Seahawks release Antonio Bryant


It’s not an Olympic event.  But if it were, Antonio Bryant would have gotten the silver medal in the Battle of the Washed-Up Receivers.


The Seahawks have released Bryant, according to Curtis Crabtree of KJR radio.

Bryant signed with the Seahawks on July 26, after a June minicamp tryout in which he wasn’t deemed to be in football shape.

The veteran last played in 2009.  A knee injury wiped out his short time with the Bengals during training camp in 2010, and he was out of football last season.

For now, gold medalist Braylon Edwards survives in the role made famous by Mike Williams under Pete Carroll.

Since Bryant is a vested veteran, he immediately becomes a free agent.  Just like he was for two years before the Seahawks came calling.

20 responses to “Seahawks release Antonio Bryant

  1. Nice that Pete has open mind to see if any of these guys have anything left. If it’s brown flush it down, or send it to Cleveland.

    Next under the microscope is Braylon Edwards…..

  2. If the Seahawks didn’t make the playoffs with that fluke 7-9 record 2yrs ago, Carroll would have BEEN fired. Why even cut Mike Williams in the 1st place?! he was a productive receiver and they got him on the cheap. Some of the moves this guy makes are just baffling, the Charlie Whitehurst deal, overpaying FAs (see Whithurst & Sidney Rice), the reaching for guys in the draft (Bruce Irvin & others), signs Flinn for 30mil, with Tarvaris as a serviceable/very good backup, then drafts Russell Wilson and calls for a open QB competition?!?!? Carroll is done if/when they flop this year.

  3. Nice that Pete has open mind to see if any of these guys have anything left. If it’s brown flush it down, or send it to Cleveland.

    Next under the microscope is Braylon Edwards…..
    Hilarious!!! But what’s really funny is your irrelevant franchise signing these bums that Cleveland had no use for 5 years ago. Good luck with Braylon!! I’m sure he’ll make a nice complimentary receiver opposite …… Oh wait nevermind.

  4. I didn’t expect Bryant to last long and I don’t expect Edwards to last long. They are just bringing guys in to create some competition at the position and see if they have anything left.

    Obviously a lot depends this year on the health of Sidney Rice, but they do have solid receiving options around him, such as Doug Baldwin and few younger players who may shine if they get a chance. Not to mention having two TE’s on the roster who can catch balls if the offensive line comes together. That’s really the key thing that will determine if Seattle can get beyond a 7 or 8 win season.

  5. The guys they already have must be getting better then. Unknown group for sure, but if Rice can somehow stay healthy, then Flynn can work with them and make things happen.

  6. 4 years ago, 1248 yards and 7 tds. Now he just got cut from a team with no receivers worth anything. In the NFL, your luck can change that quick.

  7. I think Pete Carroll is a great college coach…. oh yeah this is NFL here. I wish him well in his future endeavors, because, sadly, it is not happening here. A big job will come open in the college ranks by next year, so he won’t be out of work long………

  8. Ha all I remember is him tossing his practice jersey in bill Parcells face durring trainning camp and wasn’t even cut lol. That’s when I knew the tuna wasn’t as motivated as a coach any longer

  9. Pete Carroll is such a fool. Everything he does is in direct contrast to what all these armchair geniuses and brilliant sports analysts would do. He’s going to get fired for sure. You can’t win football games like that!

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