Report: T.O. on way to Seattle for visit

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Braylon Edwards may not want to get too comfortable in his role as the Seahawks’ official washed-up wideout.

Yeah, Antonio Bryant is gone.  But the guy who replaced him in Cincinnati could be replacing Bryant once again.

Dave “Softy” Mahler of KJR radio in Seattle reports that Terrell Owens is on his way to Seattle.

For now, it’s just a visit.  It’s unknown whether Owens is getting a tryout or signing a contract.

Still, it’s the first interest anyone has shown in Owens since the end of the 2010 season, when he finished a one-year deal with the Bengals.

Owens also has played for the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, and Bills.  If he joins the Seahawks, he’ll return to the NFC West for the first time since leaving the 49ers after the 2003 season.

Given that the Seahawks run the West Coast offense under coordinator Darrell Bevell, it’s actually a good fit, from an X-and-O standpoint.  Owens knows the offense; the question is whether he can still run.

If he can, the men tied for second on the all-time touchdown reception list will be back in the same division again.  Randy Moss, now with the 49ers and not wearing Owen’s No. 81, and T.O. were both in the AFC East three years ago, when Moss was a member of the Patriots and Owens played for the Bills.

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  1. Good. You look at his most recent year in the league, statistically, he was one of the best receivers in the game.

    Mental issues or not, he can still play. And play better than most. If guys like Vick, Stallworth and Lewis can still get jobs, T.O. damn as well should too.

  2. Say whatever you want about T.O. but Im rooting for him all the way. I think he still has a little left in the tank. Seattle doesnt have any receivers better than him anyhow. GO T.O.!

  3. got the media on tebows sack… t.o will be be all over the news…..we just need farve to consider coming back to football and we got the trifecta

  4. This would be the 3rd ex 49ers WR brought in by the hawks this year. Hey Pete what’s your deal? lol

  5. I really hope that Owens can still play and gets a chance. I am rooting for him. As crazy as it seems, I don’t think that Owens is really a bad guy. Maybe a bad teammate in the past but not really a bad guy. I love comeback stories. Hope his workout goes great. Glad someone is giving him a shot.

  6. Seattle has 4 receivers better than him but if he can still play he might be a nice addition as a big body, which is obviously what they are looking for.

  7. Am I the only one who regularly roots for Pete Carroll to fail?

    And things like this are part of the reason.

  8. No matter how many times I read it, “second all-time for touchdown receptions” just doesn’t sink in. This can only mean that these years of antics have distracted me as a football fan. Sometimes the numbers don’t lie.

  9. For the fun of it, write your caption for the above picture in your comment. I’ll start..

    T.O. to his agent; “Seattle?!? I said I wanted to play this season, but I don’t want to play THAT bad!”

  10. I always liked TO, and I was always sort of an apologist for him. You never read about him on drugs or at a nightclub at 4 in the morning, and he always showed up to play on Sunday. Still, he threw Garcia under the bus, and then he threw McNabb under the bus, and that sort of makes you wonder. I wish him well, but I don’t know that I’d want him on my team.

  11. It doesn’t hurt to kick the tires really. Carroll has shown that if you’re not all in, you’re out. Also, can anyone name any of the receivers on Seattle’s roster that is head and shoulders better than T.O?

    We’ll see what happens with this but this could turn out to be a solid move if T.O plays at a high level and realizes this is likely his last chance to play.

  12. realnflmaster:

    “Good. You look at his most recent year in the league, statistically, he was one of the best receivers in the game.

    Mental issues or not, he can still play. And play better than most. If guys like Vick, Stallworth and Lewis can still get jobs, T.O. damn as well should too”


    I don’t know what that last part means. Vick? He’s not close to the end of his career. Stallworth? He was never great or close to it. Lewis? Dude had played for one team and is a future Hall of Famer. Are you referring to criminal charges? That doesn’t make sense either, because T.O. doesn’t have that issue. He just blows teams up.

  13. As a Seahawk fan, this move, along with Bryant and Braylon of the last week, should tell you what the front office thinks of Sidney Rice staying healthy, Golden Tate’s “progress,” and the talent level at the WR position overall.

    The good news is that if the Hawks want to sign him, T.O. has already had in-game autograph practice in Seattle…

  14. Go agent Jordan Woy!!!! This is why Drew Rosenhaus stinks!!!

    And Ed Werder said that Woy had the worst job in all of sports!!! Werder’s so stupid he never heard of Penn State apparently!!!

    Well, I hope T.O. makes the team!!! I hope he can score touchdowns against San Francisco when their fans boo him at Candlestick!!!!

    Show everyone that you still have it!!!!!!!!

    T.O. vs. Moss could have a new chapter in the rivalry between the two best receivers of the 2000’s!!!!

    Also, this is “Owens after Bryant: The Sequel”!!! Cincy dumped Bryant to make room for Owens and now Seattle could be next!!!

    Go T.O.!!! My heart is with you all the way!!!

  15. As a hawks fan, ive been rooting for him to get a team for awhile cause i knew he could still play. For some reason though i knew we would be the team to finally have him come because how open minded we are.

  16. As a niners fan…I don’t see this as a bad pickup. You can sign him for nothing. Just like the niners did with moss…only…moss is better. Imho. Go niners!

  17. Finally!!! I give Kudos for Pete Carroll for this move! I am shocked that my Vikings didn’t bring him in! @ this point, I think he just wants to blend in and BALL! The game is NOT the same without him!
    Hope he blows it up! I love when the “experts” eat crow & have humble pie for dessert!
    Good luck TO

  18. Jerry Jones was a fool he had T.O. on the phone an let him hang up without telling him to come to practice. Seattle wont let him leave without a contract

  19. Hey fumblenuts, what TO will do with Matt Flynn is what he did to Jeff Garcia. And Pete Carrol with let Owens throw flynn under the bus like he did to Garcia, Romo, McNabb and Palmer. Have we forgotten, TOs issues arent performance; it’s that he’s s locker room cancer.

  20. I tell you what you can question his mouth but not his work ethic. you cannot tell me that there are 50 wide receivers in the nfl better than t o. good luck I hope he makes it in spite of the haters

  21. acerokefeller says:

    After watching him in cincy, the guy can still ball.


    Must explain why they told him to get lost after his one season playing there.

  22. T.O. Is a hard working reciever loved him for the Niners and since Jerry was my favorite reciever even with the eagles and cowboys. (Our rivals) the man is just a baller! Good luck T.O.!!! But at the same time I’m rooting for him but Pete Carrol makes bad decisions is right. Niners will win NFC again and again for a while! Haha

  23. Pete Carroll sure knows what he’s doing.

    Three QB’s, none of whom anyone has confidence in, workhorse RB who’d rather eat skittles and break the law, and a gang of injury prone WR’s and O linemen, good times to be had in Seattle.

  24. Honestly speaking, I am glad he is getting to visit Seattle but I would rather he sign with the Texans so he can play opposite Andre Johnson. Hopefully, going to Seattle creates a buzz for Terrell Owens services league wide because I got tired of hearing about Tebow five days ago.

  25. Cant u just throw urself under ur own bus and go the f$$k away TO..nodoby cares anymore bout u…

  26. I can see T.O. the first time he goes across the middle against the 49ers. He’s gonna get CRUSHED and then he’ll be a non factor against us.

    Please sign him Seattle. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a LONG time.

  27. Does he have baggage? Yes. Is he old? Yes. Can he still ball? Better than most. Don’t know why it’s taken so long.

  28. I don’t think it really makes a difference, since Seattle has been pretty much irrelevant for the past 5 years or so. Nothing to see here folks.

  29. The bigger point that isn’t being addressed is just how bad the Seattle WR corp must be that they are dredging through all of these has-beens.

  30. Call me crazy, but I think the NFL is a better place with TO in it. One more round, Terrell.

  31. Go Go T.O. ! If anyone recalls…T.O. Has some amazing stats in his career, and even though all say he threw McNabb and Garcia under the bus, look at McNabb & Garcia’s statistics in the years they played with T.O were some of the best of their careers and remember all-time receiving leader Jerry Rice’s last stop in his NFL career was playing for the Seahawks, so T.O may be taking a similar path to Seattle after 49ers and other teams. T.O on the Seattle Seahawks would give the team some much needed national publicity as there isn’t much right now. Go go T.O. ! He will play well, so he can pay his babies And their Momma’s ….believe it! It will be a great story to have all the Diva receivers back in the NFL…. Chad Johnson invite the Dolphins, Randy Moss with 49ers, and Terrell Owens I predict will be signed by The Seattle Seahawks soon after scoring ten touchdowns in Arena football a year after his ACL injury… It will make for an interesting storyline anyway …. Won’t it? !

  32. I’m not a T.O. hater by any means. In fact, I think the man’s heart has always been in the right place. I even hope for the best for him. That being said, he’s been a cancer in every locker room since San Francisco. Why would anyone think it would be any different this time around?

  33. Owens has big money on his mind and will likely balk at any incentive laden offers hes going to want star money something he just cannot get anymore he will leave without a contract he thinks hes still the TO of the cowboys eagles or 49ers days hes not.

  34. “He’s been misused by so may teams but with us he’ll be the best WR that’s ever played the game, or ever WILL play the game.”

    An excited Pete Carroll said.

  35. on paper a Braylon and TO tandem is pretty strong, but this game isn’t played on paper. I do think that Owens has something left in the tank though. Good luck Mr Owens.

  36. Listen, Dude can still ball. IF he signs with Seattle, you know damn well everyone on here will start watching the Seattle games just waiting for something to happen. Any press is good press and if he makes the team you will see them get moved into some primetime games.

  37. 74 comments (and counting) on a Seahawks piece is pretty rare. Just goes to show where T.O. goes, people’s attention goes. This could be great for our inferiority complex if he can land the gig.

  38. “the question is whether he can still run.”

    I don’t know why some continue to Q his athletic ability. That’s never been in question and even at his age now, he’s in better shape than most younger guys. He’s main problem has been his attitude and playing w/in a team concept. If he had gotten that straight early in his career, he or moss would’ve broken most of rice’s records or been on pace to do so.

  39. I don’t know why, but I still like T.O. Ever since he came back early from a broken leg to play (like a beast) in the playoffs for Philly, i have not been able to hate on him. He is a loud mouth, but he plays hard and wants to win. If he gets another chance, he needs to shut his popcorn hole and ball.

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