Sam Bradford’s ankle still isn’t 100 percent


The high ankle sprain that ruined Rams quarterback Sam Bradford’s 2011 season hasn’t totally gone away.

Bradford isn’t showing any outward signs of the injury during practice, but he told reporters that he’s still bothered by it. Bradford said it was frustrating that the ankle wasn’t yet 100 percent, but that he’s managing as well as he can right now.

“It’s close,” Bradford said, via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I think it’s as good as it’s going to feel. It’s something that we’re managing right now. I’ve been able to take every snap so far without any setbacks and I think that’s a positive sign.”

The Rams clearly need Bradford to be better than he was in his second season to get the team on track for success in the years to come. An injury, especially a lingering one that throws Bradford off for an entire season, would be the easiest way for that dream to go up in smoke.

So it would seem to be good news that Thomas writes that Bradford is moving “as good as ever” on the field at practice. Or it would if Bradford wasn’t saying that his ankle is still not quite right. Bradford certainly isn’t the first quarterback to make such an unprompted declaration about his health, although that doesn’t make it any easier to understand why he chose to be so forthcoming.

8 responses to “Sam Bradford’s ankle still isn’t 100 percent

  1. How can anyone not be concerned for him???

    The guy deserves credit for being tough and hanging in the pocket, but his coaches are doing give me a disservice (whether it was Spagnuolo or Fisher) by not preventing more hits or lessening his arsenal.

  2. The one of the first left hand turns on the road map to Bustville is sprained ankle that bleeds into the following season.

  3. It was a “high ankle sprain” that “ruined Sam Bradford’s 2011 season”? Huh, could have sworn it was poor coaching, a JV quality offensive line, and a complete lack of talented and/or reliable receivers to throw to.

  4. Bradford is another Quarterback that was supposed to be NFL ready from day 1, he wasn’t. I think still to this day he has confidence issues, along with the fact that he can’t shake the injury bug. I know the Rams dumped major money into this kid, but don’t expect him to be given any more free passes when it comes to his grooming anymore. If Bradford doesn’t start to prove himself by the end of this season, then expect the Rams to start looking at the very deep QB class coming into the draft next year. I know he has shown flashes of great play, but he is yet to be consistent.

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