Greg Jennings, Marshall Newhouse have concussions


The Packers arguably have the best receiving corps in the NFL, and the guys who sit below No. 1 on the depth chart could have increased opportunities in the immediate future.

Greg Jennings suffered a concussion during Saturday’s Family Night scrimmage at Lambeau Field, according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette.  Coach Mike McCarthy disclosed the injury on Sunday after practice.

Also out (for now) with a concussion sustained Saturday night is left tackle Marshall Newhouse, who is on track to win the starting job as of Week One.

McCarthy wouldn’t rule out either guy in advance of Thursday’s preseason opener against the Chargers.  There’s a greater need for Newhouse, given that Derek Sherrod (leg) still isn’t ready to go.

4 responses to “Greg Jennings, Marshall Newhouse have concussions

  1. Can someone define concussion for me?? Back in the day, it was called “getting your bell rung”… now its anytime you get touched above the shoulders its classified as a concussion… no wonder the number is going up at an Alarming rate…

  2. Well it is a good thing the NFL/NFLPA has scaled back all these practices with no more Two-a-Days and practicing less in pads. Otherwise the whole team would have a concussion…


    I feel for these guys with concussions… but let’s be real. Outside of Zero Contact drills till Labor Day, theres no way anyone can curtail injuries in such a violent sport. Whats gonna happen is that the players will not be ‘ready’ to compete and get hurt even more during the season…

    All these new rules are just a farce used to show the public that they NFL ‘cares’ for the players.

  3. Thats right Greenbay take out your own WR’s before the season starts the 49ers an Bears will love it ….so keep going an put some more of your own WR on the pup list

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