Brandon Weeden named Browns starting QB


Suspected by everyone, Pat Shurmur just confirmed it Monday.

Rookie Brandon Weeden is his starting quarterback this season, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The 28-year-old Weeden was expected to be given the reins when he was drafted, partly because they think he’s a mature and polished passer and partly because the options are Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing for him long-term, or a fair shot.

With the Browns ownership changing hands, everything’s up in the air this year.

While some rookies are given time to develop, Weeden’s age makes him different, but the one-year audition nature of things for every Browns player (and coach, and personnel man) is going to make it a fascinating watch.

28 responses to “Brandon Weeden named Browns starting QB

  1. Dallas should call Cleveland about McCoy and cut McGee. McCoy is young, a winner and can play a lot better than his stats/record indicates. He would be a good replacement for Romo – if he falters in 2 yrs. Could be a solid backup long term as well.

  2. I think he lasts one year.

    Browns will be awful, house will be cleaned and the new regime won’t be tied to a 29 year old second year QB.

    I like Weeden, but I doubt he performs well enough to secure the job long term – especially when they are strong contenders for a top pick, it’ll be mighty hard for the new regime to pass on an elite prospect like Wilson, for example.

  3. PPC50—-Not sure about the “winner” part, but Colt would make a solid back up to Romo, I do agree there

  4. I mentioned the word “winner” with McCoy in regards to his college career and moments with Cleveland, though, I agree, there were a few. I think he has qualities of a leader and with the Browns he was never provided any offensive players – Hillis for one year. I think, like any QB, the surrounding cast is essential for success.

  5. I am sure that most people never saw this happening. Just kidding.

    For real though, the Browns obviously had to do it. They were really smart by drafting a QB that is almost as old as my dad. Now they have to try and win around the guy they drafted to play for four years before his head is full of grey hairs.

    I do feel for McCoy. He is not outstanding, but he isn’t bad either. I would take McCoy over Gabbert or Sanchez any day of the week. Might just be me, but the kid can play. Not saying he is a “WINNER” but he could be a winner winner chicken dinner. Time will tell.

  6. Yes, Nicklhead, Orton is the backup in Dallas. He signed a 3 year deal, but I have a feeling he will want to try to be a starter next year and Dallas could save some money, not vs. the cap, to let him go and sign McCoy. I think Orton signed with the Cowboys thinking he would have a couple of games to show his value again.

  7. McCoy is not an NFL starting QB. He just isn’t. He is a great guy and a good leader, but his arm, especially in a rather windy winter stadium, is totally inadequate. He just cannot make the necessary NFL throws. For anyone to claim otherwise indicates they never watched a recent Brown’s game.

    Sure, he would have looked better throwing to Jerry Rice, Andre and Calvin Johnson, but that does not change the fact that his arm is severely lacking.

    It was obvious in camp that Weeden has the potential that Colt does not. He may flame out, but no one, including those posting here, have any true idea at this point how this will play out.

  8. Some of u guys really hate on Weeden for no reason the guy can play…. The Browns will be at least watchable this season Weeden and Richardson should make for some excitement except when my Birds hammer them into the ground wk 1 jus saying!!!!

  9. ^^Totally agree…^^

    McCoy is solid for sure. He’s smart with the football and doesn’t turn it over. He just doesn’t have any zip on the football on throws over 10yrds and didn’t put it on the money.

    I hope the Browns keep his desirable contract and make him the #2. Browns QB’s have a history of not staying healthy in the brutal AFC North and I’d be much more confident with McCoy over Wallace.

    We never really know though. With an upgraded 2012 O-Line & Receiver core + the fact that training camp was wiped out last year (new offense installed) McCoy very well could have made large strides this year…

  10. What’s the over/under for the game number where Holmgren pulls Wheeden and installs McCoy as starter?

  11. The Browns could take the biggest leap in wins this year in comparison to last year. Loved the draft class this year. It’s a shame the current scouting staff and decision makers weren’t with the Browns in 1999. Of course the GM would be 10 years old back then 🙂

  12. McCoy – In 21 career games he has 20TDs, 20 INTs and 6 fumbles. That isn’t turning the ball over?

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