Reid family statement on death of Garrett Reid

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Eagles coach Andy Reid released a statement on behalf of his family on Monday, one day after his eldest son Garrett was found dead in his room at Eagles training camp. The entire text of the statement runs below:

On behalf of Tammy and our family, I would like to thank everybody for their tremendous support, love, kind words and prayers during this time of great sadness. Words cannot express our sense of loss.

We loved Garrett so much. He was a wonderful son and brother. He made us laugh, he was a pleasure to be around, he always had a smile on his face, and we will miss him dearly. We will never forget him, and we will remember him with love.

Garrett’s road through life was not always an easy one. He faced tremendous personal challenges with bravery and spirit. As a family, we stood by him and were inspired as he worked to overcome those challenges. Even though he lost the battle that has been ongoing for the last eight years, we will always remember him as a fighter who had a huge, loving heart.

I spoke with the team yesterday and thanked them for their thoughts and prayers. I asked them to continue with their preparations for the upcoming season until I am ready to rejoin the team.

It is in times like these that we lean on our faith, our family, our friends, and our Eagles family. We will do so in the difficult times ahead.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Andy Reid

46 responses to “Reid family statement on death of Garrett Reid

  1. No parent should bury their child, God speed Garret and I pray for the Reid family. I hate the Eagles but man do I respect Reid.

  2. As a Giants’ fan, I hate all things Eagles. However, this is only circumstance where I feel extremely bad for Eagle suffering.

  3. May God send His comfort to the family and friends of Garret Reid. The death of a loved one is made much more tragic when it happens so suddenly.

  4. While it is a sad end to a life, painful especially to the ones nearest him, we should learn from it.

    Learn this lesson. Don’t engage in the self destructive things that Garrett Reid did.

  5. allthough i am a patriots fan and not an eagles fan i wanna express my thoughts prayers and condolances to andy reid and his family for his unexpected loss in the family i have lost 2 brothers and other members in my family but once again thoughts prayers and heartfelt condolances to andy reid and his family

  6. As the step father of an addict close to Garrett’s age, I know that this is a battle they fight every day of their lives.

    I cringe a little when people say that an addict has “put drugs behind them” and “turned their lives around.” I know that those sentiments are well intentioned, but you can’t compare getting clean to getting over a cold. People tend to let their guard down when an addict appears to have done those things. Sadly, relapses come with amazing speed and unpredictability and everyone in the addict’s support system needs to be ever vigilant.

    I hoped against hope when I read of his passing that it wouldn’t turn out to be the result of a relapse. Unfortunately, Reid’s words that Garrett “lost the battle that has been going on for eight years” seems to indicate that it was.

    My heart goes out to the Reid family.

  7. Giants season ticket holder here. There are many times where events transcend our beloved game – this is one of them. Condolences to the Reids and those who love them.

  8. My condolences to the Reid family. I’ve been following Garrets progress since the news of his addiction first broke, and unfortunately his story is all too familiar to me.

    As someone who has struggled with addiction my entire adult life, this serves as a healthy reminder that we addicts must always be on guard. Even those of us who have experienced success battling our demons can lose our fight in any moment of weakness. None of us are above going back to that destructive behavior that wreaked havoc on our bodies, our minds and the ones we love most. We never fight addiction alone; it takes the support of our friends and family.

    To that end, if you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol or drugs, please reach out to someone for help. It’s not always easy to spot, but if somebody seems to always drink too much, or is high during inappropriate times, hiding their use, or lying about the kinds, amounts a frequency of their consumption-then they might be fighting a battle unseen. It’s never too late.

    Now, back to football!

  9. As a Dallas fan, I had spent much of last week fretting about all of the Cowboys injuries…than This happens…really puts things into perspective…

  10. I am a huge Eagles fan and this is just an awful thing for a family to go through as well as a team. I continue to be impressed by the level of class displayed by fans from competing teams in the NFC East. Classy fans.

  11. No words I could ever write would comfort a family on the loss of a son. My heart breaks for the Reid family and their loss. I pray for them.

  12. I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. I pray that our heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost.

  13. I just like to get my hands on the idiot is who is putting thumbs down on some very thoughtful well meaning post from NFL fans.

  14. After burying my 53 year old brother 3 months ago, and seeing that pain in my mom and dad, GOD and JESUS is the ONLY thing that gives us comfort.

    Same to the Reid family.

  15. I’m always baffled when people who post condolences have to add
    ” and I’m a Cowboys fan” or things like that. Wtf? Like you couldn’t pass condolences to a man who just lost his son because you don’t like his football team. Some people are fubar.
    Even worse is when people post ” this really puts things into perspective”. Wait! It takes someone to die to put football into perspective? Wtf? I like the NFL as much as anybody but a get a grip folks. They are just games!

  16. Good luck Reid family and your sons memeory will always live on.

    For anyone that voted thumbs down on this board I hope the good lord is forgiving because this is more then football and you idiots are heartless and have no idea

  17. I can’t even begin to imagine the extreme grief that a parent must feel when having to bury a child.

    My prayers go out to the Reid family as they deal with their loss.

  18. It’s so nice to read that Garret Reid and the whole Reid family is in everyone’s thoughts and prayers. It’s such a tough time for the family, friends, and organization. True NFL fans have emerged, and as an Eagles fan, I just wanted to say thank you. I am in no way affiliated with the Eagles, just a life long fan. It’s just so nice to read all the amazing posts on here. There is a lot of prayer around the nation for Andy Reid and his family this week. Garret is in a better place now. Good luck in your struggles Coach. I can’t wait to hear the ovation on that will be on Thursday at the Linc. God Bless

  19. this puts everything in perspective. football is just a stupid game like any other sport if you think about it. no parent should ever burry their children. ever. that has to be the worst feeling in the world. football is just a sport. I’m an eagles fan and if this happened to someone from tgs cowboys I would feel just as bad. horrible. my prayers and thoughts go out to the Reid family and to the eagles and may Garrett rest in peace.

  20. This just SUCKS!…..I’m sorry for your loss Andy..
    Sometimes, life just ain’t fair.
    Everyone should give an extra hug to their kids tonight. you never know when it might be the last one.
    Condolences from Detroit.

  21. condolences to the reid family on their loss. Our thought’s and prayers go out to your family, and may you find comfort in your faith. ……The only nation

  22. My heart breaks for Andy Reid and his family. This is awful, and something I know they hoped to never have to face. Very sad, I hope his family gets the respect and support they need in this very difficult time–a lifelong Cowboys fan

  23. This is so sad he was fighting more then a demon he was fighting the devil himself .Herion is a viel nasty drug that is as hard as they come .as a skins fan my heart sank for andy as you see the respect he gets you can only imagine the man he is .I hope he dosent blame himself for there is nothing he could do we cannot be with our children 24 hours a day .having someone close to me battle the same problem i know his pain all to well but once they start that drug the battle is ongoing 1 mistake and you pay with your life whether or not you live or die . Its so sad STAY STRONG THIS HURTS ME TO SAY BUT FIGHT EAGLES FIGHT !!!!!!!!HTTR

  24. I love how people announce what team they support before their comment. Like, wow that guy is a Dallas fan and supports Andy Reid during this hard time .. what a good person he is…

  25. Reality police I apologize for giving you a thumbs down, I fat fingered when I was trying to give you a thumbs up. I would hope that it wasn’t just me, but it seems like there are a lot of mean spirited people who are being very cruel to the Reid family. I love cheering against rival NFL teams, but there are limits. My thoughts and prayers go out to coach Reid and his family!

  26. As a father who has buried a child, I pray dearly for the Reid family that they find comfort and peace. Also, I commend the class of all the NFL fans that have posted about Garrett.

  27. Who are the people putting thumbs down on condolences? Seriously this guys son just died. Have some decency. If u don’t like people showing sympathy than just scroll down. It’s not funny to put thumbs down on that, guys kid is dead. I can’t even imagine.
    Cowboys fan who is very sorry for ur loss Andy. I wish the best for u and ur family.

  28. I don’t get it. He didn’t die trying to save anyone from a burning building, he died from injecting excessive amounts of heroin into his veins. Where’s all the sympathy for all the other junkies that die everyday. I guess you need a famous father for that.

  29. I actually have less sympathy for Garrett than I do for the average junkie. My God, what a waste. He was given every damn advantage of life and he just threw it away. How many kids would have loved to grow up in a family where the Dad is a famous coach making millions of dollars. Could have went to the best schools and had lots of career opportunities because of your family. You know how you fight Heroin addiction? Don’t start moron. I feel bad for the Reid family, but Garrett was just a loser.

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