Broncos’ Mario Fannin suffers another major injury


A year ago today, Broncos running back Mario Fannin suffered a torn ACL, causing him to miss his entire rookie season. And today comes news that Fannin is likely to miss his second season.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Fannin injured his Achilles tendon during the Broncos’ scrimmage on Saturday, and the injury appears serious. That probably means Fannin, who played his college football at Auburn, is headed for another season on injured reserve.

For an undrafted running back, it’s hard not to think a serious Achilles injury in his second training camp following a torn ACL in his first training camp could mean Fannin is never going to get his chance to play in the NFL.

8 responses to “Broncos’ Mario Fannin suffers another major injury

  1. One part of me feels sorry for him because he can’t catch a break from injury, the other of me is glad that its not someone whose a big contributor to the team.

  2. Too bad. I was curious to see how well he would do. Sad to see someone who worked his way onto the team as an undrafted player have such a run of bad injury luck.

    Hopefully he’ll get one more shot.

  3. God works in mysterious ways. It may be a blessing that he’ll still be healthy in mind and body in his later years. You never know.

  4. I know football is a violent game, but is there something particular to football that these type of injuries appear to be more common?

    Browns lost a linebacker to achilles tear. Vikings lose a receiver to double patella tendon tear and now this.

    It amazes me that in a sport like basketball in which there is a lot of cutting and change of direction on the court, we don’t hear about these types of injuries with as much frequency.

    My best to this young man. It has to be very disheartening to lose out on a second straight year. Keep positive my friend.

  5. unreasonable man,

    I’m sure there are many variables. I would hypothesize one being based on numbers. Just looking at the Pros. How many players are on a basketball team? 12 active roster spots and three reserves, and then some D-Leaguers. NFL camps open with 90 roster spots, then cut to 75 and then eventually cut down to 53, and I think 7 practice team spots.

    Another reason I would guess is that the cleats of football players pin your foot in place, so when the body changes direction, and your foot doesn’t, then you have a problem.

    Football is a true contact sport.

    Not even looks at steroids, I’m pretty sure the workout and muscle-building programs in football are more intense than basketball.

    Many factors.

  6. @onereasonableman: I’m not a doctor or even an athlete, but I wonder if the frequency of achilles tears and high ankle sprains are due at least in part to a lot of football players not wearing the high top shoes/cleats?

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