Reid plans to coach Eagles preseason opener


As the entire Eagles family grieves the sudden death of Garrett Reid, the 29-year-old son of coach Andy Reid, the team is practicing on Sunday afternoon, at Andy Reid’s request.

Reuben Frank of has more details regarding the aftermath of the tragic events, which the team will feel directly and powerfully because Garrett Reid died in his training-camp dorm room.  He had been assisting strength and conditioning coach Barry Rubin.

Frank separately reports via Twitter than owner Jeffrey Lurie said Reid plans to return to the team by Thursday, when the Eagles host the Steelers in the preseason opener.

Garrett Reid often was present on the sidelines at training camp.  Per Frank, Garrett Reid also had helped out recently with the Temple football team, where brother Britt Reid is a graduate assistant coach and brother Spencer is a redshirt freshman running back.

The strong connection between Reid’s family and the Eagles family has added even more emotion to Sunday’s events.  Frank writes that, after G.M. Howie Roseman told the media that Garrett Reid had died, Roseman “broke down sobbing.”

“My deepest sympathy for one of the greatest men on earth,” Eagles head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder said via Twitter.  “My heart bleeds for you, Andy Reid.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell also expressed his condolences.  “We are deeply saddened by the news about Garrett Reid,” Goodell said in a statement released on Twitter.  “Our thoughts and prayers are with Andy, Tammy and their family.  We will support them and the Eagles in any way we can through this difficult time.”

These will be difficult days for the Eagles and for the Reid family.  Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with everyone affected by the passing of Garrett Reid.

42 responses to “Reid plans to coach Eagles preseason opener

  1. Why? Get your family in order. It’s only preseason. That’s why you have a coaching staff.

  2. This is one of those transcendent occasions when you step back and realize that life is fragile, temporary and precious. We put all of our petty differences aside to remember that these people, who we often praise or criticize are real human beings. Prayers for Andy Reid, his family and Eagles fans. May his family find peace, comfort and strength in these unimaginably trying times. Garrett is finally at peace.

  3. Burying your kid has got be one the worst things that can happen to anyone. Hang in there Andy, let’s hope his tormented soul is in a better place. RIP

  4. All indications are that Andy Reid is a wonderful human being. I’ve never heard a cross word uttered about him from a former player.

    But (there’s always a but), it appears his kid’s may have needed him in their daily lives more than most coaches. What a shame, my heart goes out to him and his family.

  5. Why the hell is he gonna coach a meaningless preseason game instead of being with his grieving wife? I know what I’m about to say is insensitive but its this kind of prioritizing that I’m sure played into his son’s previous troubles and probably his death too. Andy needs has enough money to walk away from coaching and to spend more time with his family, but just like his coaching methods, his stubbornness to do what he wants to do is why he is not a great coach or seems to me, a great father

  6. very sad news indeed. Andy Reid has always come across as a great guy so my heart goes out to him and his family as well as the entire Eagles organization. It’s unfortunate that his son die so young especially after turning his life around by all indications.

  7. The Green Bay connection here is scary. Coach Dungy lost his son to suicide, Coach Philbin lost his son, and Not Coach Reid… Horribly sad

  8. It’s very important for people that lose a loved one to keep going. The world does not stop and many professionals tell you to keep doing your thing as best you can. It’s 100% up to Reid if/when he wants to coach.

  9. Making a comment about how he parents? How he grieves? You know nothing about his priorities. All anyone has ever said is how he has made a point to prioritize them as much as possible. How would you greive? Maybe this was a family decision. Insensitive and asinine

  10. Probably coaching so he doesnt have to sit in a room thinking about things. Needs a few hours away, it’s his way to grieve …. Who are we to say what is right or wrong for him and his family. Prayers are with them.

  11. Uhh Andy, it’s a meaningless pre-season game. Spend some time with your family. There are more important things than football.

  12. What an awful thing to happen to anyone. Losing a child at any age is hard to imagine. I doubt anyone would blame him for taking a break to spend some time with his family and to gather his thoughts. He may be sticking to football in his son’s remembrance. God Bless, Coach Reid and family.

  13. The owner said that Andy feels bad for missing today’s practice and probably tomorrows too? That is a stupid statement the last thing he should be feeling bad about is football should be the furthest thing from his mind right with ur family and with that said prayers going to the Reid’s!

  14. Seriously people? Who in the heck are you to tell him what he should do? The guy just lost his son, let him decide how to grieve on his own.

  15. I can understand how some people would be puzzled by his decision to coach a “meaningless” pre-season game, but I say what’s best for him is what he decides for himself. His mind is probably in a million different places right now, and perhaps he feels that throwing himself into football will soothe his mind. Whatever Coach Reid decides, I support him and his family.

  16. It is is amazing that people who know nothing and mean nothing are telling Coach Reid what he needs to do. I guess there are are lot of judge and jury types posting today.My advice, worry about your own lives.

  17. Andy must be the only one in that family grieving, and he’s probably dealing with his grief the way that’s right for him without worrying about everyone else.

    If anyone else in that family does want or need any support it must, in his mind, pale in comparison to the importance evaluating pre-season game #1 firsthand.

    Meanwhile, we are only left to wonder where things could have gone wrong for Garrett and Britt.

  18. Sometimes decisions happen when you least want to do them and leaves families sad and hurting when there isnt a chance to take it back and find the good things about it and then there isnt but then judges comeout and say things griving about the way he is sad and it shouldnot be that way because god love everyone so get away from him!!

  19. The preseason games may be meaningless to you as a fan, but for a coach they are very meaningful tools to evaluate their players in an actual game setting. The loss of his son doesn’t eliminate the fact that he has a job to do as head coach of the Eagles.

  20. I don’t blame him. You can only take so much time off. Sometimes it is better to get back to work and try and take your mind of things for a while. Lets not pretend we know what is best for the Reid Family people. Staying home and mourning for your son can’t and shouldn’t go on forever. It isn’t good to spend months doing that. I don’t blame Andy for wanting to stay busy and focus on his job.

  21. A friend who lost his wife to illness a few months ago said she’d made him promise not to let her fate destroy his life, in my friend’s words.

    Along those lines, maybe, just maybe, coaching an upcoming game is the way Reid’s family feels it can best deal with tragedy.

    That’s why we should probably give him the benefit of the doubt.

  22. What about being a husband and father to the family you have left! They need you more right now than your job does.

    Quit being selfish and be there for your family when they need you the most right now!!

  23. Yeah, of course he’s gonna coach the worthless preseason game. How do you think his kids got to be this way in the first place?

  24. Let me explain it another way for those who look look to judge others. The Eagles organization who Andy Reid has coached for 14 years are family. His wife Tammy and four surviving children are Eagles family. When tragedy occurs you don’t run away from family you count on family for support. The Eagles support Andy Reid in whatever he feels is right for him and his family.

  25. Seriously? He’s gonna coach a preseason game? I think that in itself sheds a little light on the family dynamics in the Reid household. God bless them but get your priorities straight man. Smfh

  26. I see nothing wrong with what he plans to do. People deal with greif in different ways, and sometimes, getting right back on the horse is the best thing for some. Prayers to the Reid family

  27. Everyone grieves in their own way. If one of my kids died I don’t know what I’d do. We lost our son-in-law and it’s been very, very hard.

  28. my lack of respect for andy reid has nothing to do with football. It has everything to do with the first incident with his kids when he had the opportunity to take sabatical and return the following year and he choose football over family. I’m sure he is a decent guy and he’s a hell of a coach, but he may want to rethink this. For the sake of his kids and wife. rethink this. his son brit who has gone through the same issues needs someone to look out for him and keep him stable. be there this time and don’t make the same mistake twice. your family needs a dad right now not a football coach.

  29. For anyone who thinks they know better than Andy Reid, shut up. I’m guessing that NONE of you know exactly what he is going through.

    Andy has to take care of himself, and deal with this tragedy on his own terms. Him sitting around offering condolences to his wife is not going to do anything for her. She needs to come to terms with it in her own time as well.

    If coaching is what help Andy get through each day, so be it. He is going through the Hell that I’m guessing none of you have gone through.

  30. Good lord, people. Everyone grieves differently. If you are reacting to this like he’s doing something wrong by coaching the team, you need to stop and realize you are not related to this situation, know nothing about this situation and do not have the first CLUE about who the Reids are and what is best for them. Repeat: You have no idea, so don’t sit back and judge his actions based on what works for you.

  31. I am actually dumber for reading some of your comments! Actually , I demand the last 5 minutes back from a handful of you! None of us know a thing about what goes on in the Reid family! We have NO clue to the exact family dynamics. Should he ot shouldn’t he coach is not even relevant!
    At this point, the only comment that should be made is , God Bless the Reid family, as a Viking fan, I am first a fan of Football in general. So, tragic loss to the Reid family, resonates through the entire league! Everyone should pray for the family, and keep your opinions about greiving to yourself! With that , I pray!

  32. For those who think all of us who think Reid should not coach are wrong. Ask yourself this do you know the Reid family. Maybe what they need right now is for him to be there. I agree that there is no play book on how to handle this, but to think coaching less than days after you buried your son is healthy, I whole heartedly disagree. Of course you are entitled to your own opinion, but it just seems way too soon.

  33. For those who don’t know, Andy’s other two sons are preparing for their own camp. Brit has come a long way since his troubles and is now a graduate assistant at Temple. Spencer is a redshirt freshman running back also at Temple. This family is a football family, and I wish nothing but the best for them, especially in this tough time. That being said, I think that dedicating yourself in your work does go a long way to helping maintain your sanity. It is obvious that this decision has to be a private family matter, but I think we as football fans should support the family with whichever method of coping they decide.

  34. It is good that they will be together at temple. The family will need to be there for each other. This has nothing to do with football though. This is real life stuff and overcoming a sickness. I just hope however they choose to deal with it they come out whole on the other end. They need no more pain. I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

  35. God Bless Andy Reid, his wife and family. May God give you the strength to get through this situation.

  36. God bless you Reid family. I have never lost a child it must be horrible. I have however lost a younger brother at age 47 to diabetes. When I got the phone call from one of my other brothers I went numb. I don’t remember what I said for the next 5 minutes. Situations like this you wish would never happen but such is life.

    I like Andy went right back to work the next morning before I had to fly home to bury my brother. I did this because I knew just sitting and waiting for the time to get on the plane would drive me crazy.

    Just like some of you there were people that couldn’t understand why I was at work. It was to be around people I know cared about me. Those who understand you are in complete shock to what has just happened in your life.

    So please don’t write about things you don’t know about. If you haven’t gone through a situation like this. Be a real humane being and just send your prayers.

    My prayers and thoughts are with Andy and the Reid family

  37. Just in utter disbelief at some of the knowingly and unknowingly ugly comments I’m reading here. Do not judge others because they chose to deal with grief differently than you think they should based on zero information about theirp family situation. It more than likely is a family decision to go forward in honor of their son, their brother even if it is a “meaningless” game to you and I. Maybe to them, this game has become anything but meaningless. God bless the Reid family. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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