Fred Jackson likes that Bills are flying under the radar


The Bills are in the strange position of both getting a lot of hype and being talked about less than the other three teams in their division.

Their offseason generated the amount of hype that usually runs hand in hand with an outsize profile leading into the regular season. The Bills share a division with the defending AFC champions in New England, the three-ring circus that is the Jets and a Dolphins team that will make its HBO debut later this week.

Running back Fred Jackson was on the NFL Network Monday and said that he thinks it’s a good thing that the Bills are a bit hidden behind those three clubs. Jackson seems to realize that getting too much attention before the start of this season could lead to the Bills getting an inflated sense of themselves and that it is better for the team to continue keeping a low profile until they’ve earned a spot on everyone’s radar.

“So we don’t mind being a sleeper. We don’t mind being a team that nobody talks about, just because, like I said, we haven’t proven anything,” Jackson said. “Hopefully we let our play talk for us when we get out there.”

General Manager Buddy Nix sent a similar message last month when training camp opened when he said all the good feelings generated by their offseason moves meant nothing if the Bills don’t win more games this season. Jackson’s bought into that kind of thinking and we’ll find out whether the Bills are sleepers or simply sleeping soon enough.

10 responses to “Fred Jackson likes that Bills are flying under the radar

  1. The only problem with the Bills flying under the radar is that they crash and burn in some way, shape or form every year, this year with all the hype, draft picks, FA’s blah.. blah.. blah.. will be no different.

  2. What?

    How are the Bills flying under the radar? They are the media darling of the offseason, many saying they pulled off the greatest offseason signing since Mr. White went to Green Bay.

    Just another example of a dumb athlete who will soak up anything his coaches say. No wonder these guys run through brick walls and get double concussions.

  3. Buffalo has the team to silence the doubters. This team could have the look of the team that dominated the AFC in the early ’90’s. Fitz is no Jim Kelly, and Mario Williams isn’t Bruce Smith, but they can easily provide the production that is needed to get this team over the hump. This team is a very hard working squad, something I think was lacking under the Jauron regime. Something that is hard to imagaine, but I do belive in it, is that this city’s sole existence is tied directly to professional sports franchises that inhabit the city and suburbs. For my fellow Buffalonians, this city has fallen pretty far since 1999, which was the year of “The Music City Miracle” and “No-Goal”, neither sports team really recovered, and the city has deteriorated since. However, with the recent buzz around both the Bills and Sabres, we have the waterfront project, remodeling of historic landmarks, and tons of festivities. I am proud to be a Buffalonian and I love my teams. Go Bills!

  4. Flying under the Radar? Is being in the Bill’s training camp like being under a rock? The media and fans have been putting them in the playoffs all off season. No way the Bills will be able to play the “we get no respect” card. However, by the end of the season they can play the “expectations were too much pressure” card like the Jets last year.

  5. Except they have no one to throw the ball to beyond Steve Johnson and also have a starting rookie left tackle. I don’t care how improved the defense is 8-8 again.

  6. buffalo is an interesting team for me. they made some nice additions to their awful d and their best offensive player, fred jackson, is coming back from an injury. i think they can make the playoffs, but i’m not a believer in fitzpatrick. he reminds me of chad pennington but with wheels.

    cant wait for opening day!

  7. You can tell Bills fans are mongering the comments section here, blindly liking pro posts, and smashing dislike when things go anti.

    All I can say here is, who in their right mind thinks the Bills are flying “under the radar” this year? They’re the new Detroit Lions… expected to do great things before they’ve even done them. Only difference is, they don’t have Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson.

  8. I am not sure how all the Bills haters can say that the Bills are media darlings. Obviously, they have made some great moves and on paper look good, but the AP picked them as 19th and Pete Prisco picked them to finish 7-9. ESPN power rankings have them as 23rd.

    If you think great things of yourself, and you see the AP ranking you 19th, then I think it is fair to say you are “under the radar”. Either there are some fans of other AFC East fans which don’t know what they are talking about or they are getting nervous that the Bills are about to shake the standings up.

    Go Bills!

  9. Compared to ESPN’s Tim Tebow coverage every team is flying under the radar. Bills open up against Jets. Win that game and they’ll only subject the world to more Tim Tebow talk.

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