Garrett Reid found dead at Eagles training camp

Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman announced moments ago that Garrett Reid, the eldest son of Eagles coach Andy Reid, was found dead at training camp on Sunday morning.

“He’s been strong for us, we’re going to be strong for him right now,” Roseman said.

Lehigh University Chief of Police Edward Shupp confirmed that Garrett Reid’s body was found in his dorm room at training camp, following a 911 call placed at 7:20 a.m. ET.  Shupp added that at this point there is no evidence of foul play.  A member of the coroner’s office said that an investigation is ongoing.

We extend our deepest condolences to Coach Reid, his family, the players, the coaches, and all members of the Eagles organization.

125 responses to “Garrett Reid found dead at Eagles training camp

  1. Terrible news. One can only guess that this is drug-related given Garrett’s past, but that’s an assumption at this stage. Howie was quite broken up when announcing. A lot of players tweeting condolences to the coach. Prayers go out to the family.

  2. My God, that is terrible. Much love, positive thoughts, and prayers for the Reid family and the whole Eagles organization.

  3. That’s tragic. Puts the game in perspective. My heart goes out to the Reid family.

  4. No wonder they were praying. This is going to take a lot of time. I hope the Eagles are ready to hold him up as an organization and as men. He’s going to need to lean on someone.

  5. I am a Cowboy fan but have so much respect for Reid. I pray for his family today. So sad. No parent should have to bury their child.

  6. Cant imagine burrying a son.. Reid takes a lot of grief in Philly hopefully everybody can be respectful with this matter. Time for the team to rally round him

  7. Holy Crap! I live here in Bethlehem! About 5 minutes from Lehigh….. So sorry for the Reid family. I couldnt imagine losing a child. Condolences…

  8. I don’t know that there can be a greater loss than for parents to have their child die before themselves. Our heart felt sympathies go out to the Reid family.

  9. As a Redskins fan I have respect for Andy and thoughts go out to him and his family. God Bless

  10. Condolences to the Reids and to the entire Eagles organization. Losing a child is the worst tragedy any human being can suffer.

  11. Sincere condolences to Coach Reid and family. Very difficult to lose a child. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

  12. This is bad news especially knowing the fact his son had some demons he fought in the past.

  13. The whole Reid family is in my thoughts and prayers…what a tragic story. I can’t imagine what they all must be going through. Condolences from a lifelong Pats fan

  14. 8 yrs ago lost my sister to those Demons
    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink
    her daughter, my niece is now 10 & will never know her mother Its tough, but hopefully his soul as is my sisters are at Peace

  15. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Reid Family at this saddest of times, God be with you all.

  16. As a father of a 4 year old son, I cannot imagine how coach feels. God Bless you Coach Ried. I’m sure he would gladly take his son’s place. Prayers to him & his family, from Bronconation.

  17. Condolences to the Reid family first and also the Eagle family. We don’t know the cause at this point but addiction in all forms is a demon that a lot of good people have had to deal with.

  18. Coach Reid and him family have endured more than anyone should ever have to. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Coach.

  19. This story is definitely tragic, it made me feel terrible all morning. Nothing is worse than losing your own child, let alone your son. The worst part of it all is waking up one morning to have the news hit you so suddenly. It’s one of the horrors of life that we all fear but sometimes cannot escape.

    Skins nation sends out its thoughts, prayers, and condolences.
    RIP, I wish Mr. Reid and the entire Reid family the best.

  20. It could be from the “demons” of the past or “demons” he was still dealing with. He could have turned the corner, but had already lit a fuse that could not be put out. Too oftent he body gives out from past damage.
    At the same time, it could have just happened and be totally unrelated. (but that’s not the expectation) Curious to see.
    See the opportunity people. Though tragic for the Reid family and to a lesser degree the people of Eagles organization, this can bring benefit to others. Teach those around you that too often this is the end result for those who think “it could never happen to me.” Even with years of fighting it, with the help of family and friends, and really all the help money could buy, he ends up here.
    Where might he be now if he never dabbled with the “demons”?

    Hoping Reid’s family finds the strength and support they need.

  21. Horrible news. Our thoughts and prayers are with Coach Reid and his family. Falcon Nation

  22. It’s nice to see all the sincerity from all footballs fans, giants cowboys and everyone else. Much respect. Terrible news, football allegiance aside, pray for Reid and his family.

  23. As a Cowboys fan I’ve never been a huge Eagles fan, but I’ve always really respected Andy Reid. Reid seems like the type guy where you always know where you stand with him and that he would do anything in his power to make his players better at the game on the field and at the game of life. I’m sure he was the same was as a father. Very sad that such a young guys life has to end so soon. Very sorry to hear this.

  24. Hope Garrett has finally found peace. Prayers for Coach Reid and all of Garrett’s family and friends, God bless you and may He carry you through this difficult time. Prayers from Cowboy nation making their way up this morning…

  25. Tragic news. Praying for you and your family, Coach Reid.

    Who are the 7 – 10 people giving thumbs down to the positive supportive comments? What is wrong with you? I sure hope it’s not football related (ie dislike of the Eagles). I’ll pray for you as well.

  26. Today, football rivalries are set aside. My sincere condolences to Coach Reid and his family. No family should ever have to endure this kind of pain.

  27. This is so sad. I can’t imagine losing a child. When I heard the news this morning it felt like someone in my family died. I can’t imagine what Andy and his family are going through. My prayers, thoughts and condolences are with the Reid’s and the Eagles Organization. God Bless you Andy

  28. I think that I can speak for a lot of the Steelers Nation in providing condolences to Andy Reid and his entire family and the Eagles organization. I can’t imagine the loss of losing a child and I wish all of them strength and healing to get through this terrible situation.

  29. This is horrible news. My prayers are with the Reid family.

    I would like to know how anyone can give thumbs downs to people expressing their condolences. Are you retarded?

  30. Whatever troubles Garrett Reid had previously in his life, regardless of the circumstances that surrounded this tragedy, this is blunt reminder to all of us how short life can become.

    Unrelated to this, why are there so many thumbs-down being recorded against all the condolences being offered? Well wishes for the Reid family are getting negatively pinged by somebody and that just doesn’t make any sense to me.

  31. my thoughts and prayers go out to the Reid family and all eagles fans.times like these football is not so important,tell ur kids you love them and give them a hug.God Bless

  32. To the Reid Family:

    My prayers go out to all of you this morning. This is a parents and families worst nightmare and I just can’t imagine the pain of your loss. May the Good Lord Bless you all and bring you peace and comfort over the loss of your Son Garrett.

  33. When it was first reported that coach was not at practice, there were several unflattering comments as to Reid’s whereabouts. I hope that these folks NOW feel pretty small for their rush to judgment. While not a Reid fan, this is such a tragic loss. Condolences to all involved.

  34. There is nothing more tragic than burying a child, my thoughts and prayers are with Andy & his family…

    Also, I would like to acknowledge all the fans of other teams who have been so respectful through all this. Total class, THANK YOU!!!

  35. I cannot believe that people are actually thumbing these comments down. What the hell ails you ignorant bastards? God bless you and your family coach. May your son rest in peace.

    Eagles Nation

  36. I can’t imagine that pain. My prayers and thoughts go out to the Reid family today. Coach Philbin of the Miami Dolphins recently experienced this pain as well and I’m positive that he as well as Dolphins fans all over are sending thoughts and prayers your way. May God bless you all

  37. When its game time, yeah we all trash talk each others teams, yell and maybe a lil in-your-face attitude ,but when something traggic like this happens we all realize how we all are one and that’s the NFL family. To the Reid Family and the Eagles fans, May the good Lord be with you during this tough time…..From: Who Dey Nation

  38. Sincere condolences to Coach Ried and his family. The thoughts and prayers of the whole Football Nation are with you. Coach, take some time to heal.

  39. Very sad news. My condolences to the Reid family. As a Colts fan, I can still remember when Tony Dungy went through a similar situation. It’s tough on everyone in the organization.

  40. Deepest condolences to Andy and his family from a die hard Big Blue fan. What a terrible terrible thing. Sure we’re all passionate about our sports and our teams, but it’s an incident like this that really puts things into perspective. God bless.

  41. RIP Garrett Reid, and sincerest condolences to the Reid family. I have so much respect for fans of all teams paying their sympathies.

  42. To lose a child is something that no one should have to go through. That is just horrible. Condolences from Cowboys Nation

  43. I’m a Lions fan, but I’ve always respected Andy Reid and how he’s handled himself in one of the toughest media markets in the league. Nobody should have to outlive their child. My thoughts and prayers to him and his family.

  44. As a man who has watched my own son die, I know exactly what Coach Reid is going through. Different circumstances (my son was only 4 days old), but the sense of helplessness, anger, and questioning “what if” is universal amongst parents.

    Andy and his family will be questioning themselves for some time, until they come to understand that they had nothing to do with the loss of their son. It was out of their hands. It takes time, usually years to be able to just deal with such a loss. You never “get over it”, you just get through it.

    My condolences to the Reid family.

  45. I am very sorry for your loss, nobody will never know what your going thru unless they have lost a son or daughter my heart and prayers are with you and you family.
    A Giants Fan.

  46. The Eagles nation is thankful for the heartfelt comments from other NFL fans. I don’t understand people evil, and creepy enough to put a thumbs down on those offering condolences. What kind of darkness and hate lurks inside their hearts?

  47. As a Clinical-Therapist and had a brother who hanged himself in lock-up, you just can’t understand addiction, a disease of “mind, body and spirit”.
    When that call came in from the police, I was in shell-shock, he was 37, and I could do nothing!
    Football is played on a field, life is life, and at times like this, seems very unfair.
    My deepest sympathy to Andy Reid his family, and the Eagles organization.

  48. My deepest sympathies to Coach Reid and his family. How terrible.

    I have to ask any of you who is thumbing down these kind sympathies to explain why you thumb down these kind words over and over. are you brave enough to expose yourself?

  49. I’ve dogged Reid since day one with my Eagles. I’ve said terrible things about him. I will lay off coach Reid this year. I have a daughter and couldn’t even begin to understand what he is going through. God Bless the Reid family and help them through this horrible time. R.I.P G.Reid

  50. Please put up a better photo of Garrett Reid……..that was an old one from when he was having problems with drugs…….from all accounts the young man had turned his life around… can see better more recent pics on the Eagles website or Bleeding Green Nation……RIP Garrett……prayers and condolences to Andy and family.

  51. The thumbs down on these posts show just how stupid some of the people on this site are.

    I hope anyone that gives a thumbs-down develops a non-life threatening but untreatable blister on the inside of your rectum, just to constantly remind you of how big of an a$$ you really are.

  52. i really wish PFT could disable “thumbs up thumbs down” for a select few post, like this one.

    RIP Garret

  53. Rest in Peace to Garrett Reid. My prayers go out to Coach Reid, his family, the team, the city, and all others that were affected by this tragedy. PHILLY, lets have coach’s back! EAGLES TEAM, let’s bring home the Lombardi this year for coach! WORLD, let’s keep the Reid family in prayer and understand that all of our own lives are fragile and it’s always better to give people their roses while they’re still here.

  54. no matter who your favorite team is or even if you dont like sports,this is very sad because it was a human being.RIP Garrett and condolences to the Reid family. Also,to everyone who click thumbs down to alot of the quotes should be ashamed of themselves!!!

  55. Condolences to the Reid family…deeply saddened to hear of your loss Coach…Redskins Nation prays for your family during this difficult time.

  56. All this reid buisness/problems has gotta be getting old for the eagles i know the guy just died and stuff and its sad but its a billion dollar buisness and this is bad for buisness

  57. What kind of person downvotes a sincere message of condolence when a parent loses a child? Simply disgusting.

    Hope the Reid family can find peace one way or another. My condolences.

  58. andy i dont now how you contiue coaching at such a high level .god speed and may your son rest in peace.and may your family find the will to pull through these difficult times

  59. I can’t imagine the pain the family is going through. But l feel pain with them. My heart goes out to the Reid family and the Eagles organization just pray and lean on each other to help you find strength to get through it all. Really Loving my Eagles right. May you find peace in the days to come knowing other care. SC Eagles Fans

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