Giants defense doesn’t want to hear “Cruuuuuuuz” chants


Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz has become a phenomenon for fans, with his flashy play and his easy-to-chant surname.

But hearing that cheer after plays in walk-throughs caught the attention of Giants defenders, and has created some friendly competition in practice.

“They were doing quarterback-receiver drills. On air. With no defense,” linebacker Chase Blackborn said, via Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger. “And every time he caught a ball, the fans chanted. I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ ”

So after a Corey Webster interception later on when there were actual defensive players on the field, safety Antrel Rolle was heard yelling “Salsa that!”

“I heard him. ‘Trel always has some funny things to say, he’s always talking,” Cruz said with a laugh. “It’s always fun, though. Going back in the locker room, we talk it up about what happened in the previous practice.

“But it’s cool. We’re just out there competing, getting the best out of each other, getting better every day.”

For the Giants defense, stopping the big-play threat is good preparation for opponents, so any day spent without hearing “Cruuuuuuuuz,” is a good day.

“I don’t care what anyone says, training camp is not a fun time for anyone, so you look for anything to get you over the edge,” Rolle said. “It’s a way for you to get better and also to test your mind and your levels of strength in different areas.

“Anything to get you over the hump, just to make the day go by a little bit faster and make things a little more competitive and add a little more excitement, that’s what we do.”

Of course, having his teammates focused on stopping him in practice is good prep work for the increased doubles he’ll see come the regular season, so the attention is a win-win.

And as Rolle said, this is the point in camp which becomes drudgery, and anything to lighten the mood is only going to help keep players focused.

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  1. Pick you poison. You can’t double both Nicks and Cruz. Team tried that in the playoffs and it didn’t end well for opposing defenses. If you do double both, the Giants offense will attack with the 3rd wideout, tight end and screens. Very few teams have this kind of fire power. NE, GB, Dallas, Eagles and the Saints are also in this category, with 3 of the mentioned winning a SB recently. Look at how many are in the NFC.

  2. I don’t know who the Giants third receiver is… I know there are a bunch of guys competing for the job though… And being honest, TE is a question mark going into the season. (But Pope is one of the best TE coaches in the game.)

  3. Kind of amusing ike. All teams have a number 1 and 2 wr. And tight end and running back that can catch. Yes Nicks and Cruz make a good duo, but thats about it.

    Come on the Giants finished 9-7 last year and they won their division. If Thats the best those 4 teams can do there is something wrong because each team was just mediocre during the regular season, yet 3 of them are on your list.

  4. Other teams D’s are going to be thinking the exact same thing. This is why a lot of good coaches don’t let players get hyped up too much. Especially young ones.

  5. Have to admit getting hyped over drills without defensive coverage is lame. However hating on a fellow teammate due to his popularity is even more lame. Cruz is a beast. Giants defense should feel lucky they only play him in practice.

  6. Belichick’s defense in the SB against Nicks and Cruz was pretty darn effective and that was with a defense that pretty much stunk. I hope the Giants are figuring out a way to attack it because opps will surely use BB’s “blueprint”.

  7. @justintuckrules

    Didn’t Nicks catch 10 passes for 109 in the Superbowl ? Cruz caught a TD pass . When they said don’t let Nicks or Cruz beat you Eli went over the top to Manningham . Manningham caught 5 for 73 . Eli went 30 for 40 for 296 . I hope more teams use that defensive blueprint this year .That game was close because of that stupid holding call on that Wilfork sold . That doesn’t happen the Giants were driving to score again and the Pats don’t get the ball to end the first half .

  8. “Belichick’s defense in the SB against Nicks and Cruz was pretty darn effective and that was with a defense that pretty much stunk. I hope the Giants are figuring out a way to attack it because opps will surely use BB’s “blueprint”.”

    Eli Manning completed 75% of his passes for 296 yards which is the second highest completion percentage in the postseason for a QB with 40 or more passes. Eli set a Super Bowl record for most completions to start a Super Bowl with 9. Eli was 10 for 14 for 118 yards in the fourth quarter. I think they figured it out already.

  9. Two Super Bowl wins in five years and neither get the respect they deserve. And so it goes..

    Cruz didn’t participate in dancing with the stars for a reason. He wanted to focus on football. If he were going to let this get to his head, it would have affected him last year, but the guy went from nearly being cut in preseason to working his tail off to becoming what he is today. The guy is committed.

  10. noturavragepunk: You’re forgetting that Dallas, NY, and Philly each play each other twice. You put any of those three teams in almost any other division and they go 10-6 or 11-5. The Giants specifically had one of the hardest schedules in the league on paper last year and were decimated with injuries from the start of the season. Not your typical 9-7 team if you can see past the overall numbers and look at the season as a whole. Oh, and they won the superbowl in spite of it all in case you forgot.

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