Blackout lifted for Packers-Chargers game

Somehow, the Chargers have managed to sell since Saturday more than 3,000 non-premium seats to a meaningless preseason game against the Packers.  (Maybe they marketed to Chiefs fans.  Again.)

The Chargers have announced that the blackout has been lifted for the preseason home opener.

It’s unknown whether and to what extent the Chargers bought extra tickets at 34 cents on the dollar in order to ensure that the nationally-televised ESPN game will be televised in San Diego, too.

The Chargers are among the teams that have opted not to relax the minimum threshold for avoiding a blackout.  Final decisions from all teams are due by Thursday, August 9.

18 responses to “Blackout lifted for Packers-Chargers game

  1. I’m a Packer fan. I noticed the Colts start selling regular season single game tickets tomorrow morning. I then noticed that the Colts are only packaging their Packers home regular season game single ticket with their Bengals pre-season game. What a sham. because I’m part of the world’s greatest fan base I get shafted with a doubled price ticket compare to their other 7 home dates. Pathetic Indianapolis.

  2. Amazing! The Packers are picked to win it all and they get blacked out? The Giants and Pats never have a problem selling out while on the road.

  3. The extra sales are likely because of Shannon Eastin (first female NFL official) being Thursday evening’s line judge. Meaningless pre-season game, but historic event.

  4. What a shame, all the talent but can’t sell out games. Where are you charger fans, support your team or else they’re gonna move to LA and change the name

  5. I live 20 minutes from the stadium….as a local San Diegan I can tell you…
    1. Spanos family is too cheap to pay for those tickets
    2. Local supporters wont dish out for preseason
    3. The only suckers who have preseason tickets are people who pay for season tickets
    4. Packers fanbase is stupid enough to pay for tickets in another stadium they wont even fill

    4 is my theory on the matter, GO PACK GO!

  6. “Amazing! The Packers are picked to win it all and they get blacked out? The Giants and Pats never have a problem selling out while on the road.”

    Really? Of all the things to rip on the Packers for, you pick their inability to sell out a 2,000-mile-away road preseason game in a poor football town earlier than they did? This team just sold out Lambeau Field for a scrimmage – a glorified practice! Pardon Packer fans for not ponying up the dough to fly four hours to watch Aaron Rodgers play one series in a meaningless game. What a bunch of frontrunners.

  7. The Packers think that because they show up people will buy tickets
    ” NEWS FLASH ” You are NOT that good an BRETT FARVE is gone. The people in San Diego will buy tickets to see The Dallas Cowboys… You know…. America’s Team but Greenbay aint that exciting in San Diego…. Ps….. Hold the cheese

  8. @ Chargerdillon

    You nailed it. I sold my preseason tickets on the cheap, to a family member who is also a Packer fan.

    Preseason is horrible. The games don’t matter so I can’t get riled up for them. Then I sit there, bored, hoping nobody gets hurt, and paying regular season prices all the while.

    I’ll probably go to the next preseason game just to hone the grill skills.

    It’s ridiculous that any team be ripped for not selling out a preseason game. Regardless of opponent.

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