Peterson case continued until September 27


Adrian Peterson ended up making a useless trip to court on Monday.

In Houston for a pre-trial hearing in the criminal case against him for resisting arrest, Peterson’s case was adjourned until September 27.  Another hearing has been set for November 15.

It’s unknown whether Peterson will be required to attend either or both hearings.  The first one lands on a Thursday before the Week Four game at Detroit.  The second falls on the Thursday before the team’s bye.

According to the Associated Press, lawyer Rusty Hardin said that prosecutors need more time to conduct interviews and examine the evidence.  Hardin previously has said that he hopes prosecutors will drop the charges.

Peterson, who is still recovering from a torn ACL suffered December 24, did not speak to reporters.  He signed autographs in the courtroom.  Hopefully, the judge didn’t ask for one.

Actually, from Peterson’s perspective, hopefully she did.

13 responses to “Peterson case continued until September 27

  1. Ok, so he resisted, so what, drop the case and stop wasting taxpayer $ on useless pursuits of “justice” arrest the real criminals hiding behind politics

  2. Hardin previously has said that he hopes prosecutors will drop the charges.

    I bet both Rusty and the defendant hope the prosecutors drop the charges.

  3. I think there are some, not most but some, police that are like, “see that guy, he’s a pro football player let’s see if we can get him arrested.”

  4. Houston PD is still trying to figure out how to save face and get out of this. In the meantime, a lot more Houston taxpayer dollars down the drain.

  5. I hear say “Don’t Mess With Texas”. Now I know why. They get confused making up their own bullsh*t!

  6. The expenses incurred from flying across the country, his lawyer running up billable hours, the continued bad press about drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest, and the reduced potential for any endorsement money ought to prompt him to plea bargain and put this behind him.

    Does he really believe bad press is better than no press?

    How else can you explain this incident combined with the “Slave” comment during the work stoppage, the after hours Burger King incident, the over 100 mph on December Minnesota roads incident, and other behaviors?

    With his 8 million a year counting against the salary cap he may one day soon will find himself cut if he keeps it up.

  7. Translation; “Let us stall for time will we can find and pay off someone to say he was out of control and harrassing the police?”

  8. If I’m a Houston Texas taxpayer, I’m livid at where my tax dollars are being spent. Talk about frivilous litigation! An off-duty cop, playing bouncer at a club has a “little-big-man” complex and picks a fight with a pro football player. Can’t help but wonder if this would happen if the player was Matt Schaub. Well done, Houston! Losers.

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