Dwayne Bowe plans to show up by Week One

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Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe is the last unsigned franchise player.  In theory, he can stay away until the Tuesday after Week 10.

But he most likely won’t.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Bowe plans to show before the regular season begins.

It’s not uncommon for franchise players to stay away until the days preceding the start of the regular season.  Since the player isn’t under contract, he can’t be fined.  And since the franchise level play doesn’t commence until the real games start, the player gets his full salary if he makes it back in time for the first regular-season game.

For Bowe, that’s $9.5 million for the year.  Which translates to more than $558,000 per game.

Given that the deadline for doing a long-term deal has passed, there’s nothing Bowe can really get at this point — unless he’s looking for a promise that the Chiefs won’t use the tag on him again in 2013.

The real question is whether he’ll show up before the days leading up to the regular-season opener, given that the Chiefs have a new offensive coordinator.  Bowe needs to have a big season in order to max out his value in 2013; taking the field unprepared will make that harder to accomplish.

33 responses to “Dwayne Bowe plans to show up by Week One

  1. Getting hurt in camp or pre season will hurt his wallet WAY more than a subpar year. He’d be a fool to report.

    Of course, if he reports out of shape before game 1, that is usually the easiest way to GET hurt.

    Can’t win situation for the long picture but 9 plus mil beats a real job or even most normal peoples’ careers.

  2. Guys that do this just look lazy to me. Many say they are just trying to avoid getting hurt but the reality is that most of the guys that skip camp wind up getting hurt much more often. He wants the money but doesn’t seem to want to do the things necessary to earn it. Just showing up before the season is not enough. An out of shape receiver with no chemistry with the QB does the team no good at all…but he gets paid. Selfish.

  3. I don’t blame these guys for sitting out as long as they can.

    What incentive do they have to risk injury for a one year contract – albeit a well paid one year contract?

    Sure he won’t be in mid-season form in Game 1 – but potential suitors aren’t going to judge him based on Game 1 – they’ll look at Game 10 -16 to judge his value in free agency.

    He’s not breaking any rules by sitting out – and could even sit out the first part of the season if he were so inclined.

    The team has their leverage – that’s his.

  4. D Bowe also said he was going to show up for training camp a few months ago, that it was just business. He said he would sign his franchise tender and be at camp. This is the 2nd time hes missed camp time counting his rookie year. I honestly think its time the Chiefs move on from this diva.

  5. Bowe won’t be a chief next year. And I think he’s going to be in for a rude awakening when in free agency, he won’t get the offers he thinks he deserves.

  6. Practice? Practice. We talkin about practice… We not even talkin about a game… Practice.

  7. Bowe would’ve dropped the “Manningham pass” in the Super Bowl. I’ve seen him drop a hundred of those already.

  8. Bowe is the last player that should miss camp especially when they are installing a new offense. He drops passes, takes plays off and couldnt even line up correctly in the offense he “knew” last year. It’s frustrating because he has natural ability with zero work ethic. When Baldwin surpasses him this year and he’s tagged again by the Chiefs or doesn’t get a big free agent deal it won’t be much of a surprise. No team should throw big bucks for a long term deal for such a knucklehead.

  9. @latchbeam: actually at least one hall of famer has been a holdout, Emmit Smith held out in 1993 and actually missed two games, he was only paid something like 450,000 in 1992 and rushed for over 1700 yards. Sometimes a holdout is understandable, as far as Bowe goes, I don’t blame him, he wants more money, but also the security of a long term contract, and for that I can’t say that I blame him.

  10. You know it’s good that this subject has been addressed and it’s in the open. Whether it’s the bottom line, his conscience, him worrying about his teammates, whatever the case Shelby, we know both will be with us at the start of the regular season. But what hurts and he has to know that, being the vet receiver he has become, with a new GM and a new offense implemented, we won’t be firing on all cylinders come in out the gate. Now I agree, by midseason we should see the best of Bowe, until then, hopefully establishing himself as a number one and legitimate threat, Baldwin exerting himself as a number one should take this receiving corps to another level, when they all become of one accord. What happens after this season, I don’t even want to talk about it. There is a business end to this game, and it will be interesting. For now let’s keep our focus on the field, and keep it there as one unit, not allowing this Bowe thing interrupt our focus, let’s go KC. Get in camp Bowe and let your game and character speak for you.

  11. You sound like Mike Wallace who turned down a 50 million dollar/ 5 yr contract. What do you people think you are worth. I mean seriously, you only catch about 6-8 balls a game. I’d spend my money elsewhere K.C.!!’

  12. Screw stats, he’s proved he’s a player.

    In fact, if he shows up in game shape and ready to play, I’d venture that candidate teams for his services next season would be more impressed and willing to pony up more…

    Chiefs overpaid for Cassell and don’t want to pay Bowe?!?

    They deserve to soucke it…

  13. Bowe is as good as gone after this year. I’d like the Chiefs to keep him but he’s just not worth what he reportedly wants.

  14. He’ll show up a week before the season opener, injure his hamstring and miss a few games. It will probably be a lingering injury for the rest of the season at that point. #familiarstory

  15. @borders @cowboys Yeah, you guys are right about Emmitt!! I forgot he held out… Elway just demanded a trade… didn’t he? Can’t remember if he actually missed preseason?

  16. THANK YOU FLORIO FOR DWAYNE BOWE NEWS. But where is the reasoning for not getting a long term deal done in time? Was it high contract demands? Did the chiefs just not want to sign him long term? Whats the whole story? If this was a jets or giants or steelers player it would be all over this site and all over national media. Why cant we chiefs fans get info like the other teams do?

  17. How can you guys dog on dbowe when he has been the most consistant reciever for us ? And yes it sucks he is holding out but I don’t blame him he deserves more money and chiefs would be stupid to just let him walk or trade him. Bowe will be ready I know he will

  18. I think Pioli is smart in what’s going on. You tag Bowe and see if he will show up for camp with a good team player attitude showing he wants to be a chief long term, if so you sign him long term. Obviously he is about him self and not the chiefs. I say trade him for a good offensive linemen and a draft pick. I would think most fans want a good winning team not a winning team of punks.

  19. I agree with trading Bowe for another offensive or defensive linemen.
    Bowe seems to think that it is all about him. While he catches the ball it is the quarterback who throws the ball, the linemen to block, etc.. Besides $9.5 million for one year come on. It would take 95 years for someone making $100,000 per year to make this much.
    What about a refund for all the passes he drops?!

  20. Hey just got done watching a video of ANOTHER sick catch by baldwin. Who’s bowe? Really making a big mistake buddy.

  21. There’s no “Bowe” in the word team. This a.h. is too damned selfish to be a H.o.F. player. He’s questionable and needs to get his butt in gear and learn the new offense. Wake up Dwayne, you dummy, you’re not that good as it is. You need to practice to get better! And injuries? Are you kidding? In shorts, no pads to speak of. He’d get hurt falling off his wallet maybe but nothing else.

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