Terrelle Pryor perseveres through personal tragedy


A year ago, Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor was one of the biggest names in NFL circles.  The lockout had ended, and the NFL had yet to schedule the supplemental draft.  Eventually, the NFL applied a five-game non-suspension suspension to Pryor, who was taken in round three by the Raiders.

Today, Pryor has fallen largely out of sight.  As he works to develop as a player and create/await opportunities to get on the field, Pryor is recovering from the loss of two of the people who are closest to him.

In the span of a week in July, Pryor’s 44-year-old father, Craig, and Pryor’s 68-year-old mentor, Ted Sarniak III, died.

“The toughest thing is I can’t talk to Teddy or my dad, and they’re the only people I leaned on,” Pryor said, per the San Francisco Chronicle.  “I’m by myself now.  I try to work around it and not think about it constantly.”

It’s a little harder for him to keep himself busy, given that he’s not getting much work in training camp.  Pryor, who may have complained about that before his recent experiences, apparently has gained perspective and maturity through his grief.

“Right now I am taking less reps, but that’s OK,” Pryor said.  “I am just grinding and having fun.  Smiling and getting better.  One day I am going to be where I want to be.”

We hope Pryor gets a fair shake, somewhere.  If the new regime in Oakland wouldn’t have drafted him, then they should trade him or cut him.  The scandal that ended his college career prematurely and brought down his head coach looks like a parking ticket in comparison to what happened at Penn State; it’s time for Pryor to get a chance to turn the page and show what he can do as a pro.

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  1. thats tough to deal with in the span of a week at that age, or any age..good luck with another team..Reggie never would have drafted him, i just dont believe he’ll ever be an NFL QB..all Al saw was an athlete when he drafted him..try him at another position or let him go

  2. No, it’s not. He is a raw talent and still developing. Why should he be thrown on the field before he’s ready and have a chance to damage his psyche a la David Carr? He’s being groomed as a project QB and is still polishing himself to be ready for the pros.

    Every draft pick should get 3 years, provided they have training camps, so Pryor gets the benefit of the doubt for 4 since he came in with no training camp.

    It’s sad that 2 people he looked up have passed away but that’s not a reason to put him on the field before he’s ready. Him learning to trust new people will actually help his development as he will learn that he can build trust with others which can be directly related to a QB/WR relationship on the field.

  3. Why? He was a 3rd round developmental pick. Why would they cut him in August? He’s not going to be able to catch on elsewhere and “show what he can do as a pro” right now. He’ll get his turn eventually. The Raiders are still the Raiders even without Al Davis.

  4. johnnyjagfan says: Aug 5, 2012 9:58 AM

    Breaks my heart to hear the kid say he’s “alone”. Someone get that boy to faith in something bigger.


    He does. It is called “His Ego”

  5. Trade him or cut him? That’s a bad take. He had no training camp last year and was suspended five games, and he’s by no means a polished passer. “What he can do as a pro” at this point is play some option or catch some passes as a receiving TE.

  6. We havnt even seen him play in an NFL game yet.. Take a look at his college highlights compared to Cam Newtons and he appears to be a better passer… now thats not to say it will carry over in the NFL but the talent is there and if he can learn behind a veteran CP3 he can take over this team when CP3 retires in a few years.. His future is bright and I am super excited to see him throw the ball around in preseason.

  7. Fair shake? Huh? Pryor is third on the depth chart for football reasons. What are they? First and foremost, he needs to develop far better accuracy. Additionally, he has to start reading defenses. Taking off and running every down isn’t going to cut it at this level.

    I’m all for this kid succeeding, but let’s not put the cart before the horse. Let him actually show something before we start saying things like he needs a “fair shake”.

    Palmer is showing everyone in camp, that cares to be objective, why he’s still a top tier NFL QB. Leinhart is showing he’s a guy that can be a good back up and emergency starter that gives the Raiders a chance to win a game if Palmer is out. Pryor hasn’t shown anything at this point that indicates he should be getting more reps than the other two. It’s really that simple, Mike. There’s no conspiracy going on, as much as you would like to invent one.

  8. Never cared for his character but this is tough to handle and maybe it will force him to start leaning on himself for answers. He’s just fought the system all the way and looked for excuses and hopefully he will look in the mirror and get it.

  9. That “alone” comment concerns me. So sorry for his recent losses. I hope he can find another positive center of influence soon. Rooting for you, TP!!

  10. Seriously? Now is the time for him to get his shot or the Raiders should trade him? That’s what a “fair shake” looks like? Listen, he’s going through a rough time, but the consensus on TP is that he was a project when he was drafted. His first year was a wash between the lock-out and his suspension, so essentially this is his rookie year. “Fair shake?”. Cut me some slack.

  11. Leinhart is showing he’s a guy that can be a good back up and emergency starter that gives the Raiders a chance to win a game if Palmer is out
    the only problem i have is that while Leinart looks good as a backup now and emergency starter, when an injury does occur, then Leinart usually doesnt last either because of an injury, if Palmer does get hurt, then expect Pryor soon as i dont know if Leinart will last unless he improves his health issues.

  12. the new regime…..must love what they inherited….roster is stacked with young guns

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