Kevin Colbert says Steelers have had no contact with Mike Wallace


Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said last week that he’s spoken to wide receiver Mike Wallace recently.

General Manager Kevin Colbert can’t say the same. During an interview with 93.7 in Pittsburgh, via, Colbert said that the team has not had any contact with Wallace because there’s not much to talk about at this point in time.

“Yeah there’s really no contact. Mike knows where things stand. The next step for him really is to report and to sign his tender, and until that happens, there won’t be anything else,” Colbert said. “And if that happens, nobody knows where it will go from there. So that’s where it is and has been, and hopefully it comes to an end sooner rather than later because it will be good for us, but it will also be good for Mike.”

Colbert also reiterated that trading Wallace isn’t something the Steelers would consider. He said they still might consider giving Wallace, who is set to make $2.7 million after being tendered as a restricted free agent, a long-term extension, but that there was nothing to talk about until Wallace joins the team at training camp.

Basically, then, it’s the same story that has been told since the June 15th deadline for other teams to sign Wallace away passed without any activity. With no movement on either side, that story will probably remain in heavy rotation a while longer.

25 responses to “Kevin Colbert says Steelers have had no contact with Mike Wallace

  1. Good for the Steelers. I don’t understand where Wallace gets off demanding so much as if he were a fusion of FitzgeraldxMegatron. Let him cry and finish out his deal.

  2. I would love to have Mike Wallace in camp and signed to a long term contract. However, if he chooses not to report until he has to (the 10th game), I say sit him. Let him dress and not play. I have nothing against the players getting paid. It always seems like whoever gets tagged refuses to go by the terms of the tag. If the players don’t like the tag, then they should negotiate to get rid of it.

  3. Wow! The Steelers sign Antonio Brown to a long term at more than $8M but offer their best receiver who attracts all the attention when he’s on the field a tender of $2.7 million. I guess it pays to be a good guy in Pittsburgh. Did Wallace curse out ownership?

  4. No point in coming in now…this franchise will never pay you. So you might as well chill until the season starts, make your year, get tagged again and repeat.

  5. He wont win this! Steelers wont play ball until he’s is in camp. Steelers have a pretty WR corp without him (better with him) in Brown, Saunders, Cotchery (assuming Saunders doesn’t get hurt again) but they do lose some depth. I am sure that a rookie or practice squad player will be happy to be a #4

  6. promickey says: Aug 6, 2012 6:28 PM

    Wow! The Steelers sign Antonio Brown to a long term at more than $8M but offer their best receiver who attracts all the attention when he’s on the field a tender of $2.7 million. I guess it pays to be a good guy in Pittsburgh. Did Wallace curse out ownership?

    Browns contract was supposedly his but he didn’t sign. Let him be a diva! Doesn’t work in Pittsburgh!

  7. I think you have to respect a franchise that does what it says and sticks to it.
    I think you have to wonder about a one trick pony receiver who wants to be paid like the top of the league and assumes the team will crawl back with a weak whimper.

  8. The Steelers usually have a good reason to do what they do. I’m sure they had a plan in mind if Wallace did not sign (and in my opinion, they didn’t think he would).

  9. He does not want to play football, all he wants is money. If he truly wanted to play football, he would have signed his tender, reported to camp and continued negotiating. He appears to be a self-centered cry baby. His only option is to sign the tender. Let’s see if he really wants to play football. If he does not report until mid season, do not even dress him for a game!

    My hat’s off to Antonio Brown. A true sportsman!

  10. The next move for Wallace is no move. He is going to sit and see what happens with him out of the lineup. If the Steelers dont miss a beat, maybe he signs. If the WR group fails without him, he probably sits a long time or until he gets a long term deal, which probably is not coming regardless. How foolish does it look to reject a AB type contract playing for a great franchise with good qb? I have a feeling this decision is going to come back to haunt him. Is it really worth millions if you are going to have a 2nd or 3rd tier qb throwing you the ball? Is it worth not making the playoffs every year? I guess for Wallace, we know the answer.

  11. The steelers have never negotiated contracts to players refusing to report. Wallace is hurting himself by not reporting. His chances of getting the long term deal he wants are getting lesser by not reporting. If he reports, negotiations will begin.

  12. get your money Mike Wallace today…..tomorrow they will run u out of the door like they do every other player…get ur money now!!!!

  13. Why would Wallace show up now? Good for him, he thinks he deserves more, I couldn’t disagree less. This is so awesome!

  14. Nice to see a team stick to their guns and not let players run the team. To much of that in the NFL today, players wanting money and more money and feel they can hold it over the teams to cave in to all their demands.

  15. One of the reasons the Steelers have been good for the last 35 years or so… ridiculously good front offices.

    That and they hit harder than any other team.

  16. He is stupid, here is why. He was offered 50 mil over 5 years. He wanted 55 over 5 which is a 5mil or 1mil a year. By not signing it he losses 7.5 mil this year alone. He needs to report for his own career. if he has a great season his stock goes up not to mention what a superbowl ring or sb mvp would do. If he holds out till week 10 it does nothing tho improve his payday.

  17. Browns contract was supposedly his but he didn’t sign. Let him be a diva! Doesn’t work in Pittsburgh!


    I’m sure your right about Wallace being a diva and Brown getting the contract that was earmarked for Wallace. However Brown was as good as he was last season due to the attention that Wallace received. The Steelers need both receivers to maintain their passing game. The bottom line is that Brown and the Steeler’s passing attack will not be the same without Mike Wallace their number one diva receiver.

  18. Wallace shouldn’t report until the last moment possible in order to accrue a year of service.

    By locking up Antonio Brown, Steelers can now franchise Wallace. If Wallace over performs his perceived value, the Steelers will just franchise him.

    I think he got really bad advice throughout this process, but he has lost every bit of leverage short of playing for the minimum this year and hoping the Steelers are pissed enough to not franchise.

  19. It’s in his best interests to sit out. He has very little to prove. His 3 years in the league have already shown what he’s capable of.

    If he sits out 10 of 16 games or whatever it is then there’s 10 games less a chance he has of having a catastrophic injury and ruining any future payday. The money he’d lose sitting out is peanuts compared to the money he could lose playing.

    The Steelers aren’t winning anything. Every praise you have for the Steelers management can be reversed and said in favor of Wallace. He isn’t “caving” either.

  20. In order to accrue a season of play for the 2012-2013 season Mike has to show up by week 10. If not he is considered to still have one year left as a restricted free agent. To put this in perspective by week 10 at the latest we will have a fresh legged Mike Wallace somewhere in our offensive rotation. Whether its week one or ten it makes no difference. He most likely will not be playing in Pittsburgh come 2013-14 regardless.

  21. I love this, they extend a 180lbs guy with 2 career TDs to be their new #1 wide out. Lardarius Webb and Jimmy Smith must be licking their chops at the thought of playing this team. The Ravens probably won’t even need safety help against these midget WR’s Pittsburgh plans on fielding.

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