Colt McCoy says there was no competition at Browns camp


Brandon Weeden is officially the Browns starting quarterback.

The announcement came Monday, but it had been expected by just about everyone since the Browns took Weeden in the first round in April. Not included in “just about everyone” was Colt McCoy, who thought he had a shot at a starting job after ending last season atop the Cleveland quarterback totem pole.

McCoy said that coach Pat Shurmur told him that Weeden would be the starter before he made the announcement to the media, although McCoy’s comments suggest that there wasn’t much need for such formality. According to McCoy, any talk of a quarterback competition was nothing more than empty words.

“I have not taken any snaps with the first group,” McCoy said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I thought coming in it would be a competition.”

It’s hard to believe McCoy didn’t see this coming, but you can understand being disappointed that the starting job went to someone else. McCoy passed on saying he wanted to leave the Browns via trade or other means, which was a smart course of action. Making a stink isn’t going to help him.

If he wants out of Cleveland, the best thing he can do is play well in the preseason and hope that another team comes calling. If he doesn’t want out of Cleveland, well, it would be hard to believe McCoy doesn’t want out of Cleveland.

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  1. i remember watching the steelers browns thursday night game

    and after the harrison hit,

    i thought colt mccoy died,

    he got up and finished the game

    respect from me

  2. Even the Dolphins aren’t stupid enough to giftwrap the starting job for a highly questionable rookie.

  3. The kid is a competitor, that is for sure. You can’t put the blame on him. He fought his hardest. He was drafted by a bad team, and forced into playing with a depleted offensive depth chart that featured Mohammad Massaquoi as the main receiver. If he were to quarterback for a better team, I think he would have been a lot better. There is a reason the NFL stands for NOT FOR LONG. Good luck Colt wherever you may land.

  4. Colt was a 4th round draft pick. He didn’t work out. The Browns took a 28 year old in the first round and they aren’t going to wait around to use him. Colt’s out. If he wants to hang around the NFL he should start acting like a cooperative second stringer.

  5. Colt got screwed he HD the worst receiving corps in the NFL he’s going into his 3rd year hasn’t even played 2full seasons. Give the dude s fair shot he showed some good flashes for what he had to work with..

  6. McCoy gave the dumpster fire that are the Browns a little spark of life. He hasn’t been a superstar but their WR’s / TE’s have been average for a long time. Expected him to get a little more of a chance

  7. What a bunch of BS! Who do the Browns think they are just handing over the starting QB job to someone who didn’t earn or prove anything??!

    -Mark Sanchez

  8. McCoy is a classic backup, time for his cult followers to accept that fact. He’s just too physically limited.

    I know some got excited because of his first two starts a couple of years ago, but I’ve watched him in depth and defenses don’t respect his arm.

    It only gets worse as the weather worsens late in the year for Cleveland home games. Now that the league has a book on him, he can’t overcome those limitations, simple as that.

  9. He didn’t stand a chance. No running game (Hillis out most of the time), zero protection and a weak receiving corp = failure.

    As a Steeler fan I think he could be a lot better on a better team. Stellar maybe not but better.

  10. I like Colt. He drives a Ford truck. But we’re sick of undersized, noodle-armed QBs here on the shores of Lake Erie when all of our division rivals have had studs at the position.

    As for the guy who respects Colt for coming back in the Steelers game, I’d be hard pressed to think that anyone in the league, if of able body, wouldn’t want back in that game under that same circumstance. If anything he shouldn’t have come in becasue he quickly threw a bad pick immediately afterwards.

  11. Last time I heard of a QB coming into the league at Weeden’s age it was Chris Weinke. Lol he turned out to be pretty good. That Panthers roster looks so ironically close to this Browns team. Same QB + same roster/weapons= same results. Long year for the dogs

  12. It’s darn-straight that there was no competition for QB!

    It was Weeden (best arm strength-, best accuracy-, best throw placement- on the team)


    McCoy/Wallace (mediocre arm strength, mediocre accuracy, mediocre throw placement)

    If that doesn’t show that Weeden had nobody to compete against, you could just look at the previous two seasons of 4-12 football (try to not become ill watching those games over again).

  13. It’s not like the Brown know how to pick QB’s to begin with….especially if Derek Anderson was your last claim to QB fame in the last decade. BW will be just another name to add to the list of failures.

  14. Colt it was the same competition you had with Seneca last year!I can’t believe every team in the league isn’t lining up to get you!C’mon Man!

  15. I have been on the “Colt McCoy had garbage to work with” bandwagon for a long time. It is time, however, for him to realize that no team in the NFL would draft a 28 year old quarterback to compete with a 4th rounder that hasn’t shown an ability to make those around him better.

    At the very least, Colt McCoy simply needs to shut up. Not only is he burning his bridges in Cleveland, but other teams see the malcontent that he is becoming and will look at ALL OTHER avenues before giving him a look as their back-up.

    I still say that he never got a fair chance in Cleveland with fair talent around him…but…come on, Colt…enough’s enough. The writing has been on the wall since the draft, shut up already!!!

  16. I feel bad for McCoy for the same reasons stated by others ^.

    Give this kid a decent offense and he’d be fine. You’re better off getting out of that city anyway, Colt.

  17. Hey Colt, this is the NFL and a reason why you were drafted so late! YOU WERE NOT THAT GOOD IN COLLEGE! You played weak defenses weekly and every flaw was exposed. Be like Major Applewhite and JUST GO AWAY!

  18. McCoy is a classic backup, time for his cult followers to accept that fact. He’s just too physically limited.

    I know some got excited because of his first two starts a couple of years ago, but I’ve watched him in depth and defenses don’t respect his arm.

    A mobile West Coast quarterback with good accuracy on the short throws, but hindered in the deep game by a lack of arm strength. Isn’t the exact criticism Joe Montana received when Walsh gave him the starting gig in 1980? That’s not to say that Colt McCoy will ever be anything like Montana, or even a respected NFL starter, nor do I want to open the whole “would Montana succeed in today’s NFL?” can of worms. Just saying that McCoy deserves a fair shot, and dismissing him completely because he shares the physical attributes and playing style of one of the greatest of all time seems a little premature.

  19. hes a backup on most teams, but cause the browns drafted him, he was inserted as a starter, colt is a career backup!!!

  20. Anyone who attended training camp noticed the same thing McCoy did: there was no competition. Weeden outshined McCoy in every way.

    I’ll defend McCoy’s toughness and character all day long, but his abilities are just not NFL-starting caliber.

  21. I’m a Browns fan and while I feel for the kid, he is simply limited in his abilities. As best, the Browns would get a 6th or 7th rounder for him in a trade. While it’s true he didn’t have much help last season, he created a lot problems, too. Watching him live, it was astonishing to me that, in about 30 passes, he threw to his left ONCE the entire game. He threw 5 yard dump offs 95% of the time. Yes, this was due, in part, to poor WR play, but sometimes you have to give them a chance to make a play, even if they are covered. Maybe the WR could out-work the defender. Greg Little is big enough to. Or try to get a flag for interference. They didn’t have much to lose in many of their games so why not take the risk. In the immortal words of Dr McCoy to Spock, “Do Something!” But, wow, it was BAD. Maybe he didn’t throw deep because HE CAN’T. His throws float like a butterfly…

    I, for one, am glad they drafted Weeden. Maybe he’ll be another Babe Laufenberg – rocket arm, but a lot of echoing in that head – but he can’t be worse than what we saw last year. At least defenses won’t crowd the line of scrimmage as much as they did last year because of Weeden’s arm. And, this alone, will help Richardson.

    I’m not expecting miracles this year. A last place finish is almost a certainty with all the youth on the roster. But this team should be better and, by the end of the season, much better than they’ve been in some time.

  22. Colt never earned his starting job. It was handed to him after Delhomme and Walace got injured. Colt didn’t you realize after the Browns tried to get RGIII and then drafted Weeden in the first round that your days were numbered?

  23. Mangini weakened the Browns by letting his QB competition drag on far too long – which undermined team preparedness as well as the confidence of his QBs.

    Colt McCoy had all season to compete and show he was a starting caliber QB.

    The fact that they drafted Weeden in the 1st round shows he failed to win the job.

    It makes sense to name Weeden the starter until he proves he cannot do it.

    If McCoy were smart he’d accept the challenge and vow to play better.

  24. I think if Colt goes elsewhere he will succeed. I still believe in Colt and if any of you ever watched Brian Sipe, there was some similarity. Heckert reached with Weeden that will be proven soon. I still hate how H&H conducted the draft. They seemed to panic at every pick. Trade up one spot for Richardson, reach for Weeden, reach for Swartz. Could have had each much lower. Give McCoy a Rice and Taylor and a running game and you can see that he would be very serviceable. Jimmy Haslem are you reading? Dont make these mistakes that are obvious to the common fan.

  25. i remember watching the steelers browns thursday night game

    and after the harrison hit,

    i thought colt mccoy died,

    he got up and finished the game

    respect from me

    im a bengals fan, and i couldnt agree more….that kid has guts…i wish him the best

  26. Respectfully, it’s amazing how many people seem to enjoy backing a mediocre a QB. There’s a reason he wasn’t a high draft pick, and that reason has become quite obvious.

    Having all the talent in the world around Colt wont make him a top 10 QB; it will only serve to inhibit the surrounding talent’s production, so please, stop with the excuse making.

  27. Colt McCoy never had a chance to succeed in Cleveland. Less than a season and a half worth of starts with nothing to work with except a bad offensive line, bad receivers, bad run game. Joe Montana couldn’t save that team from a losing record, let alone a prospect QB like McCoy. Talk about throwing a young QB to the wolves with no help whatsoever… I won’t be feeling sorry for the Browns when absolutely nothing changes for them this year.

  28. fm31970 says: Aug 6, 2012 5:33 PM

    Ted Thompson is smiling right now


    And if McCoy has any brains, he’ll be glued to the phone hoping Thompson calls. Imagine the chance to win it all with the Packers instead of in the catacombs of doom in Cleveland.

    Unless, of course, the Seahawks dump Jackson and the Packers snap up Tjack. That would be tasty indeed.

  29. I’m tellin ya, Howie Roseman… throw them Kafka and a 6th for McCoy. He’s a better backup than Trent Edwards, Mike Kafka or the kid you just drafted.

  30. I agree jcg, like my previous post, the Cowboys should get him for a 7th and McGee gone. Orton won’t be around next year

  31. Awww pretty boy McCoy crying because he’s a mediocre QB. Sorry dude, but you showed the world what you’re incapable of during the past two years.

  32. Colt was going to be nothing more than a backup at the NFL level. Many of us said this when he entered the league.
    Hes a good guy but has limited arm strength. As for his fan club there arent many starters he could beat out and the ones he could the upgrade would be minimal at best. He will made a solid (not good) but solid backup on the right team.

  33. The guy was told he would have a clip board in his hands for two years when he was drafted but actually played and got knocked around in the worst offense in the league during that time, and when he was actually scheduled to start, the franchise drafts a 28 year old QB instead of a receiver that was still on the board. I would not be happy either.

  34. JMil_ATL says:

    What about Arizona? Could probably start there.

    You beat me to the punch JMil_ATL. It would give the Cards a way out from Kolb’s contract and give Colt a fresh start. This kid has heart and given time I think he could be a good qb. Kolb would make a decent back up plan in case Weeden goes down. He seems to play better coming off the bench than when he’s named the starter.

  35. A note to Colt: Things change in this league. You may get another chance sooner than you think. If Weeden stinks it up or gets hurt, you may be thrust back into the starter’s position all of a sudden, and at that point you may get your chance to prove that you’ve improved enough to deserve to keep the starting job. Keep working and stay ready. Don’t give up.

  36. jwrec,

    I’m so tired of the Joe Montanna argument to validate physically limited QBs.

    Joe didn’t have a gun but he was far from a noodle arm. Rather he was more in the Drew Brees/tom Brady arm strength range, something Colt McCoy will never approach.

    Gees, he’s not even in the Jeff Garcia range, which would be the ceiling for such a physically limited QB of his type.

    The West Coast offense (or any offense for that matter) doesn’t hide that fact, otherwise similar physically limited QBs like Koy Detmer would have succeeded.

    I watched one game in particular last year between the Browns and Raiders where the Browns stayed in the game until the end (despite the Browns offense being hapless all day), even recovering an onside kick with enough time left, and the Raiders defense, which was awful last year, just dared him to beat them with the game on the line and he couldn’t do it.

    It was absolutely sad to watch knowing that there was a 99% chance that he couldn’t beat such a lousy defense with a good throw even with the game on the line.

  37. Well, if he’s patient, the new Coach, GM, and President may decide they want to go with a “Youth Movement.” Just saying.

  38. I wish he would just shut the hell up. He’s no ones idea of an adequate starter, let alone a good one. He’s a tough kid, but he’s just got a weak weak arm. I mean, is being the backup for a guy who has already had shoulder problems really that bad a gig? There’s a reason you got drafted in the 3rd round colt. So shut up, suit up, and hold the damn clipboard.

  39. First off browns suck. Second I followed the browns a little last year because of McCoy. He is a good player that if treated like a great player could play at the highest of levels, but the browns wouldn’t let Colt be Colt and that’s why they drafted an old man to replace him.

  40. All the McCoy fans are right about the kid getting screwed over but that’s what happens when you’re drafted to a team that didn’t want you in the first place (Holmgren is on record saying it was his call to draft McCoy and not Coach Mangini or GM Heckarts)

    With that being said if the kid stays in Cleveland he’s guaranteed to get some starter time and prove his worth in the NFL as it’s been a long time since the Browns have seen a QB start all 16 games. Problem is, the AFC North has a recent history of rookie starters having really good 1st seasons (Big Ben, Flacco, Dalton and even McCoy himself) which means that Weeden could be putting up big numbers..

  41. starfan79 says:
    Aug 6, 2012 6:11 PM
    Most accurate Qb in college history.. Arizona should trade kolb straight up for him

    im not a cards fan at all,nor am i a colt mccoy or browns fan, but that aint a bad idea at all.

    i guarantee he is better then what they have, who honestly ever thought kolb had any skill? i never understood the colt mccoy hate, that team was horrible. you cant even name a receiver on the team. he is a bit short for an nfl qb but his arm and legs are both decent enough to at least get reps, especially over a 28 year old rookie. colt can be a “game manager” qb for a long time, thats a heck of a lot more then other teams can say they have.

  42. If colt is so good why was he drafted at the back end of the 3rd round? The pats are known to be the best organization why didn’t they draft him? I don’t care if they have Brady, they could have traded him and stole players like they did with cassell. Colt couldn’t start over Jon Skelton in Arizona

  43. with the lousy, and i mean lousy receivers Colt had last year. Whats the data: WOrst drops Receivers in NFL.. Browns.

    Oh.. Colt… was #8 in AFC in ‘completions. Aint’ bad considering the first data. No running game.. no line… he scrambled for his life every play.

    Then when Harrison knocked the living crap out of him.. the medical team and coaches.. f.. up and put him back in.

    Shows you how ‘f..g up Cleveland remains.

    Buts with Haslam… that will change. Sports media guys have Browns at #32 and 1-15. Rookies starting with their schedule. WIth ‘Luck’ they’ll be the same as last year.

  44. “If he doesn’t want out of Cleveland, well, it would be hard to believe McCoy doesn’t want out of Cleveland.”

    That is a great quote, Josh.

  45. In 13 starts last year: 2,733 yards, 14 TDs, 11 INTs, 57% Comp%, 74.5 QB rating. He had his chance, he stunk up the joint. Colt is as much to blame as anyone else. Here is your reason why he fell so far in the draft. No one wanted him because he cant make NFL throws. Turn the page Colt apologists.

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