Kolb has “bruised chest muscle”


It initially looked like a shoulder injury, given the way quarterback Kevin Kolb hit the ground.  It officially was reported as a rib contusion.

After Sunday night’s Hall of Fame game, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said that Kolb has a “bruised chest muscle,” via Mike Sando of ESPN.com.

It’s unclear how much time (if any) Kolb will miss.  Chest injuries can be painful even if ribs aren’t broken.

It’s more clear that Kolb’s poor performance pre-injury won’t hurt his standing in the Cardinals’ quarterback competition.

“I think it’s a little bit unfair to Kevin because we weren’t doing as good a job up front early in the game,” Whisenhunt said of criticism regarding KOlb’s one-for-four-with-a-pick-performance. “Then we settled down and played a little bit better.  But he’ll get his opportunities when we go forward.  That’s why you don’t, it’s careful to make judgments on that first experience.”

That’s fine, but it’s hard to blame the line for the interception Kolb threw.  The quarterback locked in on receiver Andre Roberts, not noticing that Malcolm Jenkins leaked out into the flat after lining up close to the scrum of blockers and defensive linemen.

So the mistake was on Kolb — and if the coaching staff is going to blame plays like that on the offensive line, then Whisenhunt will soon have bigger problems that a supposed franchise quarterback who’s playing like a camp arm.

24 responses to “Kolb has “bruised chest muscle”

  1. yeh, too bad he proved he will never be a starter before being conveniently “injured” if skelton isn’t the starter its because they don’t wanna bite the bullet and admit they made a horrible decision on a man who had a few decent games in his career

  2. Kolb might have a bruised chest but his pockets are still fat. What a waist of money. You always have to be careful when you sign a back up with limited playing time. Matt Flynn is another one I’m going to keep an eye on, because from what I’ve heard he still hasn’t been called the starter in Seattle.

  3. I don’t know if Kolb has talent but he’s not built for that life. You’ve got to be fearless, none injury prone with a high tolerance for pain. No, no and no.

    6 years 65 mil? I think he’d rather go fishing. He’s already got 19 mil in the bank. Thanks, Andy!

  4. Corn on the Kolb is terrible. I’d almost feel bad for the Cardinals if they weren’t in our division. So please, keep Kolb on the field.

  5. Kolb is a shyster, a con man – he knows that any extended period on the field will expose him as the fraud that he is. There is no known recovery time for ‘awful’.

  6. The Cardinals just need to trade him for anything at this point, and admit they were overzealous giving Corn on the Kolb a phat contract extension before he threw a single pass.

  7. Bad ownership. There’s no getting around it. Why they paid Kolb this kind of money will always be a mystery, but the idea he’ll be in the league 6 years hence is more of a fantasy.

    TERRIBLE performance last night…

  8. Unclear how much time Kolb will miss? I think it’s pretty certain he’ll miss quite a bit of time this year, whether he’s healthy or not.

    Bring the Skelton out ‘the closet!!

  9. It was a blessing for Kolb that he was knocked out of the game. The guy is just terrible.

  10. I’ll admit it’s easy to blame the ownership considering their past and the current Kolb situation. But let’s put it into perspective…..How many teams have overspent for a player with potential? I would say all of them. Heck, look at some of the past rookie contracts for high draft picks. Why is Kolb any different, he was young, played well in college and had 3 “player of the week” awards before getting injured on the Eagles. When Warner retired, the Cardinals had 0 talent at the QB position. I actually applaud the ownership for taking a risk with their money. In the past we would have been stuck with Derek Anderson and Max Hall, while not resigning Wilson and Fitz. Since the new stadium opened, the Cardinals have spent as much money as any other team. Have they made questionable decisions? Sure. But I think it’s time to remove the “cheap” label. For the record: I’m a Skelton guy, so don’t think I’m some Kolp apologist.

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