Report: Seahawks are expected to “try” to sign T.O.

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The circus may be staying in Seattle for a while.

Veteran receiver Terrell Owens, ignored by every NFL team for more than a full year, could soon be a member of the Seattle Seahawks.

ESPN’s Ed Werder reports that Owens has a “very impressive” workout with the Seahawks, and that the Seahawks are “expected” to “try to sign” the receiver.

The presence of the word “try” seems a little odd.  There should be no “try” involved.  If a starving dog shows up at someone’s doorstep, the person in the house doesn’t have to “try” to feed him.

Regardless, Owens could soon be back in the league.  And if the Seahawks sign him, Owens may not be able to wear his favorite number.  Golden Tate has No. 81.

The only currently unassigned (or unretired) number from 10 to 19 and 80 to 89 is 84.

So just like when Owens and Randy Moss both wore 81 when playing for the Cowboys/Bills/Bengals and Patriots, respectively, they both could be wearing 84 in 2012.

That assumes, of course, that Owens will make it from the 90-man roster to the final 53.  Our guess is that he won’t — and that he’ll then come up with at least 84 reasons unrelated to his performance, abilities, or attitude.

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  1. League minimum with very few incentives. There is no reason to make a juicy offer. Nobody else is interested so he either takes the minimum deal or he continues to need a job.

  2. I assume this means they will try to sign him for what they think he is worth, but that attempt may be less than what he thinks he’s worth.

  3. “Our guess is that he won’t — and that he’ll then come up with at least 84 reasons unrelated to his performance, abilities, or attitude.”

    I don’t think performance has ever been an issue. Do you have to be negative in every story Mike? Make you feel better about things? Sheesh. Also “our guess” should be replaced with “my guess.” It’s not like you talked with everyone and that was a unanimous opinion.

  4. It’s called negotiating!!! Owens got #81 from Antonio Bryant for a $15,000 donation to Bryant’s charity as a Bengal!!!

    Also, “try to sign”??? Why “try”??? He’s got other options????

    I thought he was “not wanted” or “untouchable”. I thought that he “destroyed so many locker rooms no would give him a chance”.

    “Try to sign him”??? Man, Ed Werder REALLY contradicted himself when he said that Terrell Owens’ agent Jordan Woy had the “worst job in sports”!!!

  5. Respectflly disagree. T.O. is physically more talented than half of the receivers in the league. I think his brush with the realities of life as a Joe Blow has helped him make the necessary mental adjustments. I predict that he will do well for the first five games, then revert back to being a knucklehead. He must be made to understand that his leash is very, very short. Then, you might get a decent season out of him.

  6. I’m going to take the unusual stance of defending T.O. Why wouldn’t he make the final 53?!

    The only thing that’s kept T.O. out of football is his mouth, not his abilities.

    Besides, what (1) receiver on that roster is better now that T.O. who is a year removed from the game? Sidney Rice or Golden Tate?! Please.

  7. “Our guess is that he won’t — and that he’ll then come up with at least 84 reasons unrelated to his performance, abilities, or attitude.”


    Of course you guys wouldn’t guess that he’d make the team. You’ve dedicated about 99% of the articles on him as a negative and continuously kicked the man when he’s down.

  8. If TO gets a chance to make the 90 man roster, I have no doubt he will make the 53. The trouble, if any, will occur during the season…when the popcorn starts to become stale.

  9. Coach will just give him some pom-poms and cheerleading lessons. Coach Carroll knows cheerleading!

  10. TO said a couple months ago he would take veteran mininum when campaigning for a 49ers return so that is absurd. I tbink he can still play but this could be disastrous

  11. But the big question is: Will he negotiate to play in just home games or will he be travelling to away games too if other NFL teams are willing to pay him extra to come?

  12. Have you looked at the receiving corp in Seattle? Terrell Owens will easily make the team. If Pete Carroll was so in love with his wide receivers then he would not have signed Braylon Edwards and given tryouts to Antiono Bryant and David Anderson.

  13. “It’s called negotiating!!! Owens got #81 from Antonio Bryant for a $15,000 donation to Bryant’s charity as a Bengal!!!”

    Except he is broke now

  14. I am neither a proponent or detractor, however, I remain surprised that so many think he will become a behavior problem if he makes the final 53. As I recall, he was not a problem with the Bills or Bengals. In addition, if he becomes a Hawk, he understands that he is extremely lucky to have landed ANYWHERE. He also can count and realizes he is almost THIRTY-NINE and has had TWO recent knee surgeries. Anyone, including TO can add these two numbers and know he is one incident from rolling another number–SNAKE EYES. He’s simply not the same person or persona as ” Popcorn TO.” He WILL behave. It’s a low-risk gamble for Hawks.

  15. Golden was #23 at Notre Dame, so doesn’t seem like he’s married to #81.
    IF T.O. makes the final roster, I bet 500 bones and a couple maple bars could land him his beloved digits.

  16. Try? I think he’d pay Seahawks to let him play on their team. Seriously that’s how bad he wants to play on any NFL team right now. Anyway there are just way too many good young and cheaper FA receivers better than the headache called “T.O.” for any team to have to deal with.

  17. Going by how he did when playing for the Bengals, T.O. should easily make their roster AND be a starter. The guy almost had 1,000 yards even though he was a last minute sign and missed like 2 games.
    Should be signed at league min though with some incentives for performance and a zero tolerance on his mouth.

  18. The NFC West should be interesting:

    The Niners got Moss.

    The ‘Hawks (apparently) got Owens.

    My money is on Dandy Randy rather than Terrible Terrell.

    How desperate does Petey have to be to sign Owens?

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