Adrian Peterson heads back to court


After Vikings running back Adrian Peterson made an initial court appearance on a charge of resisting arrest, lawyer Rusty Hardin planned to try to persuade the prosecution to drop the case.

Apparently, it hasn’t happened.  At least not yet.

And so Peterson is back in court on Monday, according to Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.  He’s missing a day of training camp, but since he’s still on the PUP list he really isn’t missing anything.

Today’s court proceeding most likely falls within the general category of the various get-togethers that happen before trial starts.

It seems highly unlikely that Peterson ever would be convicted via proof beyond a reasonable doubt, given Hardin’s claim that at least six eyewitnesses say Peterson did nothing wrong.

Still, the problem is that the two sides need to find a way to save face, if the prosecution is going to fold the tents.  With Peterson insisting that he’s innocent, it’s hard to stake out the middle ground of some lesser charge that Peterson would accept.

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  1. The Houston prosecutor’s mistake was assuming that Peterson, when given the option of accepting a legal slap on the wrist and everything will quietly go away, would act like most citizens who would count the costs and, guilty or not, do the easy thing.
    Peterson is not like most citizens. He has huge personal resources, huge personal pride, and a great deal at stake in protecting his image.
    If the powers that be in Houston have a brain in their heads they will use today’s meeting to say “let’s just forget the whole thing.”

  2. Peterson’s made it clear he won’t accept anything less than a full dismissal of all charges.

    And you know what? Good for him. If we’re to believe these guys are innocent when they say they are, it’s about time one of them stood up to the system and wasn’t afraid to prove it instead of copping out for a plea bargain.

    If AP’s innocent, then I hope he puts the nails to the Houston PD. I’m as tired of self-pitying cops as I am of criminal athletes.

  3. What a joke and total waste of time for all parties. Off duty rent a cops wanting some attention. Grow up!

  4. “Resisting Arrest” often means you didn’t kiss the officer’s boots fast enough. They can be stupid, petty tyrants. I have police in my family, so I’ve seen it. Put me on that jury…

  5. The only way this ends is when they drop all charges and apologize.

    The Houston PD and DA would be well advised to make that decision as soon as possible.

  6. Having a public trial over drunk and disorderly behavior and resisting arrest at a bar is not the publicity that is good for the league.

    Rather than protecting the integrity of the shield it harms the integrity of the shield and therefore brings a longer suspension.

    His legal bills will also more than any court fine.

    AP got Money an the police was dead wrong. Your going to PAY big time if you dont find a way to pull the plug on this mess that was made by a dummy. AP is ready to play this game

  8. thankheavenfornumberseven says:Aug 6, 2012 1:03 PM

    AD is going to treat the Houston PD like he treats opposing defensive backs.


    Following that logic, he’ll be convicted 13 times in a row, before finally “breaking one” and be found not guilty.

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