Greg Childs likely lost for season

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Vikings rookie wide receiver Greg Childs was carted off the field with a leg injury during Saturday’s training camp practice. It appears the injury will be year-ending.

Tom Pelissero of 1500 ESPN Twin Cities reports that Childs suffered a “significant” injury to both knees and is “almost surely” done for the season. Considered a potential future first-round pick before rupturing his patellar tendon as a junior at Arkansas, Childs’ draft stock plummeted playing with a hitch in his gait as a senior. He was available to the Vikings in April’s fourth round.

Per Pelissero, the early fear is that Childs tore both patellar tendons.

The Vikings were hoping Childs would emerge as their starting split end early in the season, during Jerome Simpson’s three-game suspension. They will have to look elsewhere now. Expect G.M. Rick Spielman to scour the free-agent and trade markets at receiver this week.

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  1. Wow that’s awful, I remember when Gary Baxter blew out both his patella tendons against the Broncos. I’m going to root for this kid but an injury like that could end his career. Godspeed Childs, don’t give up!

  2. BOTH patellar tendons?!!? I hope he is close to completing his college degree at Arkansas, because it appears as though his vocational calling lies elsewhere, away from the gridiron. I wish him the best.

  3. This sucks, he was doing really well in camp (players voted him as one of the guys who flashed). If he tore both his tendons in the same knee his career is most likely over.

  4. Hate to hear that, the Vikes really can’t afford to lose WRs.

    Like I said before, this year camp seems rough regarding injuries. I just keep knocking on wood!

  5. If it’s true that it’s two torn patellar tendons. His career is as good as over. Which sucks because I was looking forward to seeing him play. I was stoked when the Vikes got him. Arceneaux and Burton better step up.

  6. I believe that same injury or something close to that happened to a Bears receiver (I can’t remember the receiver’s name) against the Eagles when the Eagles played at the Vet. The Vet was voted the worst playing surface in the league by the players year in and year out and that injury was one of the big reasons why the Eagles eventually got a new stadium. I hope Childs recovers enough to play again.

  7. Wow, you really can’t make this team up.

    I’d say just play the kids and see what happens. What’s the benefit of bringing in slow, cranky, washed up veterans?

  8. Was he on field turf? Seems like field turf eats ACL’s , Achilles tendon’s and Hamstrings…Knee cartilage seems to be doing well on field turf…

  9. I really feel bad for this kid. It will be a long road back.

    I’m a Browns fan and we just lost Gokong for the season. These injuries really suck.

    I know they suck because I just dislocated my kneecap while on vacation and am sitting in a full leg brace. I wish I could say I was catching a pass during training camp when it happened the truth is far less impressive.

  10. I was kind of mad when the Patriots didn’t draft this kid. I really felt he could be an elite WR in the NFL.

    Blowing both patellar tendons on one play is devastating to his hopes of playing in the NFL very long.

  11. Man, what awful news. Hey atleast he went ahead and got both of them torn on one play. What a freak accident. To offer some sort of consolation to this crappy news, Cadillac Williams tore different patellar tendons in consecutive seasons for my Bucs. After being released by the Bucs he put in some quality time for the Rams as a backup to Stephen Jackson. There is hope Vikes fans. I hope it isn’t as initially thought, however I wish him the best in his recovery.

  12. Hello, Mr. Burress this is Rick Spielman. May I call you Plax? How would you like a one year minimum contract with some incentives?

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