Moreno a fourth-stringer on Broncos depth chart


A number of teams around the league released preseason depth charts on Monday, and the Denver Broncos were one of them. Peyton Manning is the starting quarterback. Willis McGahee is the top running back. Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker are the first-team wide receivers.

One big-name player who’s already buried on Denver’s depth chart is fourth-year tailback Knowshon Moreno. The 12th overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft, Moreno is listed on the Broncos’ fourth-team offense. He’s stacked alongside Xavier Omon and Jeremiah Johnson on the fourth string. McGahee, Lance Ball, and rookie Ronnie Hillman are listed as the top three backs.

Although these pre-preseason depth charts typically don’t mean much, it’s certainly noticeable when a player once regarded as highly as Moreno comes in so low on the totem pole at his respective position. Moreno is on the roster bubble this year, and it’s not hard to imagine the Broncos swinging him for a late-round pick if any team came calling.

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  1. This guy has been overrated his entire career. It’s just an example of a guy looking better than he really is because he played in the SEC in college.

  2. Just amazing. I remember watching him at Georgia. It just doesn’t make sense when a guy like this flops in the NFL. He has the goods.

    Sure enough he’ll get a shot somewhere else though.

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if they trade or cut him. A Josh McDaniels pick who’s always been a bit of a china doll; can’t seem to ever stay on the field for more than a game or two at a time.

  4. I wouldn’t hold my breath for the phone to start ringing with any late round offers. If he cant even crack the top 3 with those names then anyone who is interested will just wait for Denver to cut him.

    McDaniels sure knew how to pick them.

  5. Moreno hasn’t been a “big name” since shorty after he was drafted. He’s done nothing in his 4 years in the league. It’s really not surprising he’s this low on the depth chart.

    What needs to be talked about more (and I’ll keep hammering this point until I’m proven right) is the severe lack of talent on this Denver team. I’ve detailed this all before, poor offensive line, no running backs (unless you think a used up, old, on his last legs McGahee is the answer), and a defense has two very good rush linebackers but little else.

    This is not a team that was close last year and just needed Manning to put it over the top for a deep play-off run or Super Bowl berth. This is a team that was 1-4 last year due to questionable talent on both sides of the ball. Say what you want about Tebow as a QB, but he made it possible for this team to overachieve last year. Now, there are all these huge expectations because a once great QB (who still may be good) is on the team. Sorry, it ain’t gonna happen as the saying goes. This team has too many holes, even a healthy Payton Manning can’t cover up.

    The Raiders have assembled the best roster in the division. If the Raiders stay relatively healthy this season, then Okland takes the West.

  6. If some team really is interested they may offer a late round pick so they don’t lose him to someone else’s waiver claim. I don’t imagine much more than a seventh rounder changing hands here though.

  7. They could have had Brian Orakpo or Clay Matthews instead of “Sauced” and could have still got Matthews later in round 1 instead of Ayers.

  8. No show is dangling off the totem pole….this Bronco fan thinks No Show should go->

  9. @villa41
    you must be high… The Broncos have one of the best LT’s and RG’s in the league, surrounded by some quality others on the O-line. We were #1 rushing team last year even WITH 8 guys in the box all year long. We have a lot of talent at the WR and TE position. And our Defense is going to be the best in the AFC West BY FAR.
    Yeah… hinsight is 20/20 I guess…. it’s a shame.

  10. @villa41

    Did you see the holes that Peyton covered up in Indy? Denver will be fine as long as Manning is fine.

  11. @villa41:

    Saying a lie enough times does not make it true. Denver’s starters are better than the Raiders at most positions and they are deeper. McGahee outrushed the Oakland backs last year. Clady and Kuper are in the upper echelon in the league at their positions. You’re saying that Decker and Thomas don’t have talent? I’d certainly take them over Moore and DHB, and so would most everyone else. Champ Bailey is a HOFer who made the pro-bowl again last year. They brought in Tracy Porter. I just looked at the Raiders roster and I don’t even know who their starting corners are. I literally did not recognize any of the names. Seriously, man, just stop.

  12. This is a division where any of the 4 teams can win the west.

    The Chargers got healthy on the Oline and went 4-1 down the stretch destroying Buffalo, Baltimore and Oakland and was a Rivers fumble away from winning the division.

    KC will be getting Charles, Berry & Moeaki back and that can only help.

    Oakland will have a full training camp with Palmer

    Denver needs to keep Manning upright or they don’t have a chance.

  13. This guy had Thomas Jones written all over him. Someone gets him for one year, he has a great year, then is a productive back for another 5-6 seasons for a third team.

  14. villa41,

    Completely agree, although considering the Manningless Colts, it might not take much around him.

    I thought the better landing spot for Manning would have been KC, which has by far the brightest future in that division as soon as they find a real QB to complement it that is.

  15. acanniv says:Aug 6, 2012 5:17 PM

    You didn’t recognize the names of the Raider corners because you simply don’t know the personnel in the NFL. Ron Bartell is a big, physical corner that was hurt last year. Before that he plyed very good ball in obscurity in St. Louis. He’s better than little Tracy Porter (good cover no tackle) whether you know it or not. Bailey? He made the pro bowl on reputation last year. He’s still ok but no longer elite. He scares no anymore.

    Clady and Kuper upper tier? My God man please don’t kid yourself. Clady started out ok but has been nothing special after his leg injury. Kuper wouldn’t start on most teams. Raiders LT Jared Veldheer is 10 times better than Clady. Did you see Veldheer SHUT DOWN Jared Allen last year or were you sleeping. I’ll take any of the Raider lineman over Kuper.

    McGahee? Please. He’s running on fumes. He benefited from the read option last year – period. Watch what he does in a conventional offense this season – nothing. Watch what the Bronco lineman do in conventional offense this season – nothing.

    The Bronco receivers are ok, never said everyone was bad. That’s the one area (plus your TE’s where your even close on talent). Where are your D-tackles? You let Bunkley walk. He wasn’t even that good, yet he was the best you had. Now, you’re couning on rookkie Derrick Wolfe and Kevin Vickerson (Vickerson really??) to stop teams from running on you all day. Come on, man. Get serious. All you have on D really are two really good pass rushers. Unfortuately, they won’t be doing much pass rushing when teams are cramming the ball right down your throat with the run – like Oakland will. Yeah, will see who has the better roster about week 4.

  16. As a lifelong Broncos fan, I say lose knoshow morono! Dudes like eggshells. He’s been injured for 4 yrs. A change of scenery may do everyone some good.

  17. The ability to absolutely separate themselves from all reality is both my favorite and least favorite characteristic of Raider fans.

  18. Moreno was never really any good. He had a good game here or there, but he isn’t a workhorse at all. It really bothers me that he is wearing Atwater’s number.

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