Pouncey always has ankle injuries, Headache harvin, Ronnie Brown is known has a wild cat rb for 1 game vs Pats,and Oher is already being exposed!

  9. Carnell Williams is a bust, Pouncey always has ankle injuries, Headache harvin, Ronnie Brown is known has a wild cat rb for 1 game vs Pats,and Oher is already being exposed!

    Cadillac Williams does not belong on that list, but compared to Derrick Harvey, he’s practically a Hall of Famer. Though being injury-prone may keep Pouncey from being a truly dominant center in the NFL, he has only missed two games in his entire career. Harvin has headaches and can be a bit of a knucklehead, whatever; still a very good player. Ronnie Brown was one of the better tailbacks in the league for the better part of the last decade, and “is known as a wildcat rb” because he invented the term “wildcat rb”. His athleticism and versatility is what introduced the entire league to the idea of a “wildcat”. Oher may never be a HOFer, but he is still a very solid tackle, and there was a movie made about him.

    Even if all those guys were busts, which they are not (not being destined for Canton is not the same as being a bust), is this really an argument that needs to happen? Because not only is it stupid, but it could go on forever:

    Joe Namath, Patrick Willis, Jevon Kearney, Emmit Smith, Karlos Dansby, Jeremy Maclin, Jamal Lewis, Richard Seymour, Aldon Smith, Darren McFadden, Marcus Stroud, Jerod Mayo, Alan Faneca, Shawn Alexander, Patrick Peterson, Dwayne Bowe, Arian Foster, Stephen Davis, Ben Grubbs, Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, Demeco Ryans, Johnathan Joseph, John Abraham, Chad Clifton, Dunta Robinson, Champ Bailey, Bo Jackson. Boom. I’m out.

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