Jets fight involves running back vs. running backs coach’s son


It’s not quite as big a deal as Tim Tebow fighting Mark Sanchez would be, but a fight broke out at Jets camp today that may lead to some awkward conversations.

Running back Joe McKnight delivered an overhand right to cornerback D’Anton Lynn to start a huge fight, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. Lynn is an undrafted rookie who is the son of McKnight’s position coach, Jets running backs coach Anthony Lynn.

Mehta describes fight that broke out as “insane,” with 20 players involved and Jets coach Rex Ryan having to jump in to stop it. Here’s some video of the end of the skirmish.

Ryan has guaranteed that his team will be closer this year than it was last year. This probably isn’t what he had in mind.

34 responses to “Jets fight involves running back vs. running backs coach’s son

  1. Rex Ryan is out of control and so is his overrated team. Tired of seeing ESPN’s coverage of the Jets. East Coast Bias and Rex Ryan overhype. Hasn’t ever won anything and won’t win anything in the future. Over hyped and over rated.

  2. One can infer that McKnight throwing the ball into the face mask of his tackler could be construed as a sign disrespect and worthy of a brawl on one side of town.

    On my side of town, If I was the tackler I would be proud that I got under the running backs skin and frustrated him so much that he would be willing to take an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

    All practices are filmed and would like to think that the coaching staff would discuss the puerile actions of the two players involved.

  3. i cant remember a fight breaking out in jets camp last year so this is a positive for me. in rex’s first two seasons there were multiple fights in training camp. though after seeing the vid this is much ado about nothing. just two players involved while everyone else tries to break them up.

  4. “It’s not quite as big a deal as Tim Tebow fighting Mark Sanchez would be…”

    No, Tim would just turn the other cheek… or perhaps break Sanchez in two.

  5. Not the first time a fight broke out in a NFL training camp, but somehow the Jets will be chastised & scrutinized as if this was. Whatever….

  6. I disagree , i think the fighting may help bring the team closer , the players will gain respect of each other because of it. If you punch somebody and they dont fight back i can bet you will not have respect for that person.

  7. Lol you know what’s funny about this is that when the pats team got into 2 fights last week everyone blogging was saying its not a big deal and it happens in every camp… All of a sudden it happens it jets camp and it’s a big deal and these guys are hoodlums and Rex is out of control lol… Hypocrites

  8. Why does anyone believe anything that Ryan says. Either of the twin bozos for that matter. In fact, I would say that anytime they make a strong public statement, the chances of it being true or becoming true are well under 50%.

  9. Buddy Ryan’s training camps were notorious for these kinds of brawls, and guess what? By the time the regular season started they’d be a tight knit group.

    It always starts with a couple of guys fighting and then escalates to groups of guys going at, to defense against the offense, to the team against the world.

    Again — it would be nice to know the size/weight of the contenders. Maybe a won/loss record so far in camp?

  10. Look I’m a Patriots fan and I dislike the Jets but this isn’t a big deal at all training camp fights happen every single year at almost every team’s training camp.

    While having a coaches son involved could potentially (I’m reaching here) have some awkward moments overall the only training camp fights that have any impact are the ones that actually hurt a player like Jonathan Baldwin last year.

  11. The Jets are a complete circus. Fights in training camp should not be news. But because the show is run by fat mouthed attention loving coach and because they have created this Tebow mess, everything that happens at Jets camp turns into a tabloid story. They have created this distraction and it can’t be helpful to winning. But as real football fans know, winning is a secondary concern for this bunch.

    For people like me who love pro football, this all really sucks. Instead of getting the latest scoop on Sportscenter or wherever, we are subject to this reality show rubbish.

  12. I still love how Rex Ryan is still a winner on the East Coast, Yet Carrol is still a non winner on the west coast. Who has made it farther in the playoffs more recently?

  13. Somehow I don’t think Rex will be too upset by this. He was the person I hard knocks last year or the year before telling his guys to do I and instigate fights on purpose.

  14. Like none of you morons have ever had a training camp fight with your team??? Get real

  15. Thanks everyone blowing this out of proportion. The Pats had 2 fights in the span of like 4 days. This is a non issue, camp fights happen all the time

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