Tampa Bay games may be blacked out, despite new rule

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take advantage of the new rule that allows teams to televise their home games as long as they sell 85 percent of their tickets. But that may not be enough to get the Bucs on local TV.

Bucs co-chairman Bryan Glazer told the Tampa Bay Times that televised games are “not a slam dunk.”

Ticket sales have been so bad for the Bucs that just two games at Raymond James Stadium have appeared on local TV in the last two seasons. Glazer said the team hopes to improve on that record this year, but he can’t promise that the Bucs will even reach the 85 percent threshold.

“We want to give our fans every opportunity to win as many games as they can this year,” Glazer said. “But I cannot stand here today and predict how many there will be. But we’re hopeful there will be more games on television than last year.”

The Bucs probably won’t have all eight games on local television. But even having half the home games on local TV would represent progress in Tampa.

36 responses to “Tampa Bay games may be blacked out, despite new rule

  1. Pro Football shold be confiscated from the state of Florida brother. All the teams have no hope and PFT deemed all 3 teams are in the bottom 5 of the league brother.

  2. There’s absolutely no reason why the state of FL has 3 NFL teams. And hell no I’m not saying to send one of them to LA cuz has LA has shown time and time again they don’t want to support an NFL team. My idea would be to send one of them to Oklahoma city to supplement the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder. One of those plain states could be a big money maker for the NFL, I mean they draw 100K+ to college football games weekly, why not an NFL team?

  3. I went to the Steelers vs Bucs game a couple years ago in Tampa near the end of September, and it was enjoyable, but very few people want to sit in a stadium for 3-4 hours in the FL sun/humidity and with temperatures between 90-110.

  4. You should feel bad for the organization because the fans are ones who are the clowns. That’s the biggest front running market in the country.

  5. Amazing Glazer is focusing more on how to finagle the system to get games on tv rather than, you know, fielding a good team and assembling a good coaching staff. And no, getting the guy who consistently finished in the middle of the pack in the Big East (!) does not count.

  6. Florida is full of people from other states, mostly northerners. Those same people root for teams other than the jags, Bucs, and dolphins. I agree with a poster above me, one or two of these teams should be moved to a state starving for a team. I wish Las Vegas could get a team but that will never happen.

  7. Well what’s he gonna say? “Yep, we’re selling out every home game and every game will be on TV”? Then people stop buying tickets. You don’t go around killing the demand for your product.

  8. I think at some point the NFL needs to seriously look at moving one of the Florida Teams. I know the popular choice is Jacksonville, but I seriously think Tampa is the call. They would be much better served in Toronto, Portland, San Antonio, or even, as I hate to admit it, Las Vegas. Las Vegas seems like a poor choice, but tacking on a hotel/casino could make the place the traveling football fans dream.

  9. flyerscup2010 says: Aug 5, 2012 6:39 AM

    what a clown organization. i legitimately feel bad for their fans.

    Admittedly, they aren’t a great organization, but why feel bad for the fans? They’re the ones who refuse to show up. I can honestly say that the only professional sports team that does well in the entire state, attendance-wise, is the TB Lightning. People profess to be fans of the sports teams, but it doesn’t motivate them to go buy a ticket. No pro sports team will ever thrive with sad excuses for fan bases, which means there shouldn’t be pro sports in Florida. Period.

  10. I’m not sure what else this franchise can do.
    -They moved out of a full size stadium and into a compact one.
    -They fired Tony Dungy.
    -They sent draft picks to Al Davis and the Raiders so they could hire Jon Gruden.

    They will come up with another great idea. They always do.

  11. Another Superbowel run would solve the solve any attendance problem here in the Tampa Bay area. All three NFL teams in Florida are starting out with new head coaches this season. I think that is a first for the NFL. GO BUCS

  12. As a transplanted Bears fan, I purchased season tickets back in the late 90’s, saw the Bucs close the Sombrero, and open Raymond James – then promptly the Bucs left the division with the expansion.

    The Bucs had a good thing going when they brought in Dungy and the fan base responded and sold the stadium out. However, the Bucs got greedy and started ratcheting up ticket prices that outpaced the economy of the area. My final year as a ticket holder, my tickets were $74/ticket. When the price went to $99/game it was no mas. I was already investing in the Sunday Ticket and maybe catching 1 game/year live with the wife who is a Bucs fan.

    The Bucs fortunes have now plummeted, they aren’t the “Yucs” but they have little promise for the near future. They need to cut prices to get fans back in the stands that will pay the cost to watch a team develop..

    Don’t see that happening…

  13. Bad franchise, but by that same token Tampa fans wont even bother showing up to support a very good baseball team so what can you really expect?

  14. Admittedly, this franchise has made some mistakes recently, but don’t mistake those mistakes with not caring about winning. Raheem is gone, punk-ass Kellen Winslow is gone, and they brought in a new coach that’s teaching our young guys a workman like attitude, they brought in Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin to help out Josh Freeman, not to mention Carl Nicks up front to help make our line as formidable as any team in the league. They also brought in Mark Barron, who could turn out to be another Ed Reed. Our only weak spots potentially are at D-line and CB. This team is going to surprise people, and when they start winning again the people will return to RJS, mark it down.

  15. They have lowered ticket prices, considerably over the past 2 years. They cut prices on parking and concessions, not beer, Kids practically get in free. They have made mistakes but are trying to field the best 53 they could in a long time. I love all the Buc hate, and even the Florida hate, especially from the fans who’s teams have empty trophy cases. Enjoy the freezing temps and snow drifts in a few months while we’re walking on the beach in 75 degrees. Have any of you idiots noticed lately that it’s hotter in the summer where you’re at than it is here. Keep on bashing while we keep enjoying the good life. Did I mention “no state tax”?

  16. All of Florida’s economy is based on Tourism. When the economy of the nation got hit, people stopped taking vacations. Which not hurt just hotels but everyone.

    You got to realize the economy hurt them all and none has the money to go to the games.

    I’m glad the bucs are trying their best to help fans stay connected. Its not their fault the economy took a hit.

    The fan base is strong their money isn’t.

    Travel to Florida this winter, help the fan base out.

  17. what Pro Team in state of Florida supports their team, Dolphins have sucked sense Marino left, Marlins couldn’t draw winning 2 World Series & now have joke of stadium & haven’t drawn, Jax Jags will have blackouts too, they only sell out when #Steelers or another NFL elite team comes to town, Jax = college town, Tampa Lightning NHL don’t draw, Fla Panthers don’t draw, Tampa Rays don’t draw & play n worst stadium n MLB there’s too many teams in every league, CONTRACTION make better quality teams around the leagues

  18. The problem is not too many teams in Florida.

    After all, Florida is has the third largest population in the union.

    The problem is the failure of the Florida teams in fielding competitive teams.

    The Miami Heat has a competitive team and all of next seasons’ games are already sold out.

    The invasive carpetbaggers will be more than happy to embrace competitive teams.

  19. bucfandango says: Aug 5, 2012 9:59 AM

    Enjoy the freezing temps and snow drifts in a few months while we’re walking on the beach in 75 degrees.

    If you were at the game supporting your team, instead of walking on the beach, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

    I’m in Tampa, so I know the story all too well.

  20. I love how all these people like to comment about Bucs fans and why no one goes to the games or why no one goes to rays games when I bet none of you live anywhere close to the bay area. Do you ever think that maybe since ownership has tripled the price of tickets, parking, and concessions over the past few years might have something to do with it? It’s not like they have invested that $$ back into the team. The Rays have done the same. But yet all they tell you is how bad the fans are and don’t support their teams. Never do you hear about how ownership is raising prices year after year after year and not improving their product. The Bucs sell out when they win, look at when ownership actually cared about what they put on the field, before they shifted their focus to Man U. Stop looking at fans, bad ownership is to blame for Tampa Bay sports being where they are. $650 minimum for 4 people to go to a Bucs game and $110 minimum for a father and son to see a Rays game (to a non “premium” game – cant see the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels)????? and that’s if you sit in the cheap seats at each stadium. So before you bash the fans for not supporting their teams, actually know what you are talking about before you speak.

  21. Prices are high and the team has been bad. Main reasons for lack of sales. Hot weather has nothing to do with it. Us floridians are use to the heat n humidity, plus most games are in fall/winter. Not as hot like may-aug…..

    Bucs should of moved to Orlando 12 years ago but thanks to the lesbo mayor back then she rejected a new stadium and/or upgrade to the citrus bowl. Orlando will take the jags too. Finally with the Citrus bowl 200 mil renovation that should be complete within 2 seasons Orlando should be considered.

  22. eastsideballa says:Aug 5, 2012 6:22 AM

    One of those plain states could be a big money maker for the NFL, I mean they draw 100K+ to college football games weekly, why not an NFL team?

    Isn’t that the knock on us Jaguars fans – that we’re a college town? So if Floridians support college football instead of NFL, how would that turn out differently if you put the Bucs in Norman, Oklahoma?

  23. I don’t know what the situation is down there in Tampa, because I don’t live there any longer.

    I do know that I run into Buccaneer Fans in many places I go. I live here in the Nashville area, and when I went to the game last year when they played the Titans, there were hundreds of Bucs Fans there watching the game.

    There are plenty of Bucs Fans in this country, and many of them (like me) are Die Hard. We support the team, win or lose. I have many friends still in Florida, and they tell me how bad the economy is there. I am not there, so I don’t experience it. I do know that if I am struggling to put food on my table, I wouldn’t be going to a game.

    Maybe after this year’s election, things will CHANGE… we can at least HOPE for it.

  24. Sorry Jags fans, but if any team is leaving Florida, it is YOUR organization. Let’s be real here, no Lombardi, haven’t even sniffed the big one, and most of your fans are more interested in nascar and bass fishing. Bucs will have decent sales again, and it always helps to have a team that actually wins games. The owners have finally listened, invested in the offseason, and you will see a huge difference in 2012.

  25. You people ragging on the Jags will have to look elsewhere. Despite years of mediocrity on the field, we haven’t had a blackout in three years, and this year, ticket sales are ahead of last year’s pace. The town is fired up with the new ownership and coaches.

    Take your hate somewhere else.

  26. The fan commitment in Florida is different than in most states due to the area we live. I live in FL and have been to many pro cities and there are many big differences that contribute to our poor attendance. College football is king in FL and many fans dedicate their visits to college games on Sat and watch the NFL at home on Sun. You also factor in all of the outdoor activities that people do here year round (fishing, golf, boating, etc) that spending money on season tickets gets prioritized based on the fan. In the major markets up north thats about all there is to do in the fall/winter, go to games. Nobody is at the beach or golfing and they dont give a crap about college football. The at home viewing experience has become so good that it has hurt attendance in many ways. I think all the teams should stay down here, Im pretty sure outside fans love to travel to away games in FL vs some of the other cities mentioned (other than Vegas) and when the economy picks up more and the Bucs get some momentum we will see consistent sellouts again.

  27. A few facts about attendance in Tampa and the NFL in general:

    1) It is corporate money, not individuals, that sells out most NFL stadiums. This is why the crappy Redskins can mostly fill a 95,000 seat stadium, not because their fans are better than anyone else’s. Tampa does not have the corporate money of many other markets, neither does Jacksonville.

    2) More northern transplants and out of towners attended games in Tampa when they were in the old NFC central. Now they are in a division with 3 other southern teams that do not have large, traveling fan bases themselves.

    3) Perhaps the greatest hypocrisy in fandom is at play here. When a team is mostly bad several years in a row because of bad ownership, people say those fans shouldn’t go so the owner will make less money and perhaps have to start winning. Then when fans in cities like Tampa and Jacksonville do exactly that they are criticized for being front runners and poor fans that should lose their team.

    4) To suggest that Las Vegas or Oklahoma City would support a struggling franchise better than Tampa is the height of ignorance. Vegas has the population of Milwaukee but everyone is a transplant and many of them are unemployed. And OK City? Because they buy tickets to a brand new NBA team that makes the finals they are ready for the NFL? GET REAL…

  28. fantabio78 says: [[ what Pro Team in state of Florida supports their team, Dolphins have sucked sense Marino left, Marlins couldn’t draw winning 2 World Series & now have joke of stadium & haven’t drawn, Jax Jags will have blackouts too, they only sell out when #Steelers or another NFL elite team comes to town, Jax = college town, Tampa Lightning NHL don’t draw, Fla Panthers don’t draw, Tampa Rays don’t draw & play n worst stadium n MLB there’s too many teams in every league, CONTRACTION make better quality teams around the leagues]]

    I think part of Florida’s attendance problems are that morons just assume things which are not true. The Lightning drew more fans last year than all of these teams: NY Rangers, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Boston, San Jose, Edmontonm Nashville, Florida, Carolina, Colorado, New Jersey, Winnipeg, Anaheim, Columbus, Dallas,
    NY Islanders and Phoenix. They have been as high as 2nd in attendance for the year within the last decade. They actually draw pretty well — they have above average attendance. They outdraw orginal six teams! It’s just that people assume they don’t because people are mean-spirited and ignorant.

    Any sports fan who casually throws around terms like contraction proves two things about themselves:

    1) They are dumb. Owners pay hundreds of millions (up to billions) for a franchise. The league (especially the NHL) simply cannot afford to contract a bunch of teams. You might as well ask why the President doesn’t fix the economy by giving everyone a $100,000 a year job. It’s troll logic.

    2) People often suggest contracting teams which do better in attendance than traditional market teams. There is a very good chance that people who talk about contraction are often suggesting a team with better attendance than the team they support be contracted merely because they are just spouting off nonsense without checking facts.

    3) Even “poorly” supported teams have tens of thousands of fans. Why would anyone want to see those people lose their team? How is the team hurting you? Who cares? Just enjoy your team and be done with it — why get so angry? So you got born into (or chose) a team with great attendance. Congratulations … now shut up.

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