Darren McFadden takes issue with injury prone label

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When you miss at least three games because of injury in each of your first four seasons, it’s hard to avoid the label of being injury prone.

That’s the label that’s been hung on Raiders running back Darren McFadden. Last year’s Lisfranc injury was the latest ailment to keep the running back off the field, but there’s always been some bother keeping McFadden, who has the highest yards per carry in the league over the last two seasons, from putting together the kind of full season that would vault him into the highest level of the league’s backs.

McFadden can’t deny the injuries have happened, but he does take issue with the idea that he’s more prone to suffer them than other people. McFadden called the injuries fluky on Sunday.

“I can’t worry about last year. Or that people say I always get hurt. I am always in shape and I work hard,” McFadden said, via Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle. “If anyone has any answers as to how I can avoid getting hurt, with these fluke-type injuries, I would love to hear them.”

The perception of McFadden as injury-prone, which quickly morphs into the suggestion of softness, wasn’t helped by the way former Raiders coach Hue Jackson handled his injury last year. Every week brought hints, feints and vague descriptions of McFadden’s status, so his absence on Sunday made it seem like McFadden’s unwillingness to play was at least partially to blame for his absences.

But that won’t mean a thing if Week Seven rolls around and McFadden is on the bench because of an injury, fluke or otherwise. The Raiders need a full season from McFadden to find their way back to a winning season and McFadden needs it if he wants to put the injury prone label to bed once and for all.

24 responses to “Darren McFadden takes issue with injury prone label

  1. Just have to persevere Mr. McFadden.

    Fred Taylor had the same problem, but he kept on keeping on. Coughlin constantly listing him as questionable, even when he had a torn groin, didn’t help though.

  2. Can’t take issue with anything here. McFadden has something to prove in this area. As a fan I’m pulling hard for his health and I’m sold on his abilities, but injuries this year could dampen my fire for him.

  3. I drafted him on my fantasy team the last two seasons brother. No longer…he’s useless late in season with seeding and playoffs on the line.

  4. Dmac is going to be the next 2k rusher!
    Injurys happens, everyone is injury prone. It’s the NFL
    Defenses gets paid to stop you, too bad for him though & his past.
    This is now the future, the Raiders will move forward and advance to the playoffs, from there it’s anyone’s game! #raidernation!

  5. McFadden is a beast who can finish runs with power and break away in the open field, the perfect RB.

    If he stays healthy for the next 3-4 seasons, he could put up some special numbers.

    If, if, if…


  6. If he stays healthy and strong all year, he will justify his high draft number and prove his elite ability. If he misses a month or two to injury, well, uh …

  7. thats because he is the hardest hitter on the raiders….he punishes people with his style of game….

  8. He’s the most complete back in the NFL and the overall best, IMO.

    He does it all and he does it all very well.

    Who else can you say that about?

  9. He’s THE BEST all around back in the league when on the field… running, pass blocking, route running and catching. No doubt about it.

  10. He sort of has a point.

    Turf toe went away, and breaking your orbital bone is nothing but a fluke.

  11. Carson Palmer now well read on the offense? The fast, young WRs beginning to get it? No more Michael Bush breathing down your neck?

    I’m hoping we can finally see what this guy can do for a full 16 game season this year. Could be exciting times in Oakland.

  12. Marshmallow Man.

    He coulda been a contender, but he’s really nothing but a pretender.

    You can’t fake being made with a glass jaw.

    Official Bust.

  13. Is he kidding me, come on “Karren”, it’s been obvious for years now that you are made of glass and your track record speaks for itself!! If you don’t want to be called injury prone, how bout you maybe play at least ONE full season with the Raiders! I’m actually pissed he even had the nerve to get his butt on his shoulders about something that is so widely known by ANY football fan much less the media and Raider Nation!! I hope I’m wrong but I will be amazed if he makes it to week 10 healthy! Taiwan Jones should look to make the most of his time in Oakland if these injuries continue to happen though.

  14. radrntn says:Aug 6, 2012 12:51 PM

    thats because he is the hardest hitter on the raiders….he punishes people with his style of game….

    you aint lying there brother!
    he punishes who ever is trying to tackle him!


  15. With a career YPC less than 5, his 4.8 doesn’t instill any sense of greatness whatsoever.

    He’s a decent, injury prone guy. Those are a dime a dozen in this league.

    Oh, and he’s a fumbler. If not for the high draft pick, and the dysfunctional team he plays for he more than likely would have been cut by now by most NFL franchises. Winning ones anyway.

  16. I sincerely hope that RunDMC gets healthy and plays a full season… he is a great talent- probably one of the best RBs in the past 30 years… he just gotta stay healthy…
    SILVERNBLACK til da casket drop!!!

  17. McFadden has been injury prone since collage- Even his Razorback teammates made fun of him getting hurt every year. Some of it was HDN fault for playing him injured ( just like how he almost destroyed Payton Hillis) but mostly he just can’t go the whole season without getting hurt. He’s a big crybaby.

  18. He’s toast and the Raider nation knows it and is in complete denial like they are every year. But people can dream cant they?

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