Mario Manningham predicts 49ers receivers will put wins before stats


According to coach Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers have five No. 1 receivers on the roster this season.

While many diabolical doubters would suggest that Harbaugh is a bit hyperbolic in his assessment of a group that includes Ted Ginn and Kyle Williams, the comment does raise the question of how well all of these No. 1 guys will respond to sharing the ball in this offense. Not only are Ginn, Williams, Mario Manningham, Randy Moss, Michael Crabtree and the lone non-No. 1 A.J. Jenkins going to have to fight for catches amongst themselves (and tight end Vernon Davis), they also have to contend with the team’s commitment to running the ball.

Manningham doesn’t think that will turn out to be a problem. Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Manningham foresees no one on the 49ers having a problem with reduced opportunities if the team is winning games.

“As long as we’re winning, nobody will have anything to say,” Manningham said. “Yeah, we’ve got a bunch of good receivers and there’s only one ball. But if we’re out there winning — if we’ve got to run the ball the whole game to win — that’s perfectly fine with me. I mean, I’m all about the team. So that’s perfectly fine.”

Manningham, who has performance incentives in his 49ers contract, can point to his own experience to illustrate the benefits winning can have on players who don’t put up huge numbers. His production dropped sharply during the regular season, but the Giants went on a long playoff run that featured a key catch by Manningham in the Super Bowl. That led to a two-year deal in San Francisco to become part of Harbaugh’s quintet of top receivers.

We’ll find out if all of Manningham’s teammates are so magnanimous. Moss’ effort level can be less than impressive when a play isn’t going in his direction and he’s also got incentives in his contract tied to his numbers this season.

18 responses to “Mario Manningham predicts 49ers receivers will put wins before stats

  1. People only remember his amazing SB catch, but Manningham also had a touchdown in each of the 3 playoff games leading up to the SB.

  2. 1. Randy “I put getting the ball on every play over anything else” Moss

    2. Michael “I put injuries over EVERY training camp” Crabtree

    3. A.J “I put my ego over working out with the greatest WR of all time” Jenkins

    Yes, I smell total success

  3. Even with all these guys, no one would pick Alex Smith to be a pro bowl QB this year. That’s saying something.

  4. “geeeeemen says: Aug 5, 2012 12:14 PM

    People only remember his amazing SB catch, but Manningham also had a touchdown in each of the 3 playoff games leading up to the SB”

    Just as people forget he dropped 2 in the Super Bowl, dropped a game tying TD against San Fran during the regular season and has never been considered a good route runner. Heck the Giants fullback probably had more catches during the playoffs than Manningham. Congrats San Fran, you got the Giants 3rd receiver who has already been replaced.


    Your jealousy & fear only solidifies the fact we are back and are serious contenders to get lombardi trophy #6!!

  6. First off, and i’m not a hater, i’ve watched the 49ers a long time, and they have made “D” question, who’s going to throw the “dam ball” that’s how you lost last season, and you still have the same bum, for a QB. When you don’t make it this season, mybe you’ll see what most see, Alex Smith is a awful QB, and when the 49ers front office gets out of denial, they my win a Super Bowl. Look at Denver and what Elway did, he did’nt ride that T -Bow crape, he went and got him a QB, it not going to beat the Chiefs, but you’ve got to put them up there in the race. Sorry 49ers, your going no where, with Smith as your QB.

  7. You guys are the world’s biggest dead horse beaters. You latch onto a phrase or word that a player or coach says and you use it way beyond the point of it being clever or humorous.
    The explanation thing from Brees and Tiki being flabbergasted (he never even said that) are probably the two best examples but there are so many that we could sit here all day and name them off.
    I can’t stand Jim Harbaugh and I’m certainly not defending him but come on…..

  8. I must say the 49ers are my 2nd favorite team. The niners picked up my favorite Smashmouth back, 2 of my favorite Wideouts, And pretty much maintained that Stout D. If the Giants dnt get to the Bowl I definitely hope it is these guys holding the trophy.

  9. If Alex Smith can’t make something out of this WR corps, he’s hopeless. Put Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Rivers, Eli or Peyton with this team and you have 30+ TD’s, 4500+ yards.

  10. San Fran got themselves a hell of a WR in Manningham. People forget how he balled out when Steve Smith went down and Cheddar Bob blasted himself. He just got caught up in a numbers game in NY. Dude is a monster. Good pickup San Fran.

  11. The 49ers offense Will be versatile this year with different guys getting done on different weeks. Players Will have to be happy with quiet games here & there. Alex Smith is the X-factor.

  12. lightning in a bottle last year for the 9ers, reality will soon set in. A. Smith is who we thought he is, Gore wont get help from the declining Jacobs and the coach is a bit of a doucher… that equals 8-8

  13. My favorite part of reading people’s comments is the fact that nobody posting has the skill to play in the NFL, yet they bash Alex Smith for being terrible. Well go try out then and do better. I don’t care who you are, single digit INTs is impressive. Imagine what will happen when he’s got the same coaches and system more than 1 year in a row. Now he’s got some weapons and arguably the league’s best defense, not to mention a weak division. See you in the Bowl.

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