Jaguars, Justin Blackmon agree to terms


There are no more rookie holdouts in the NFL after Jaguars first-round draft pick Justin Blackmon agreed to terms today.

Shortly after we noted that a deal was close, the Jaguars announced that Blackmon has agreed to terms and is expected to sign his contract either today or tomorrow morning.

Blackmon, a wide receiver chosen with the fifth overall pick in the NFL draft, had a longer negotiation than other rookies because the Jaguars wanted to build protections into his deal that would allow the team to recoup money in the event that off-field problems derailed his career. Blackmon was arrested for aggravated DUI in June and pleaded guilty in July.

Assuming he can stay out of trouble and learn the offense in the next month, the Jaguars expect Blackmon to be their No. 1 receiver as a rookie. And as long as Maurice Jones-Drew continues to hold out, Blackmon may be the Jaguars’ biggest offensive playmaker.

16 responses to “Jaguars, Justin Blackmon agree to terms

  1. bout friggin time…he should’ve had the humility to get this thing done long ago considering his DUI debacle. not exactly in a position of leverage but he dragged it out anyways. he better put up this year.

  2. In related news, Blackmon fires his tool agent, realizing he signed the exact same contract originally offered…..all he did was cost him a week of working with Gabbert and further head scratching by Jag fans……you blow a .24, you get protective language in your contract.

  3. I hope the Jaguars really thought this contract through before settling with Blackmon. The kid looks like a future train wreck about to happen, nothing is good about drinking and driving. I wonder if Vegas is taking bets on what dumb move this kid will take next? Be prepared Jacksonville fans, JB might be taking y’all on a ride.

  4. The Jaguars are beyond silly being concerned about this kids guaranteed money. Reality check!!! Two years ago you would have had to sign him for twice as much. The new CBA protects you. This teams only concern should be how many games they’re going to loose. lol

  5. I dont see him doing much in the NFL. Besides the fact that his QB is Blaine Gabbert, Blackmon reminds me of Michael Crabtree–his production in college was mostly because he played in a pass happy system and he lacks NFL speed. We shall see.

  6. I think I know how this convo went.

    Team: Look, you can either sign this contract that prevents us from paying you if you get in trouble again or you can go back in the draft next year get drafted in the 7th round and take a 9-12 million dollar pay cut. Your move.

    Blackmon’s Agent: You think you can stay out of trouble Justin?

    Blackmon: Aww man, you mean i have to be a responsible law abiding citizen for the next 4-5 years. Man this sucks, Ok I’ll do it but im not making any promises though.

  7. Hmm, decent offensive line, All-Star RB (whenever he decideds to show up), great TE; maybe a run for the division title is in their grasp with such a complete compliment of offensi— wait a minute…. sorry, forgot the qb.

  8. Don’t hold your breath about JB acting professionally or putting out on the field…an Oklahoman

  9. Not sure how anyone can tell another person how their contract should be negotiated. If I were him, I’d try to get as much guaranteed money as I could, especially if I had to play with Blaine Gabbert for the life of the contract.

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