Larry Fitzgerald won’t talk about himself as a Hall of Famer


With Larry Fitzgerald and the Cardinals in Canton, Ohio, for tonight’s Hall of Fame Game, Arizona’s star receiver is hearing questions about whether he expects to return to Canton with his own bust one day. And those are questions Fitzgerald would prefer not to address.

I’m uncomfortable talking about that,” Fitzgerald said when the Arizona Republic approached him about a story on the subject.

Fitzgerald’s modesty is admirable, and as a 28-year-old who’s still in his prime, there’s no reason he needs to be thinking about what his career legacy might be when he’s eligible for Hall of Fame consideration, which probably won’t be for more than a decade. But Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt isn’t afraid to predict now that Fitzgerald will find himself in the Hall of Fame some day.

“If I was a betting man,” Whisenhunt said, “I would definitely bet on that.”

Whisenhunt’s bet is probably a good one. Through eight seasons, Fitzgerald is on his way to accumulating Hall of Fame numbers: He’s closing in on 700 catches, 10,000 yards and 75 touchdowns in his career and he already has four different seasons of more than 1,400 yards. He’s a six-time Pro Bowler and a four-time All-Pro, and he’s had big games on big stages, including a two-touchdown performance in a losing effort in Super Bowl XLIII. (With seven catches for 127 yards, Fitzgerald, not Santonio Holmes, might have been Super Bowl MVP if the Cardinals’ defense had been able to stop the Steelers’ game-winning drive before Holmes scored the winning touchdown.)

If recent history is any guide, any receiver not named Jerry Rice has a tough time convincing the Hall of Fame Selection Committee of his worthiness for enshrinement. But when Fitzgerald is done playing, he’s likely to have a very strong case.

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  1. Fitz is wise to defer on that question. It’ll be someone else’s vote on an incomplete body of work. There’s literally no benefit for Larry to speculate.

  2. What’s more amazing is the restraint Fitz showed after being asked that question by not complaining about the mostly garbage QBs he has had to put up with.

  3. He may get in one day, he should talk to Tim Brown or Chris Carter who are not in, or maybe Lynn Swan or James Lofton who took forever to get in. After his career is over it may take awhile. Is T.O or Marvin Harrison going to get in?

  4. Note to Skelton/Kolb or whoever AZ’s QB is going to be, just throw the ball where only Fitz can catch it… and HE WILL.

  5. If Curtis Martin can get in, then a real legend like Sir Fitzgerald is a LOCK brother. At least 30 current players are more deserving than C.Martin.

  6. I’m well known for avoiding guarantees and predictions like the plague, but I will say with fallacious authority that Fitz is a sure-fire, first-ballot hall of famer if he retires right now. I think it’s totally safe to say right now that only good Randy Moss and Jerry Rice are better WRs all-time than this guy, and that only Calvin Johnson has a probable shot at joining that upper tier among active players.

  7. This guy isn’t a WR, is he? Where’s the LOOK AT ME stuff most WRs have? He has class, in this time where a lot are classless.

    I’d say the only time players should talk about them getting into the Hall of Fame is if they actually have a vote, which is never.

    IMO, if he quits right now he’s a borderline HoFer because of ‘only’ 8 seasons of work but one or two more years of his solid production will make him a solid candidate, nay, a lock.

  8. Classy, classy player on and off the field. Need more players like him and Megatron to show the young receivers how to play the game AND how to present themselves off the field.

  9. for sure fitz is a hall of famer,hes a class act that all players in nfl should look up to,i would just wish he would drop at least one ball a game against the seahawks,but he never does,great hands great player

  10. Give this guy a Very Good QB and a solid #2 WR..That will make him happy..He wants to win a championship while he’s in his prime. Questions about HOF are kind of annoying at this point…Cardinals Orga are wasting this mans talents..time is passing by..I understand why he doesn’t want to talk

  11. I always like the guy as much for his modesty as for his ability to put up great numbers with terrible QB’s throwing the ball. Im sure he will wind up in the HOF some day.

  12. He’s Chris Carter. He will put up a ton of numbers, but will never win anything. It’s not all numbers with WRs, it’s whether they make a difference. It’s easy to have a ton of catches when your team sucks and you play against prevent half the game.

  13. He’ll get in or the Hall of fame is bull. He’s still got 5 good years to go at least and AZ may find a QB in that time to help him out.

  14. No doubt he’ll get in! Carter and Brown were excellent receivers but neither were the best during their careers. Everyone recognises that Fitzgerald is an amazing receiver who would be even better with some consistency at QB. It’s the Hall of Fame not the Hall of Very Good and Fitz definitely deserves to be talked about as one of the best ever.

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