Jets dump a pair of wideouts


The Jets now have two fewer receivers who are worse than Antonio Cromartie.

The team has waived DeMarcus Ganaway and Scotty McKnight (pictured).

The decision to move on from Ganaway isn’t a surprise; he didn’t play football in 2011 after playing college football at Kentucky Wesleyan.  McKnight, however, was a seventh-round pick last season, and he’s the boyhood friend of quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez actually threw passes to McKnight at his Colorado Pro Day workout.

Cutting McKnight now gives him a chance to catch on elsewhere.  Still, if a guy can’t stick on a 90-man roster before even one preseason game is played, that’s not a good sign.

The Jets still have 12 receivers on the roster.  Thirteen, if you count Cromartie.

10 responses to “Jets dump a pair of wideouts

  1. In later news, Hayden Panettiere realizes that she’s no longer dating an NFL player, and she too dumps Scotty McKnight.

    I’m ashamed that I know they’re a couple. But she’s hot, and stupid TMZ with their pics of her.

  2. I think it’s interesting both these players share a surname with other players on the team: Terence Ganaway and Joe McKnight. Maybe the Jets aren’t big fans of first name initials on their jerseys.

  3. I’m sure plowing Hayden Pantierre some more will help Scotty McKnight get over it, I just hope he quotes remember to titans while he does it.


  4. i think the jets are going to pull it off this year. i don’t mean the super bowl but i think they will be a good team and they will be fun to watch cause they will be a little different from everyone else.

  5. I wonder if NFL coaches subconsciously have higher expectation for white WRs ?

    Every year a big-play white who plays WR catch a 100+ balls for double-digit TDs but can’t make an NFL squad even if they’re 6’4’/4.49 40 yd.

    No conspiracy here- I just wonder if a lot of people are accidently building retrive stereotypes w/o realizing.

    I’m not sitting here wearing pink jackboots and an Eva Braun thong or anything; just wondering how certain guys get kind locked of certain position, black guys and white.

    Same way if Garrard were white he be a media fav like Romo…

  6. No self-respecting adult male should go by the name “Scotty”. Or Mikey or Doogie or Petey. He sounds like he’s 12. He had to go.

  7. I think the Jets released him at some point last year. But as howiehandles pointed out, he is going to be just fine with HP.

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