Lions plan to treat quarterbacks like wolves treated Liam Neeson


In The Grey, Liam Neeson and his colleagues battle a pack of hungry wolves in the Alaskan tundra. Spoiler alert: The wolves win.

Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham watched that movie, and it gave him some ideas: Cunningham told the Detroit News that he’s experimenting with a new formation in which defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley move outside to end, while the ends move inside to tackle, and he named the formation after the movie.

Yeah, I call it Grey,” Cunningham said. “If you watch that movie you will know what I mean. Those wolves kind of tricked ’em and that’s kind of what we’re doing.”

With franchise player Cliff Avril now signed, the Lions believe they have one of the deepest defensive lines in the NFL. Defensive end Willie Young and defensive tackle Corey Williams both said they believe the Lions’ second line would be one of the 10 best starting units in the league. That kind of depth gives the Lions the ability to do things that other teams don’t do, head coach Jim Schwartz said.

“I think we are an elite defensive line,” Schwartz said. “I wouldn’t compare us to anybody else. We’re not trying to be the New York Giants. We’re not trying to be anybody but the Detroit Lions. The talent that we have, if we play to our ability, that’ll be enough.”

It may be enough to make opposing quarterbacks as terrified as you’d be if you were surrounded by wolves in the middle of nowhere.

22 responses to “Lions plan to treat quarterbacks like wolves treated Liam Neeson

  1. Non- Football comment….I dont know why i thought the survivors of the plane crash where going to live, not because of the Wolves, but because of how cold it was, good movie to rent!!!

  2. Didn’t see the movie — how many of the wolves got ejected and then suspended from the wilderness?

  3. The Lions get a little success and start yapping off a little too much. I sense a back to reality season ahead for them brother.

  4. BTW The Grey is one of the dumbest movies ever made anyone who has seen it is still asking the question….”why the hell did they ever leave the airplane in the first place??”

  5. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but, didn’t Liam Niesen kill two the wolves (including the Alpha)? So, you’re saying the Lions are going to get killed by oppossing QBs?

  6. So, they have big guys in the middle lined up against the smaller guards and centers. The strength of these defensive linemen is that they can overpower the smaller, interior offensive linemen, but they’re not going to outrun anybody, which is why they play inside.

    The smaller defensive ends are not as strong, but they use their speed to beat the stronger, but slower offensive tackles.

    So the genius Lions plan is to take the slow but strong defensive tackles and put them against the slow but strong tackles and take the fast but small defensive ends and make them try to out-muscle guys who outweigh them by 40 pounds since they won’t be able to use speed to just run by them on the outside?

    Good luck reinventing the wheel Lions.

  7. Jim Schwartz makes it hard to root for the Lions. The guy is a huge tool. Probably me least favorite coach in the league besides both Harbaughs.

  8. Good. Gunther needs to shake things up a bit and put Suh and Fairley in different formations.

  9. I’d be willing to put the Buffalo Bills 1st and 2nd string defensive lines right up there with the Lions and Giants. The Buffalo Bills have one of the better Offensive lines with Eric Wood anchoring the line, Andy Levitre and Kraig Urbik at the Guard posts and Erik Pears, Chris Hairston and Cordy Glenn manning the Tackle positions, and throughout training camp the D-line has been constantly harassing all 4 quarterbacks to no end. I can’t wait until pre-season, so we can see this D-line in action against other teams O-lines. Kyle Williams, Mario Williams, Marcell Dareus, Mark Anderson, Shawne Merriman, Chris Kelsay, Spencer Johnson, Dwan Edwards, Alex Carrington and Kellen Heard. Man, I am so ready for some football!!!

  10. The Lions will be lucky to be 8-8 this season and will lose both to the bears and packers.

  11. Oh, and… There is no team in football with the Lions’ talent and depth at DT. The outside guys would def be a bit behind the Eagles, but if and only if Willie Young doesn’t do stuff like he did today at practice against what was a top-5 pass pro unit in 2011: blow up a blocker, infiltrate, adjust to a screen, snatch it out of the air and return it for a td.

  12. dccowboy says:
    Aug 6, 2012 12:54 PM
    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but, didn’t Liam Niesen kill two the wolves (including the Alpha)? So, you’re saying the Lions are going to get killed by oppossing QBs?

    They will every time they play the Packers, that’s for sure.

  13. Sheesh. People just don’t get it. “Lucky to be 8-8”? That was last year. This team is only getting better and better, and it starts with the best young QB in the game, a WR who could be the best ever this side of Rice, multiple weapons at WR/TE and a DL that dominates most games even when it plays average. Time to wake up, people. This team is no joke.

  14. So is it wise to reference the defensive moves ahead of time if the goal is to employ a wolf-like “trick” on the opposing offense during the upcoming season?

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