Gerhart preparing to start Week One


A team that has two starting quarterbacks has none; a team that has two starting tailbacks has a damn good running game.

The Vikings may have a damn good running game this year.

With Adrian Peterson still recovering from a December 24 torn ACL, Toby Gerhart is getting ready to serve as the starter.  If both guys can get it done, the Vikings will be better off for it.

“He’s been looking well,” coach Leslie Frazier said regarding Gerhart, via comments distributed by the team.  “He’s practicing well, has great confidence in what we’re doing, what we’re asking of him.  He doesn’t seem like a guy who is ready to settle for being a backup running back, which is a good thing.  He’s preparing himself as if he is going to have to start against Jacksonville, which is the way we want to see it happen.  He’s practicing the right way, so we’ll see how it goes.”

As Gerhart prepares to be the starter, the Vikings plan to use him sparingly in the exhibition opener.

“We’ll get him in there some, but we’re not going to hand it over to him a lot, not in the preseason,” Frazier said.  “He’ll have limited reps for sure.”

Peterson surely prefers that, come September, Gerhart will have limited reps, for entirely different reasons.  But the smartest move for the Vikings in 2012 could be to use both guys, in the hopes of keeping them healthy.

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  1. The Vikings may have a damn good running game this year?? Or they may have a hard time once again this year with defense stacking the box and blitzing Ponder while stuffing the run. I am a Vikings fan, but until we can get a stable QB that can prove himself the Vikings will not have a “damn good running game” even with A.P.

  2. Ugh. First, our star rookie WR’s career is probably over, and now it’s all but confirmed that Toby will be our RB1. I knew the latter was highly likely, but still kind of depressing to see it made (almost) official. I’m starting to think we are not going to be improving much upon last year’s record. Oh well, maybe we can at least get that USC QB in the draft.

  3. Two quality backs would be great but if you want that running game to step up there’s got to be huge improvement from that remade O-line.

    When they get Simpson back in week four there may be a little more running room with the safeties needing to play it honest for once.

  4. Passing or a running game has been improved because of what the Vikings did to improve the line. I hope they play TG more than AP to make sure the NFL’s best RB is 100% healed and not rushed back to action.

  5. Carl Gerbschmidt says:Aug 6, 2012 7:34 PM

    Ha ha ha. A fullback as RB1. Nice.

    A “fullback” that averaged 4.9 yards per carry last year.

    Isn’t your best running back actually a fullback? KUUUUHHHHHHNNNNNN!

  6. Wait our 4th round pick somehow became our star wr before he ever took a snap in the NFL. There is a reason he was a 4th round pick. Our season depends on Pounders NFL growth. And our defense cant be worse right?

  7. @thanheavenfornumberseven.. You didn’t make up anything, he’s had that nickname since college. You Viking fans just wait, ponder will never be an elite qb but he will be a solid starter for years. He’s smart, accurate, and athletic. Just give him protection

  8. Viking fans, brothers, we are going to be fine! As dude mentioned, Greg Childs was @ best a 3 week replacement for Simpson. He looked promising for the future, but he wasn’t the 2nd coming of Randy Moss. I am totally bummed over his injury, as he looked to make the final WR roster as a playmaker. But, with our improved offensive line & the significant improvement of Kyle Rudolph, our game will increase significantly! When Defenders stack the box, we will chop them up with our play action in the 2 tight end sets, when they realize that we are torching them with Rudolph & Carlson, they will defend that & TG & AP will eat them for lunch!!!
    We lost all but 2 games last year by a TD or less , with our Signicantly improved D-Backs, our Defense will be Stout!
    I Will Eat Crow & suck a bag a diks if the Vikings don’t finish the season 10-6! Our Defense front Is top 3 in the League! So , with that , I will leave the floor to you gentleman!

  9. I hope everybody keeps trashing Ponder! Because he is going to light it up!! just watch,He might depend on the TE and the running game for the first 3 weeks until Simpson gets back! The Vikes will have a MONSTER season provided they can stay away from INJURIES!

  10. Look around the league. The 2TE offense is gaining popularity. Who’s the long ball threat in New England? Welker? He’s certainly no bigger than Percy.

    It’s all about timing, and RAC. We lost nothing more than a hopeful 4th round draft pick to one of the freak injuries of the game. I feel for the kid but it hardly puts a stutter step in the season.

    The addition of Kalil is going to change Ponder’s game. Watch and see. Put 8 in the box and Ponder will make you pay.

  11. Ponder will improve, but he will be average…he’s not having a stellar camp…very up and down…I watched him on a down day…very down…I still have faith in him due to his leadership and the “it” factor that he seems to have. Just carries himself well….just better be able to not lose his confidence as he did last year late.

    Gerhart is a North/South Runner…averaged 4.9ypc and AP averaged 4.7ypc…that’s a nice tandem to have in any backfield…stacked box or not, they got their yards.
    Line is much, much improved…and our defense….my gosh has that improved…I bet 2 CB’s will be cut that will be immediately be picked up and play for other teams…we are that deep at CB now…..teams will be very surprised if they think Vikings will be pushovers this year.

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