Marty Mornhinweg: It’s not a challenge, it’s a responsibility


Coach Andy Reid hasn’t returned to work, but the rest of the Eagles have gotten back to business in the wake of his son Garrett’s death.

According to offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, who is splitting the duties of the top job with defensive coordinator Juan Castillo while Reid is away from the team, the team isn’t viewing that as a challenge. While meeting with the media on Monday, Mornhinweg explained that they are simply looking at it as doing their jobs.

“We haven’t talked about the challenge. We’ve talked about, simply, our responsibility [which] is doing our job. So, that’s where we’re at right now,” Mornhinweg said in comments distributed by the team.

Mornhinweg’s other answers made it clear that things aren’t as simple as that. The players have been emotional over the last two days, “saddened and shocked” were Mornhinweg’s words, and there will be a funeral on Tuesday before they have to take the field against the Steelers on Thursday. Tuning out the distractions will be almost impossible and there are sure to be questions about the impact over the course of the season.

The routines of practice and preparation can be a way to escape from the grieving, though. Emphasizing the responsibility to do your job even when other things are grabbing at you sounds like just about the only way to proceed at present for the Eagles.

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  1. This season isn’t as much about chasing the Lombardi for the Eagles as it is about rallying behind your coach off the field even more than on it.

    Every year I hope for an Eagles Super Bowl, and while this year is no different, It’s more important that Andy and his family make it through this as strongly as possible. Whether the Eagles “are an easy sweep this season” or not, I know there will be 53 guys in that locker room that are going to do what they can to be there for him…

  2. I actually think the Eagles have an excellent chance to win the NFC this season. It’s Green Bay, Philly, NYG, San Fran and nobody else.

    In that regard, I think Reid realized that staying away from the team for a bit is A) good for him and his family and B) allows the team to focus in light of the heartbreaking news.

    Anyway, you Saints and Cowboys weirdos can go ahead and give me a thumbs down now. I’ll see if I can keep the tears in check.

  3. Really adds perspective when such a tragedy strikes. Even as a fan who has been critical of Reid, it really humanizes him and in a way, lets you what he is made of. Based on reports and interviews I’ve heard, Reid is well loved and held in great esteem by everyone who knows the man, Andy Reid. I have new found respect and admiration for him as a man and a father. I wish him and his family the best during this trying time.

  4. This season isn’t as much about chasing the Lombardi for the Eagles as it is about rallying behind your coach off the field even more than on it.


    Was going to write something harrassing, but it is just too soon. I feel bad for the guy.

  5. While Andy Reid deserves all the support and condolences he is getting and will get from anyone connected to the NFL, be they employee or fan (including myself)… there’s a pressure involved when trying to “play for” someone connected to the team who is recently deceased. The Patriots had that very pressure last year by dedicating their season to Mrs. Kraft – and you may recall how devastated Bob Kraft was at the end of XLVI because he didn’t win for his late wife.

    For that reason, it may not be to the Eagles’ benefit that they dedicate the season to Garrett Reid’s memory, as nothing short of a Lombardi will emotionally multiply the lack of ultimate success.

  6. It is always easy to say what one thinks should be done when you are not the one dealing with it.

    I hope every year and every year in January(last year much sooner)they break my heart……….only time will tell…….

  7. hey marty if you head into over time are you gonna take the wind again.instead of the ball first this is who’s running the show in philly.

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