Michael Crabtree returns to practice field


Stop the presses. Michael Crabtree returned to the practice field Monday.

The perpetually injured (at least in August) wideout returned to the field with his uniform and shoulder pads this morning, according to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com.

He’s been out since suffering a right ankle injury on the first day of camp, a total of seven practices.

Crabtree, who led the 49ers with 72 catches and 874 yards last year, has missed six regular season games in three years as a pro.

But the next preseason game he plays will be his first. Last year, it was foot surgery, the year before that a neck problem. His rookie camp was wiped out in a contract stalemate.

The interesting part will be seeing how coach Jim Harbaugh balances the workload, what with five No. 1 receivers and everything.

8 responses to “Michael Crabtree returns to practice field

  1. Maybe Crabs could get open a little more if we ran 5 wides in the spread… The guy is a porcelain doll.

  2. Honestly, you have to get off the whole “5 starting wide receivers” thing. As well as the “we were never serious about Manning” thing.

    If you think Harbaugh looks like a fool for saying those things, you look like the bigger fool for STILL bringing it up.

    Do some real journalism for the first time in your life.

  3. Weak division, 8-8 blah blah blah. NFC East: it’s the Giants who are great and then the dysfunctional Cowboys, maybe the Eagles show up this season maybe not and maybe the Redskins do okay with their rookie QB. Are any of these teams any better off than the NFC West teams not 9ers? No. 9ers were 3-1 vs the East last season during regular season. NFC north: it’s the Packers and either the Bears or Detroit. I don’t see both CHI and DET doing well. Detroit has had a lot of off season distractions. If you have LB’s that can cover, DET is pretty simple to contain. Not expecting much from the Vikings. They aren’t any better than STL right now. 9ers 1-0 vs the North last season. NFC South: let’s see, you have the Saints then the Falcons, Panthers and the Bucs. The 9ers beat both the Saints and the Bucs. 2-0 vs South last season. 3-1 vs the AFC North. 5-1 vs NFC West.

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