Miles Austin has hamstring injury, again


Where have you gone, Laurent Robinson?

Cowboys receiver Miles Austin, who suffered a hamstring injury during the 2011 preseason that plagued him all year long, has another hamstring injury, according to

Executive V.P. Stephen Jones says he isn’t worried about the situation, even though Austin missed six games last year with hamstring issues.

Overall, Jones should be worried.  A full 19 players are injured, in some degree or another.

“I wouldn’t say they’re dropping like flies,” Jones said, via the team’s website.  “We’ve got some work to do and we’re probably going to have to look at bringing some guys in.  The good news is there’s not anything catastrophic or that we’re concerned about for the long haul, but shoot, this is training camp.  We go through this every year.”

Jones explained that injuries are part of the preseason, and one of the reasons when the rosters grew by 10 spots this year.

“[W]e addressed it on the Competition Committee, and I think you need it, we’ve got to have 90 players,” Jones said.  “So, that’s a good thing.  We used to work from 80.  We’ve got 10 freebies, and it’s still not enough.”

Still, it’s not as if great players can be replaced by anyone.  During a visit from owner Jerry Jones on Wednesday’s Dan Patrick Show (which created enough buzz to land on Tom Brokaw’s radar screen in London), Jones shrugged at the departure of Laurent Robinson, explaining that one of the team’s young receivers would step up and do what Robinson did last season.

But Robinson did more than take advantage of the openings underneath the coverage applied to Austin and Bryant.  Robinson started those games Austin missed.  While the running back position possibly has evolved (or perhaps devolved) to the point where any guy hanging around the practice field can be plugged in, it’s likely not that easy for receivers.

And so, even though Jerry Jones danced around the question of whether there’s any set of circumstances in which the team would bring back Terrell Owens, Jones may have to consider whether bringing in a veteran at some point makes more sense than hoping the light goes on for one of the various newbies.

25 responses to “Miles Austin has hamstring injury, again

  1. Jones says: “We’re not concerned, we go through this every year.”


    Just like missing the playoffs.

  2. No. He cannot bring back Terrell Owens. Jason Garrett is the HC and has no experience in dealing with a personality like Owens.

    TO is like that guy that you play basketball against in the playground that doesn’t stop talking. It is a part of his game. But the thing about TO is that he is honest and you have to be honest with him. He wants to win. Never mails it in.

    When his talking is detrimental to what you are trying to do at the moment, just tell him to shut the fup up!

    But the Cowboys HC, Romo, Witten and a few others acted like little girls around Owens forming their little clicks, giving him the silent treatment and avoiding him.

    Parcells not calling him by his name psychology experiment was nonsense.

    Look at Dez Bryant. Very talented, no doubt but can you guys REALLY picture Coach Garrett reaming Bryant a new a-hole to get him in line?


  3. nflrule says:
    Aug 5, 2012 8:09 AM
    Smiles Austin has not been the same player since Jerrah gave him a big fat new contract.
    …or after dating a Kardashian.

  4. Yep – gotta bring in more guys – just as Jerrah shoulda brought in more seats for the Super Bowl he hosted.

  5. I’m sure Pittsburgh would trade the cowboys Wallace for 2 number 1 picks. They didn’t pay as much for Roy Williams but he sucked.

  6. nokoolaidcowboy:

    As we all know, football is the ultimate team sport.
    Unfortunately for T.O., he mailed it in every time he was expected to act like he was part of a team.
    And no, crocodile tears for Tony Romo don’t count.
    NFL teams have conclusively demonstrated time & again over the last few years that the league is a business…if nobody is willing to put up with T.O.’s garbage behavior, he clearly must not be worth it.

  7. Oh boy if this were last year the lockout would surely be blamed by all the psychics. The Redskins, Eagles and Cowboys have been hit hard this summer on their O-lines.

  8. “And so, even though Jerry Jones danced around the question of whether there’s any set of circumstances in which the team would bring back Terrell Owens.”

    Getcha’ popcorn ready!!!!

  9. No problemo Jerry. There will be at least one very good receiver cut from the Packers just to name a few teams and you know that Jerry baby.
    Get rid of the prima donna’s and start drafting tough guys again.

  10. Muscle pulls happen when guys over train and don’t stretch enough. When muscles start tearing it’s because the rest of the system can’t keep up. Austin has to change his approach and his form when running patterns.

    I watched “The World’s Strongest Man” competitions a few years ago. This huge steroid fueled monster – 6’7″ 300+ pounds was in the arm wrestling competition. His forearms were the size of my waist. Anyway, the other guy was stronger and broke his arm. But he didn’t break it by slamming it to the table. It broke at the mid point of his forearm when the guys were still at the top of the hold, his elbow never moved – the guys muscles were stronger than his bones!

  11. Oh, just give T.O. a call already. Maybe he’ll work for peanuts… or would it be popcorn?

  12. Miles never got healthy from the 1st hammy injury……be smart and give him rest. He’ll be fine. No football IQ Cowboy haters drop dead…..prob saying same thing about A Johnson….right? Didn’t think so.

  13. It’s called stretching. You should grab one of those guys in the team polo known as a “trainer” and have him help you stretch BEFORE you practice! Mix in a banana for cramps while your at it!

  14. Say what you want about T.O. the Fact is he didnt hurt Tony Romo’s numbers on that turf. The Cowboys need T.O. an T.O. need the Cowboys… Jerry call T.O. or face a 7/9 season

  15. Miles Austin has flamed out. That hamstring has been a problem for years. Hate to say it but we need a new number 1.

    For those who think we should have signed Robinson, please explain how Dallas could match the ludicrous amount Jacksonville paid him, in a zero gain cap year with a 10 million penalty from the league?

    Robinson will see his numbers dwindle with big bust blaine gabbert throwing the ball and no mjd.

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