Michael Phelps is excited for football season


Now that 27-year-old Michael Phelps is “retired,” he has time for what really matters.

Following the NFL.

In an interview with USA Today, Phelps talks about his passion for the Ravens and his participation in fantasy football.

I’m so excited for football season,” Phelps said.  “We’re already talking trash about fantasy football and who we’re gonna draft and this and that.  So the draft is actually coming up.  I have like two weeks until draft day.  I’ve gotta start doing a little more research, and hopefully we can have another epic year like we had last year.”

Michael, we’ve got whatever you may need as you prepare for the 2012 season, either as a fan of the Ravens or as the owner of a fantasy football team.

And given the money you’ve made and will continue to make, you should consider setting your sights a little higher than owning a fantasy team.